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  • Alina

    12 37.50%
  • Anujin

    12 37.50%
  • Beligma

    19 59.38%
  • Chamia

    12 37.50%
  • Goyokhon

    10 31.25%
  • Misheel

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  • Odnoo

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Thread: Episode 9 Photoshoot: Futuristic Dolls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannequin Jade View Post
    UO i love this shoot, i like the twist they gave to the dolls in box concept, obviously the boxes and the angles they took the pictures are a rip off of that Vogue editorial (that ANTM also did), but the futuristic looks are great, i think the accesories and in some cases the outfits could been better, but is a nice elegant try... and the girls look so tall
    Agreed. This is a lot more interesting than the same doll shot we've seen multiple times already.
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    I. Hate. This. Concept. I like the futuristic twist to it but I still hate the setup that we've seen in ANTM and GrNTM, so over it. And not happy about Tomi being gone either. :/
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    I don't mind the styling and outfits, but the horrible box/background is so distractingly ugly that no amount of good modelling would result in attractive photos.

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    I don’t hate this shoot at all.

    If anything Alina and Anujin look like they belong into like Gucci campaign with their looks there.

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    1. Misheel
    2. Beligma
    3. Chamia
    4. Alina
    5. Anujin
    6. Goyokhon
    7. Odnoo
    8. Tomi
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    1. Beligma: STUNNING. This girl has been the shock of 2018 for me. She's killing it.
    2. Goyokhon: Wow, I'm getting Baldjidma vibes from this! I hope she can kill the rest of the competition because she's absolutely beautiful and has the goods.
    3. Misheel: She's been the other pleasant surprise. Hated her look at the start, but girl has WERKED this competition.
    4. Anujin: This is a great angle for her. I also like the slight movement.
    5. Alina: Genetics really helped her out here.
    6. Odnoo: I thought she has so much potential, but she hasn't really used it.
    7. Tomi: It's awful, but c'mon, she's easily a top competitor and shouldn't have gone.
    8. Chamia: Like... what?

    Overall after this week:
    1. Misheel (45; 5 BP)
    2. Beligma (58; 3 BP)
    3. Anujin (62; 2 BP; She's lost her spark for me)
    4. Tomi (68; 1 BP; Eliminated; Sad to see her go, and completely disagree with this one)
    5. Alina (75)
    6. Chamia (94; She had an awful week and I probably would have sent her home, honestly...)
    7. Odnoo (101; 2 BP)
    8. Goyokhon (120; This shot would have saved her in my book)

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    Tragic version of ANTM's doll photoshoot. Those hideous outfits and the makeup :uhno

    Queen thotkie werks the runway like a hallway flawlessly

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    They all look the same how did they tell any apart? Bad idea to give a bunch of Asians the same look

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