Age: 26
Occupation: Recording Artist/Studio Engineer/Producer/Songwriter
Hometown: Dewberry, AB
Audition City: Edmonton, AB
Place of Birth: Edmonton, AB
Nickname: "Nate"
Musical Style: Urban/Neo-Soul
Identifies With: Stevie Wonder
Canadian Idol: "My brother"
Favourite Song: Let's Stay Together
Motto: "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

"I do what I do for a reason. It's usually personal or special or dedicated to someone. I like to make use of the opportunity that I've been given."

Nathan Brown takes great comfort in his own personal recording studio that he built. "It's my own private getaway...and my own island to escape to, anytime of day/night."

The former cruise ship entertainer looks up to his favourite musical genius, Stevie Wonder. "He's always been a legend to me and he's just always inspired me." Nathan would love to just sit down with Wonder and find out about the whole "superstar life."

Nathan is rarely seen without his laptop and PSP and never leaves home without them. He loves his auntie's cheesecake creations and has self-proclaimed KFC's Spicy Big Crunch as "the single greatest chicken burger ever...anywhere!"

Brown enjoys playing volleyball and badminton. He would enjoy even more attending a Beyonce Knowles concert in the front row or back stage. Nathan has two dogs -- Dre and Phoenix -- and loves to cheer for his hometown Edmonton Oilers.

What about Canada is Nathan most proud about? "The overall friendliness and kindness of Canadians. It's hard to explain it, but after being in the States a few times, I have nothing against them, but it truly is a totally different feeling among strangers," he says.

The song title that best describes him? "Complicated," he says.