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Thread: What Routines Do You Want to See in the Finale?

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    What Routines Do You Want to See in the Finale?

    I have a WHOOOOLE list.

    What I think FOR SURE will be in the finale:
    Robert/Allison - Fix You
    Adechike/Comfort - Fallin'
    Kent/Neil - How It Ends
    Kent/Lauren F. - Collide
    Lauren F./Dominic - If I Were a Boy
    Robert/Dominic - Scars

    What I really hope they include:
    Alex/Allison - Hallelujah (a replay, of course)
    Alex/Twitch - Get Outta Your Mind (replay)
    Ashley/Ade - Cosmic Love
    Top 11 and All Stars - Fame (replay? Because of Alex's injury)
    Billy/Kathryn - Jar of Hearts

    Day 2 in progress. Check out The Hunger Games: RTVG thread in the Non-Reality Based Games to see what's happening in the arena!

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    Lauren/Pasha - Tango

    Wow, that is one of the best work I've ever seen. The lifts, the split slides, the drag and how Lauren creeps up behind Pasha....UGH...UGH.....SO stunning.

    Definitely enjoy Ashley/Ade's routine, and Adechike/Comfort's routine as well!

    O N E C U T A B O V E

    Vote "The Sauvignon Serenade"

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