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Thread: Toccara Jones

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    haha.. Toccora and Jay discussing the best and worst dressed in The Fiercee Awards.. oh god lord! is all i say.
    She's looking goood though
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    Show those judges who's boss.
    I'm glad she remembers her moto.

    I don't think she needs to lose a pound.

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    She apparently shot a Vogue Italia editorial with Steven Meisel O____________O

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    lol @ Ru Ru trying to be funny

    steven meisel shot antm alum toccara jones for its black-model-themed july issue. the cover is supposedly going to iman, with chanel iman, jourdan dunn, and arlenis, among others. the hype is killing can only hope the issue is actually good.
    from j'adore couture

    But I bet it's fake - Thought it would be cool if he did and she was on the cover with all the other models

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    I heard something about that on some gossip blog about 6 weeks ago. o________o indeed.

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    toccara in vouge= amazing .... that seems doubtable though

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    Quote Originally Posted by hottfroggy77 View Post
    toccara in vouge= amazing .... that seems doubtable though
    It's a joke you know that right???????

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    From fashionista:
    Yes, Meisel shot Toccara for the July Vogue Italia - in fur and lingerie. Faran reported this in Page Six Magazine a few weeks ago.

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    This has got to be a joke, Yes big girls need to be represented like Sophie Dahl has been on Vouge before so it can be done! But so doubtful but if not TWURK!!!!!

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    That would be so fierce if that was true, but I doubt it.
    Only two antm contestants have been in vogue - Anchal and Mollie.

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    Toccara better WORK.


    "There's nothing more beautiful than this kind of sleeve" - Celine Dion


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    Bitch. Better. Work. It.

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    I'm speechless, well I'm not but, geez... this is huge news. It just makes me so happy.

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    I have a hard time believing this. Firstly, plus-sizes very rarely get featured in high fashion editorials (there are some exceptions though) as it is, and for a girl who has appeared on multiple reality shows with a very commercial face to appear in the most prestigious of them all, it's hard to believe. I'll shut my mouth if someone proves it, but I can't imagine Tocarra in Vogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LietchNextTopModel View Post
    From fashionista:

    Like I said in TFS Forum I find this rumour hard to believe. But if it really is true then this is Huge!

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    ^ i agree

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