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Thread: Beautiful's Next Top Model Cycle 14

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    I agree with you Clayton Can't wait for the next episode!

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    This is how I think the competition will go:

    1st. Fiona
    2nd. Jade
    3rd. Esmerelda
    4th. Beth
    5th. Julie
    6th. Regina

    I'm gonna submit a girl next cycle. Woo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockerTannz View Post
    I'm gonna submit a girl next cycle. Woo!

    What do you guys think about this cycle so far? I personally think the talent is stronger than ever and I don't know who will win at the moment. Is Nancy a good addition to the show?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beautiful~ View Post

    What do you guys think about this cycle so far? I personally think the talent is stronger than ever and I don't know who will win at the moment. Is Nancy a good addition to the show?
    yes i think so but i always want to be judge can i camein as third judge

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    I think that Nancy was a great edition to the show! I really love the cast and the talent!

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    i LOVE Julie's story arc of getting rid of her commercial look <3

    how i want;
    1. Julie
    2. Esmeralda
    3. Fiona
    4. Beth
    5. Jade
    6. Regina

    how i think;
    1. Fiona
    2. Jade
    3. Esmeralda
    4. Julie
    5. Beth
    6. Regina

    i think Nancy has made the show stronger than it already was, glad she was added.

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    I'm looking for a designer who would be interested in designing the clothes for the final fashion show this year. If interested please message me.

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    After the elimination, the 6 remaining contestants return home to pack their bags for the trip to New Zealand.

    Julie: How freaking cool is it that we get to go to New Zealand? This is awesome!

    Regina: I've never been out of the country so I don't care where we're going. I just want to go somewhere!

    Julie Confessional: When I heard that we were going to New Zealand I got so excited. It's such a beautiful country and I've always wanted to go there. Getting best photo last week is such a confidence booster. The Revlon shoot is so important and to know that I nailed it is fantastic.

    The girls get their bags packed and head out to be driven to the airport.

    Beth: Bye house!!

    After a long flight the contestants arrive in New Zealand. They must take a boat to get to their new house.

    Esmerelda Confessional: So we arrive in New Zealand and the 1st thing we see is a man on a boat. And then Kris steps off and welcomes us.

    Kris: Welcome to New Zealand!! You are the 6 girls who were lucky enough to come to this beautiful country. I'm sure you all noticed the boat in front of you. Well that boat is your ride to your new house which overlooks the ocean.

    Regina Confessional: Kris tells us that the only way to our new house is by taking a boat. What are we going to do if the boat breaks down? I guess we're stranded. Lordy Lordy.

    Kris: So are you ready to see the house?

    Girls: Yes!!

    Kris: Well come on aboard!

    The girls board the boat and head towards the new house.

    Fiona Confessional: We arrive at the house and it's absolutely gorgeous. The scenery of New Zealand is just amazing and I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of this experience.

    Kris: There is your new home ladies!! Go explore! I'll see you all at the next judging!

    The girls get off of the boat and run inside.

    Esmerelda: Wow! Look at this place!

    Julie: Oh my god!

    Regina Confessional: The house is even more stunning than the last 1. Before this competition, if someone would have told me that I would be in New Zealand, staying in a humongous mansion I would have told them they're out of their mind.

    The girls choose their bedrooms and settle into the house. Jade and Beth sit in their bedroom talking.

    Jade: Like I'm excited about coming to New Zealand but I can't really get the full effect because I'm so worried about my performance.

    Beth: You can't worry yourself like that. Think of this as a new start to the competition.

    Jade: I'm going to try harder than ever this week because I know if I'm in the bottom 2 again they won't give me another chance.
    Confessional: I have been in the bottom 2 twice now and last week I barely made it by the skin of my teeth. I really want to turn things around and prove to the judges that I haven't lost my fire.

    The girls all head off to bed. The next morning Fiona finds the Kris Mail.

    Fiona: I found the Kris Mail!

    -Welcome to New Zealand! Get ready to enjoy the scenery at your next photo shoot. Love Kris.-

    Esmerelda: Our 1st shoot in New Zealand!

    Beth: I'm so excited!!

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    Kris: Hi girls!! Welcome to the beautiful country of New Zealand! The 6 of you have made it so far but only 5 of you will remain in New Zealand for another week. Say hello to your judge and Model Mentor, Nancy Holden. This week you all had a Couture photo shoot in the beautiful countryside. Let's take a look at how it went.


    Kris: This is what we want to see Jade! There's passion in your expression and you're giving us energy in your pose. This is lovely.
    Nancy: Now this is a stunning picture. Where was this girl these past couple of weeks?
    Jade: You guys kind of scared the hell out of me with those bottom 2 appearances so I knew I had to step up quick.
    Nancy: *laughs* Well this is great. Show us this every week.


    Nancy: The face is to die for! I like the pose but I'm not head over heels in love with it. I think you look a bit tense in the shoulders.
    Kris: The photo screams high fashion Fiona. I agree that it's a bit tense and you didn't elongate yourself but it's still a beautiful picture. Not your best but still strong.


    Kris: I think you look absolutely beautiful. It's a nice, dramatic shot but I'm not compelled by it and really drawn in.
    Nancy: Julie this is a nice photo but we are beyond the point of being impressed by just 'nice' photos. This week I feel like you've retreated back to just taking a pretty photo. That's not enough anymore hon.


    Nancy: You are so damn beautiful in the face but I look at this picture and I'm not impressed at all. It has no spark or element of excitement in it at all. It's boring and not much more.
    Kris: It's time to really bring it now Regina and I don't feel like you did that this week. This is a nice photo but it's not showing me anything special.
    Regina: Ok. Well maybe I'll get another chance to prove myself.
    Nancy: We'll see.


    Kris: Esmerelda this is so beautiful. I love how you've slanted your torso to create this gorgeous pose and your face looks amazing here. I love the elegance.
    Nancy: Beautiful!! Look at how stunning you are here! You have the most glamorous face and I love what you did with your pose. Regal and high fashion, that's what this photo is!


    Nancy: There's so much going on with your wardrobe but you're pushing past it and I still feel connected with you. Your face looks so beautiful.
    Kris: I love this shot. It's so elegant and your face is gorgeous. I get such a confident, feminine vibe from this photo.

    Kris: Ok girls Nancy and I must now deliberate and when I call you back I will reveal whose stay in New Zealand will be cut short.

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    I think Regina's leaving.

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    01. Esmerelda
    02. Jade
    03. Beth
    04. Regina
    05. Julie
    06. Fiona, her face appears old in this shot.

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    Kris: 6 stunning girls are before me but only 5 of you will be staying here in New Zealand for another week. If your name is not called you must pack up and head home. The girl with best photo this week is..................


    Esmerelda! What a gorgeous picture.







    Will Regina and Julie please step forward?

    Regina, you have the look of a top model. You have proven that you are capable of taking amazing photos but for some reason your past few pictures haven't been strong. Have you lost your edge?

    Julie, last week you had the strongest photo of the bunch. Now this week you are here in the bottom 2 for having just a pretty picture. Although your photo was nice it's not enough for this late in the game.

    So who is staying in New Zealand another week?




    Julie. We need to see more than just a pretty photo.

    Julie: Thank you so much.

    Julie hugs Regina.

    Kris: Thanks Regina.

    Regina: Thank you Kris. Thank you Nancy. Bye guys!

    Regina: Well I did the best I could so no regrets. I never expected to even make it on the show let alone the top 6. I'm ready to get home and see my girlfriend again. I've missed her and she'll be so shocked when she sees me with this wig on my head.

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    01. Esmerelda
    02. Jade
    03. Julie
    04. Beth
    05. Fiona

    01. Esmerelda
    02. Julie
    03. Fiona
    04. Jade
    05. Beth

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    I really hope Fiona makes it after the next elimination. Out of all my girls that i contributed (that have changed with the editing of beautiful) . Fiona is the one i'm most proud of and i really want to see her make it much farther than Tanya of the short cycle did.

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    The 5 remaining contestants return home from elimination. Esmerelda's photo is displayed on the wall as digital art.

    Beth: Wow! You did amazing Esmerelda.

    Esmerelda: Oh thank you.
    Confessional: Having best photo last week was very important to me because it was our 1st week in New Zealand. I feel that this is the point in the competition where the judges are looking for perfection. I definitely want to continue to do well and prove that I have the whole package.

    Julie, Jade and Beth sit on the couch talking.

    Jade: I was pretty shocked that Fiona was in the bottom 3. I never thought I would see that happen.

    Julie: I know.

    Beth: There's a 1st time for everything I guess.
    Confessional: I know this sounds really mean but I was so glad to see Fiona called so late. *laughs* I think she's such a nice girl but she has had a lockdown on the competition and now she finally isn't at the top anymore. How the mighty have fallen!

    Fiona is taking off her makeup in the bathroom.

    Fiona Confessional: I was in the bottom 3 at last week's elimination which was quite disappointing. I know all of the girls were probably very happy about it which I can kind of understand. Hopefully this week I can get back on top with my photo.

    The girls all head off to bed. The next morning they are awoken by a knock at the door. Beth goes downstairs to answer it. It's Nancy.

    Nancy: Hi Beth.

    Beth: Oh my gosh! Guys it's Nancy!!

    Everyone else comes downstairs.

    Julie Confessional: So there's a knock on our door at like 8:00 in the morning. Come to find out it's Nancy there to talk to us about our go sees challenge.

    Nancy: Hey ladies.

    Girls: Hi!

    Nancy: As you all know I am well respected fashion designer and every day I see dozens of girls come through my office wanting to be booked for a show. We designers want a girl who understands the clothing she is modelling. Someone who will bring our designs to life. Today you're all going on 3 go sees around New Zealand. You will visit the offices of designers Mark Burton, Rachel Easting and Vincent Oquendo.

    Jade Confessional: We're told that we will be meeting 3 designers on our go sees challenge. I was quite nervous because I don't know if I can give the designers what they're looking for.

    Nancy: You will have 3 hours to visit as many designers as you can. You must all report back here on time. If you are late you are automatically disqualified from the challenge. I'm going to give you girls 10 minutes to get dressed and gather your portfolios.

    The girls head upstairs to change clothes and primp.

    Esmerelda Confessional: Go sees are 1 of the most important things in a model's career so it's very crucial that we do well on this challenge. I'm going to do my best and hope the designers are impressed with what I show them.

    Everyone comes back downstairs.

    Nancy: Time will begin once you get off of the boat which will take you to your taxis. So follow me!

    Nancy and the contestants board the boat which takes them to land where the taxis are waiting to pick up the models.

    Nancy: Remember you have 3 hours. If you're late then you're out of the challenge. Ready?

    Girls: Yes!

    Nancy: You have 3 hours starting now!!

    The girls run to get in their taxis.

    Beth Confessional: We all had our own assigned taxi which was pretty cool. Mostly I was just so anxious about how I was going to do on the go sees. I didn't want to make a complete fool of myself.

    Jade arrives at Mark Burton's office.

    Jade Confessional: I walked into Mark Burton's office and immediately I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I was so nervous and I was like, please don't let me throw up.

    Jade walks for Mark Burton and shows her portfolio. She exits the building.

    Mark Burton: Jade has a very special look. Her walk could use some work because right now it's quite timid. I loved her portfolio though. With a bit of work on her walk I think Jade would be ready to walk in a show.

    Julie is the next girl to enter Mark Burton's.

    Julie Confessional: When I came in he put me in this long, beautiful dress. It dragged the floor so I was so nervous that I was going to like trip and tear a huge hole in it or something.

    Mark Burton: Julie's face is beautiful. Her walk wasn't bad but it was sort of generic and predictable. I think she's a stunning girl but I personally wouldn't book her.

    Esmerelda's taxi arrives at Rachel Easting's building. Esmerelda enters, shows her runway walk and portfolio, then leaves.

    Esmerelda Confessional: I think I did a pretty good job walking for Rachel Easting. Her designs were very chic and sophisticated which I feel is more my style. Hopefully she was impressed.

    Rachel Easting: Esmerelda looked absolutely stunning while she was walking. She has a confidence and a presence that really stood out to me. Yes I would definitely book Esmerelda.

    Beth arrives at Vincent Oquendo.

    Beth Confessional: When I walked in I could see him staring right at me, sizing me up before I even spoke. I was like, this is really intense.

    Beth walks, shows her portfolio and leaves.

    Vincent Oquendo: Beth is a sweet girl. Her walk is not great however. She isn't confident enough when she walks. Sadly I would not book Beth for 1 of my shows. A campaign maybe but not a show.

    Fiona gets out of her taxi and walks into Vincent Oquendo's office. She walks for him, shows her portfolio, then exits.

    Vincent Oquendo: Fiona looked gorgeous when she walked into my office. Then I put her in a dress and she really came alive. She really captured the essence of my design. I loved Fiona and I would book her for a show.

    Fiona Confessional: Even though I was in the bottom 2 last week I'm hoping I made up for it with my performance during the go sees challenge. I think I did pretty well on them honestly.

    1 by 1 the girls begin arriving back at the boat. Esmerelda, Julie and Fiona all arrive a few minutes apart. Jade arrives back 6 minutes before the deadline.

    Beth is still on her way back to the boat.

    Beth: Can you go any faster please?
    Confessional: I thought I was making pretty good time until I looked at the clock and I was like, oh crap! I needed to get back to the boat fast!

    2 minutes before time is up Beth arrives at the boat.

    Beth: Made it!!

    Nancy addresses the girls with the results.

    Nancy: I see that you all made it back on time. Good job. In my hands are the results of your go sees challenge. The winner of this challenge will receive 2 articles of clothing from each designer you visited. Congratulations......................

    Fiona!! The designers were very impressed with you. You are the challenge winner!!

    Fiona: Thank you very much!
    Confessional: I won the challenge which I'm so thrilled about. I'm really pleased to know that the New Zealand designers were impressed with how I did.

    Nancy: Well girls I have to get off of this boat and let you return home. I will see you at the next judging!!

    Girls: Bye!

    Julie Confessional: Fiona won the challenge which I was kind of expecting. I was in the bottom 2 last panel so I know I have to prove myself this week more than ever.

    The contestants return home. They find Kris Mail taped to the front door.

    -Can you keep your head above water? Love Kris.-

    Beth: An underwater shoot!!

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    Kris: Hello ladies! We are now down to just 5 of you but after this week's cut only 4 will continue on in the running. This week you all had a go sees challenge which Fiona won. Congratulations Fiona! Say hello to your judge and Model Mentor, Nancy Holden. For your photo shoot this week you all had to pose nude underwater. Let's see how you did.


    Kris: I'm really impressed by the intensity in your eyes. They're so powerful and captivating. I feel that you could have done a little more with the pose but overall I think it's very strong.
    Nancy: Your face screams confidence and power! The pose is just average but wow at that face! This is the presence that we love to see in your photos.


    Nancy: It's not doing much for me actually Fiona. There's nothing exciting here. You look beautiful but I'm not feeling that you really pushed forward and did your best.
    Kris: You did really well at the go sees this week. This picture is just ok for me though. It's not bad but where is that spark that we are so used to seeing? This photo doesn't have that sadly.


    Kris: This is downright stunning! I'm so drawn to your eyes. They're so alluring and there's a feeling that this photo has that is so captivating. It's brilliant.
    Nancy: Esmerelda this photo is divine! Divine!! It's serene but there's so much passion behind your eyes and you look incredible.
    Esmerelda: Thank you both very much.


    Nancy: The face here is stunning. The pose however is pretty bland and forgettable. I look at this shot and think it's pretty but it's never going to leave a lasting impression on me.
    Kris: Julie your photos are always beautiful. Your challenge is to find what you can bring to your shots to make them more genuine and memorable. This picture is just average.


    Kris: It's really pretty Beth. You are giving so much fire in your eyes and I like the contrast between your soft pose and your strong expression.
    Nancy: The photo is stunning from the neck up. The pose is nothing special at all really but I'm so intrigued by how gorgeous your face is here.
    Beth: Well thank you guys!

    Kris: Nancy and I will now deliberate and when I call you back someone will be going home.

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    Kris: There are 5 beautiful girls before me but I am only holding 4 photos in my hand. If you do not receive your photo you must pack your bags and head home. The best photo this week belongs to...................


    Esmerelda! Another gorgeous picture. Congratulations!





    Will Julie and Fiona please step forward?

    Julie, your face in your photo this week looked absolutely beautiful. But even with that we still weren't wowed with your performance this week. At this point we are looking for much more than just pretty photos. We're looking for someone who has their own spark.

    Fiona, you were the go sees challenge winner this week. However your photo did not impress us like your past photos have. We didn't feel that same special quality this week that we're used to seeing from you.

    So who goes home?




    Fiona. The designers were so impressed with you but your photo lacked that spark that we love about you.

    Thanks Julie.

    Julie: Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck guys!

    Julie: I did the best I could. That's all that matters I guess. I got to come to New Zealand which is something I've always wanted to do so I guess I'm pretty happy. I'm going to continue modelling and with some luck hopefully you'll see me at the top.

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