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    Keith Macpherson

    Age: 27
    Occupation: Musician/Singer/Songwriter
    Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
    Audition City: Toronto, ON
    Place of Birth: Winnipeg, MB
    Nickname: "Kmac"
    Sounds Like: Jim Cuddy/John Mayer
    Identifies With: Paul McCartney
    Canadian Idol: Ren?e Lamoureux
    Favourite Song: Ms. Eliot
    Motto: "There are no ordinary moments."

    "I would like to follow Paul McCartney's career path. He is an amazing songwriter, an extraordinary businessman and seems to be a very down-to-earth human being."

    Jokingly, Keith describes the most challenging part of the Canadian Idol competition is "getting used to the Ford F150 headlight (with brights on) that they shine in my face as I sing," he says.

    The English major from the University of Winnipeg is most proud of his band Easily Amused. Keith reveals his band is his biggest accomplishment and he is very proud of "performing, touring, booking, managing, recording, producing, and writing with my band over the past 10 years without a record label or management deal."

    Keith performs in Easily Amused with Ren?e Lamoureux.

    Harry Chapin is viewed by Keith as one of the most gifted songwriters and socially conscious people that have come into this world. Keith also gathers inspiration from his parents who are excited for him to be in the competition. "I think they are looking forward to a break from the loud music in their home," he says.

    Ghostbusters, Napoleon Dynamite and The Price Is Right are some of Keith's favourite things to watch. He has two black cats named Buddy and Symba, enjoys playing hockey and says the team he cheers for most is "The Crescentwood Sabers." Keith's hobbies? "I'm a computer genius, a substitute teacher and have a turquoise belt in karate," he says with a smile.

    What is Keith's advice to his fellow competitors? "Be smart, know what you want and don't be swayed by anything other than your heart."


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    He did fantastic tonight!! Loved it! I like his joking style, hes a funny personality, and I think he has a great voice!

    I am still calling in voting for him! I hope he makes it to the end! He has my vote!!

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    I wonder if he has MacFever?

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    Krrr... ap. I missed it!! Glad to hear Keith did well!! Vote, vote!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toque
    Krrr... ap. I missed it!! Glad to hear Keith did well!! Vote, vote!
    Toque!! The judges gave him the nicest comments so far! They said he was the first with the "wow" factor, they said hes the only person they've ever seen who can sing a song without trying to sing a song which supposedly is amazing, and they said he very well could make it to the end!

    I am sooooo glad! I voted!! 1-866-943-6506!!

    ps. AIW, I totally saw the MacPhever too! I thought it was funny!

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    Davis, I liked him from the very beginning. In all the auditions, there are few that stand out... but he was one, so I'll be glad when he makes it!

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    I hope Keith can follow last week's great performance with another one this week.

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    He was the best!

    Wrong move Canadian Idol, wrong move!

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