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Thread: Episode 18 "5 Million Dollars"

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    Alternate Ending:

    Chris: Let’s go ahead and bring out the final 2. This player started on the original screaming ghost. She fought her way all the way to the end and used a hidden invincibility to save herself from being eliminated in the first big twist of the game. It’s Lindsay.

    Lindsay: Hey everyone, I can’t believe I’m actually here. Tyler you’re here, Bridgette all my good friends. I’ve missed you all so much.

    Chris: And next Starting on the original Killer Pumpkins, He lost numerous challenge after challenge yet he never received his first vote until The final 6. Not only that but whenever he cast a vote that player was eliminated from the game. The Only rounds that didn’t happen were the ones he didn’t vote and final 7 and final 4. Other than that whoever he voted for was out. Here he is Harold.

    Harold: Gosh this is a big accomplishment. Can’t believe I’m actually in the final 2.

    Chris: But which one of these two is going to win the game? Well this has been decided but we will soon find out.

    Chris: Voting worked like this, once the merge started when that player was eliminated they had to vote for one of the remaining players to get their vote. So on and so forth. So for example say Courtney got eliminated, she gave her vote to Heather and then heather got eliminated, heather would have two votes to give away instead of one. So we are about to find out who wins.

    Chris: We will start with our first eliminated player, Bridgette can you share who you voted for?

    Bridgette: Yes this was an easy one for me. We were alliance mates all the way and stuck together I know we could have been the final 2 if it wasn’t for that extra vote. Lindsay got my vote!

    Chris: So Lindsay leads 1-0 right now. Up next we had Duncan.

    Duncan: Well this was an easy one, I didn’t cast my vote for either of these two losers, I voted for Gwen.

    Chris: Well it still stands 1-0 Right now. It takes 3 votes to win. Up next we will go with Justin.

    Justin: Well These two clearly didn’t know who was in charge and I couldn’t vote for either of them, I gave it to by my main man DJ.

    Chris: So votes still stand 1-0 in favor of Lindsay.

    Harold: Gosh I don’t think I’m going to get any votes at all, this is not right.

    Leshawna: Don’t get down sugar babe I know you can get some.

    Chris: We are going to to on over to DJ, who did you happen to vote for?

    DJ: well one person stuck somewhat to their word and momma would be proud if I voted for this person. So my vote went to Harold.

    Chris: The vote now stands 2-1 for Harold.

    Harold: Gosh yes 1 more vote and I win the game. Come on Gwen I know you will give it to me.

    Chris: IT all comes down to Gwen.

    Gwen: Well this was a hard decision, Lindsay was my girl from the start, but Harold fought so hard from the beginning he went through many tough challenges to get here and he is the total underdog. He was an original Killer Pumpkin and fought through it all. Won the last two invincibility’s when he needed to and he only got between me and my man once… and Lindsay well she never got between me and my man…

    (Alternate ending changes here)

    Courtney: Wait just a minute. Chris in all fairness I think you should have mentioned to them early what was in my contract for this season.

    Gwen: Wait you were following rules from her again?

    Chris: not exactly..

    Courtney: Yes, my contract states I get to overule any jury players vote that I want and I get to cast that vote and Gwen you took my duncy from me so I clearly want to overide your vote and vote for you.

    Gwen: Is she even allowed to do this?

    Chris: Sadly yes.. It's in her contract, we can't get any more fines from her. So Courtney, you get to cast the two votes that Gwen would have cast. Who are you voting for?

    Courtney: Well Lindsay won many invincibilities and clearly was the front runner, Harold controlled pretty much all the votes which lead him controlling pretty much the whole game. I,myself, like a good underdog and well because it is the best team ever. the killer pumpkin curse is over. I vote for Harold to win.

    Chris: And just like that the winner of total drama terror HAROLD! You have just won the 5 million dollars and have claimed the title of champion.

    Leshawna: I knew you could do it sugar baby. Courtney has some good in her.

    Harold: Gosh I don't know what to say, according to my calculations I was sure to lose. Wow I'm going to use all of this to buy Leshawna and now Courtney something nice.

    Courtney: Your welcome Harold, You clearly are the better player, you decided almost all the players who left, that is huge.

    Harold: Your right I am the master of this game!

    Chris: And just like that After many hard and brutal challenges, Harold comes away in a very close victory. I will see you next time with a bunch of new twists and turns, but for now McLean Out.


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Yay @ that alternate ending, so surprising ...that b*tch . Congratulations to our 2 winners!

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