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  • Ann

    246 40.59%
  • Chelsey

    20 3.30%
  • Chris

    98 16.17%
  • Esther

    181 29.87%
  • Jane

    184 30.36%
  • Kacey

    23 3.80%
  • Kayla

    269 44.39%
  • Kendal

    61 10.07%
  • Lexie

    135 22.28%
  • Liz

    9 1.49%
  • Rhianna

    218 35.97%
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Thread: Week 3 Photoshoot: Undersea Goddesses

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    Oh lawd...these photos are not that pleasing to my eyes.
    Chris' is the best, followed by Rhianna & Kendal though...Kacey's isn't that bad, most of these aren't bad...just most of them aren't good either...

    1. Chris Love it! The only really amazing one!
    2. Rhianna
    3. Kendal
    4. Jane
    5. Kacey
    6. Ann
    7. Liz
    8. Kayla
    9. Lexie
    10. Chelsey

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    My ranking:
    01. Kayla
    02. Ann
    03. Rhianna
    04. Jane
    05. Esther
    06. Lexie
    07. Chris
    08. Kendal
    09. Chelsey
    10. Liz
    11. Kacey

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    1. Kayla: She looks like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, so beautiful!
    2. Ann: Again, she delivered. She reminds me of Anastasia Kuznetsova here.
    3. Jane: Very soft and ethereal. She finally delivered!
    4. Rhianna: She's improving. I like that look of mystery in her eyes.
    5. Kendal: Great picture from Kendal. It almost doesn't look like her.
    6. Chris: I love the emotion here! It's slightly pained, but it works, IMO.
    7. Esther: Bit too deer in the headlights. Just okay, could be better.
    8. Lexie: She looks like she's choking herself. It's not terrible, though.
    9. Chelsey: Worst photo to date. She isn't too strong straight-on.
    10. Liz: Did she fart while they snapped the picture? I expect more from Liz.
    11. Kacey: This is like, Keenyah on crack. No thank you. Worst of the week.

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    Why is there a tentacle coming out of Kacey's hand? These are all awkward. Kayla, Ann and Rhianna did well.

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    RTVG Apprentice thatsfierce's Avatar
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    amazing photoshoot!!
    lexie looks stunning IMO , so gorgeous..
    Chelsey looks weird

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    Erm . . Yeah . . .

    1. Esther: She had to step it up sooner or later
    2. Jane: Same as Esther, love it.
    3. Rhianna: Beautiful photo, hopefully she is not robbed from a high C/O again.
    4. Ann: Great as usual
    5. Kayla: Same as Ann lol.
    6. Chris: Really liking her photo, the ripples are offputting though.
    7. Kendal: It's not bad, I see the judges not liking it though
    8. Lexie: Its nice, not great or terrible.
    9. Liz: She looks a bit uncomfortable...
    10. Chelsey: Bad photo straight on. She can do better.
    11. Kacey: Her face looks nice but the photo is kind of blah.

    I wish they didn't photoshop the photos so much, some of them are . . well. . .

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    I don't know whether to feel angry at them for releasing this damn early, or myself for peeking.

    I could have at least controlled myself if they came out on Monday.

    I like everyone's except for Chelsey's and Kacey's. Lexie's seriously reminding me of an ex of mine. Esther's was nice and she'll be kept this week, but it's not top 3 IMO.

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    You should've posted a "No one" option... because they all just look disastrous. Except for a select few.


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    i love how kayla got a crab...,ariel+sebastian...
    too bad no fishes.......

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    gosh...the photos are just so photoshopped...
    anyways, imo, ann's shot is again the best out of the bunch
    it's not as gorgeous as her previous ones but she still looks cool
    lexie and rhianna nail the shoot too
    the others are.....................strange. yea.

    my coo:
    1. ann (tho i think she might not get 3 FCOs in a row...)
    2. rhianna
    3. lexie
    4. kayla (she looks like ariel here but the 'photoshop effect' just ruins it...)
    5. chris
    6. esther
    7. kendal
    8. jane (she looks bored...)
    9. liz (she keeps doing that facial expression which is so not feminine and does so not match the theme)
    B2: chelsey (it's just wrong), kacey (she looks as if she's suffocating or sth)
    eliminated: kacey

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    1. KAYLA!!!!!!
    2. Kendal
    3. Jane
    4. Chris
    5. Esther
    6. Rhianna
    7. Lexie
    8. Ann
    9. Liz
    10. Chelsey
    11. Kacey

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    Matthew Rolston couldn't have been responsible for this mess.

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    btw.......OMG @ Kayla and the crab being like Ariel and Sebastian... my childhood is complete and its becoming my signiture asap

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    1. kayla
    2. jane
    3. ann
    4. chris
    5. rihanna
    6. lexie
    7. esther
    8. kendal
    9. chelsey
    10. liz
    11. kacey

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    I like the dramatic nature of the shoot! Reminds me of Miles Aldridge's beauty shots. Blank but haunting or alluring expressions at the same time. However , the colouring on some of the shots, and the wigs on people like Liz? Hideous! Kacey's gone man.....

    Ann, Jane and Esther killed this! But really, it's Ann's competition to lose now.

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    Rhianna and LExie stunnings

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    I think Rhianna stepped out on top this week. Here is my order:

    1. Rhianna
    2. Kayla
    3. Jane
    4. Ann
    5. Kendal
    6. Lexie
    7. Esther
    8. Liz
    9. Chris
    10. Kacey / Chelsey
    11. Kacey / Chelsey

    But in their defense, if the photoshopping was not so over dramatic, I think some of these wouldn't look so funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMLUVER321 View Post
    I think Rhianna stepped out on top this week. Here is my order:

    1. Rhianna
    2. Kayla
    3. Jane
    4. Ann
    5. Kendal
    6. Lexie
    7. Liz
    8. Chris
    9. Chelsey
    10. Kacey / Esther
    11. Kacey / Esther

    But in their defense, if the photoshopping was not so over dramatic, I think some of these wouldn't look so funny.
    Yeah I agree.

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