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Thread: Heather Blumberg

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    Heather Blumberg

    ELIMINATED - Episode Three
    Occupation: Customer Service Representative
    Birthdate: 07/16/1985
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 135
    Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
    Favorite Movie: "The Hot Chick"
    Favorite TV Shows: "8 Simple Rules for Dating My
    Teenage Daughter" and baseball
    Favorite Music: Hip Hop
    Favorite Food: Hogie Yogie Subs
    Other Activities: Cheerleading
    Self-description: Outgoing, fun, sincere and honest.
    Life Motto: Life's a bitch and then you die.


    Top Model Host: You all have a lot of great questions for Heather, so let's get begin! If you're just joining us, we're chatting live with Top Model contestant, Heather Blumberg. Thanks for being here today, Heather. Are you ready to take some questions?
    Heather: Sure, go for it.

    ouiouichat: Hi, Heather! Sorry to see you go. How did you audition for the show? What was the process like?
    Heather: I got an application from, sent it in with a video and pictures, and then I received a call back and we had an interview. I think I was one of the girls who had the easiest process.

    Blkhoney26: What was it like working with Tyra?
    Heather: She was fun, she was really nice. She was really down to earth, actually.

    Jenasciafan: Heather, were you shocked when you heard Tyra say you could be a plus-sized model?
    Heather: Yes, I was very shocked because I don't think I'm plus size. Everyone who saw the show was really shocked too. I wanted to cry--I think I did actually.

    Madonna: Hey Heather, were you pissed at the fact that they didn't give you a good reason for getting voted off?
    Heather: Oh yes, I was very angry. I didn't want to go so soon; I wanted to stay. I wanted to be America's Next Top Model.

    Chris: Was it as stressful as it looked on the show?
    Heather: I think it was 30 million times more stressful than it looked like. If they only knew half the stuff we went through. It was emotionally traumatizing.

    mimi: Were their any bad vibes between people that we didn't get to see on TV?
    Heather: [sigh] There weren't really any bad vibes that weren't apparent. They would definitely show those.

    Bruce: What do you think about Catie crying so much?
    Heather: I felt really bad for her because if you only knew what it's like to have all your hair cut off, and then on top of that having to conquer your worst fear, which is fear of heights. It was a really bad episode for her. It was a hard week.

    jacki: Heather, who do you think should have gotten voted of in your place?
    Heather: Considering that Xiomara was up there with me, I think it should have been her because she messed up on her photo shoot.

    MALE_MODEL: Heather, what did you mean by "I am a fresh fish?"
    Heather: Ha ha. Sometimes I say things that I don't think about. That was really funny though.

    modelingboy: What do you do to keep in shape?
    Heather: I like to go walking and running a lot.

    parisjjj: Did you think it was messed up when Catie lied to the judges to save herself from getting eliminated?
    Heather: She didn't lie. Her picture turned out well. Xiomara's turned out badly. What happened in between doesn't matter.

    cross0ver: What's the wildest thing you have ever done?
    Heather: Oh God… When I was out there I went streaking through the house on a dare. They dared me $5.

    Hugh: Was there anything that you would have done differently in your photo shoots had you known what you know now?
    Heather: I would have kept my mouth shut because then they wouldn't have a reason to kick me off.

    d41179: Do you think Camille is really sneaky or does she just know why she is there?
    Heather: Camille's a crazy psycho, and she is a sneaky snake at the same time. I don't know what's her problem. She's got a lot of them.

    keepinitreal: Heather, who is the nicest person in the house?
    Heather: Catie.

    mimi: Who is your favorite judge?
    Heather: Oh Janice, I love her. She's mean, but she's the funniest person in the world.

    IHEARTHeather: Heather you were my favorite. I thought the other girls were really mean! Are you still modeling or have you quit?
    Heather: Definitely, you will see me in the future. I swear to you, I may not be America's Next Top Model here, but I will be soon. And thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment.

    ouiouichat: Who was the most annoying trying to fight over the mirror with?
    Heather: It definitely had to be Camille.

    wild: Heather, what inspired you to become a model?
    Heather: I'm so tall and I always get comments on it. Everywhere I go people say, "You should try it." I've wanted to since I was little.

    dude: Heather, do you have any hobbies?
    Heather: I love going out on the lake on my boat and wakeboarding and stuff. I love dancing and I'm addicted lately to working out.

    babylesly: Heather, what do your parents think of all this?
    Heather: They're so proud of me that I went out there on my own for the first time. They will support me 110% no matter what I do.

    ALYSON: Why do you think the other models didn't want to associate with you? You seem so friendly--they must be snobs.
    Heather: That's what it was, they were snobs.

    No_NickName: Did you feel like the other girls were glad to get rid of you or were they genuinely sad to see you go?
    Heather: I think they were sad but at the same time, a big part of the competition was gone, so they were a little relieved.

    JDANTM: Did you ever confront Yoanna about why she didn't pick you for the dinner?
    Heather: No, later on, Yoanna and I got into a little spat where she told me to shut up. Ever since then we haven't been friends.

    sun_drenched_beauty: Hi Heather. I'd like to know who was closest to you in the show? Who understood you the most?
    Heather: It had to be Catie because we were really close in age. We each understood what the other was going through. We're on the same level. She's very sweet and thinks about others.

    mimi: Since you didn't really get a huge makeover on the show, what would you have liked to get done?
    Heather: I would like them to have made my hair darker. It would have made my face stand out more, and my eyes. It would have given me a more exotic look.

    stacie: How did you like Janice?
    Heather: I love her. She's funny. She made me laugh a lot. She's a good person even though she seems mean on camera.

    Amanda: Heather, you're beautiful. How do you do it?
    Heather: Thank you. I don't know; I just try to be myself.

    chanelno5: Hey Heather! How did you get into modeling to begin with, and how old were you?
    Heather: This is the first thing I've ever done. I just turned 18 years old.

    Vick: What was it like during the nude photo shoot?
    Heather: Kind of cold and breezy. It was fun, and it was tasteful, not trashy.

    FAMUAKA: Did you expect Tyra to call Xiomara's name?
    Heather: Yes, I was shocked. I was like "What the hell, your loss."

    PinkyBlue: Heather, did they pressure you to lose weight?
    Heather: I felt like I needed to since I had the comment saying I was borderline plus size. I don't want anyone thinking I'm plus size, because I'm not.

    Priscilla: Was it hard learning to put the "smoky" makeup on?
    Heather: No, my mom sat me down when I was little and taught me how use make-up. Some of the other girls had never used make-up before in their lives.

    GoCamille: What do you say to those who think the CryBaby Catie should have been eliminated instead of you?
    Heather: I don't know, everyone has an opinion. I personally liked Catie, but I thought that out of three of us that were up there, Xiomara should have been eliminated.

    Jenasciafan: Heather, do you regret signing up for ANTM?
    Heather: Not one bit. I met great people and did a lot of fun things that I would have never done in a lifetime if it weren't for the show.

    Frostelized: Heather, why did you have such a hard time keeping your mouth closed for the third photo shoot?
    Heather: I didn't. They just showed that a lot. I did really well in my photo shoot. I'm not retarded--I know how to shut my mouth when I'm told.

    tylerdurden: I think you've got a marketable look and remind me of young Amy Smart. Any interest in acting?
    Heather: Yeah, definitely. I'm looking to get into commercials or any kind of acting.

    JoeVega: What type of music do you listen to?
    Heather: Hip hop, R&B, rap. But I still love Britney Spears, no matter how crazy she is.

    d41179: How did you manage to let Camille get to the front middle of the mirror again?
    Heather: If I were a mean person, I would have knocked her down. Since I'm nice, I just let her do her thing, whatever she wants. There's no point in fighting with her. She's not worth my time.

    Cait: Did you have any objections to posing nude considering you are so young?
    Heather: No. I want to model. I don't mind tasteful nudity.

    ouiouichat: What did you think about Shandi's amazing transformation?
    Heather: I thought she looked really pretty. Like a Nikki Hilton.

    Blkhoney26: What do you think you brought to ANTM that the others didn't?
    Heather: More friendliness than anything. I would have done anything for people to just be nice to me.

    Beaney107: What was it like to make dinner for Yoanna and the other girls?
    Heather: I wanted to dump that water that I was carrying on top of all their heads for not saying thank you, not even talking to us. Acting like we're servants.

    Magcpen: Were you embarrassed when you tripped on the runway?
    Heather: A little bit. I'm clumsy; I thought it was really funny because it showed the true goofy side of me.

    Nastia: What's your favorite store to shop in?
    Heather: I love Nordstrom and Express and stuff. I'm not rich, so I can't go to Gucci and Prada, or else I would.

    sun_drenched_beauty: Were you frightened when Shandi fainted? What really happened?
    Heather: She just got really hot from being next to the lights. She was exhausted, had low blood sugar and her metabolism is so fast that her body just burns food so fast. Yeah, I was frightened. I didn't really know what was going on. When she got up I knew she was all right.

    woowoo: Did you have fun working with J. Alexander?
    Heather: Yes. He is hilarious. And even when he makes fun of you, you just have to laugh at it because it's so funny.

    AnnaKfan: Heather, have you been getting any comparisons to tennis player Anna Kournikova? I think you resemble her a bit!
    Heather: Only when I play tennis in shorts. Ha ha.

    MissK8: Which girl do you think is the highest maintenance? Who takes the longest to get ready?
    Heather: It would have to be Camille. She was always so high maintenance and the last one to leave. And she walks so slowly.

    teentopmodel: If you were just a viewer at home and saw the elimination of "Heather," what would you think?
    Heather: I think it was really sad. I didn't deserve to go home so soon. Not in a conceited way; I was just given no real reason.

    midnightly: Are you bitter for being voted off?
    Heather: No, not at all. Things happen for a reason, and I'm going to pursue a modeling career. Everything's going to work out no matter what.

    moresol: Why were you only eating a pickle for dinner? What is your favorite food?
    Heather: I was just joking around. My favorite foods are fattening foods, like pizza.

    sweettiy13: Heather, do you have any pets?
    Heather: Yes, a Chihuahua that weighs two pounds. His name is Baby.

    teentopmodel: You're so beautiful! Which was your favorite photo shoot?
    Heather: I have to say I loved the body painting shoot because it turned out so beautifully. But the adrenaline rush of the hanging one felt so good.

    BABYGIRL04152: Are you going to go to college or look for modeling jobs?
    Heather: I'm going to continue modeling, but at the same time take theatre and stuff at college.

    iloveyoanna: Heather, do you still hold a grudge against Yoanna?
    Heather: No.

    beyonced: Who gave you the best advice on the show of all the girls?
    Heather: Xiomara. She said, you know, just keep to yourself, and don't worry what everyone else is doing.

    hlfdc: Did you get your teeth whitened? I know that some of the girls did. Where did they do it?
    Heather: Brite Smile is where we got it done. I got mine done as well, but my teeth were really white to begin with.

    babiikakezx0: How did you feel about Camille complaining about her stupid tomato?
    Heather: Actually, what's funny about that is we didn't use it in the salad. Catie, Yoanna and I were playing with them and we accidentally ruined them when they fell on the ground. But she didn't know that--she still doesn't.

    Aisha: What would you say to those who would like to pursue a career as a model?
    Heather: Be really confident, go out there, knock on all those agencies' doors. Don't give up. If you want something badly enough you will do it.

    Top Model Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Heather is up. Heather, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the Top Model fans?
    Heather: Thank you for all your support. And for all those girls who want to be models, keep trying it, keep your head up. Never look back.

    Top Model Host: Don't miss an exciting new episode next Tuesday at 9:00PM ET/PT. Then come back to next Wednesday afternoon at 2:30PM ET/11:30AM PT to chat with the next eliminated model!

    cool: I love you Heather, you rule!

    louise: You got robbed heather!

    just_me: Bye! You rock!

    ALYSON: Good luck in all you do!

    bahabala2004: Rock on heather!

    Sandra: Bye heather.

    heatherfan: I hope your dream comes true!

    Leila: Good luck Heather


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    She reminds me of Elizabeth Berkley (aka Jessie from Saved By The Bell) in her Eve picture. I didn't think she was that bad at all, but she didn't really stand out much. I felt bad for her when she was crying because she felt so lonely in the house. You tend to forget how young some of these girls are sometimes.
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    Heahter was cute in a teeny-bopper sort of way. Not really fashion, though.

    She looks like shes wiping her you-know-what in her Steve Madden photo. Awfull choice .

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhanson
    Heahter was cute in a teeny-bopper sort of way. Not really fashion, though.

    She looks like shes wiping her you-know-what in her Steve Madden photo. Awfull choice .
    Now that you mention it...



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    I was surpised to see her go so soon. She was a bit to stuck in her teen years for me. She never stood out that much.

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    The picture she chose for the steve madden shoot: (same as they chose, it's the unretouched version)

    close up from laundry:

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    Whatever happened to her?
    She said several times in her interview that she would try modeling, but she never had any post-show photos or stuff

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    Heather was a cute girl but she wasn't a model. Her dirty laundry shoot was stunning, though.

    I actually drove through her hometown a few weeks ago, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtsmiley View Post
    Whatever happened to her?
    She said several times in her interview that she would try modeling, but she never had any post-show photos or stuff
    Many of the contestants always say they'll try to pursue modeling and some of them do, it just happens that a good percentage of them don't make it anywhere, and that's probably what happened with her.

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    I always forget there's been another Heather on ANTM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epochalypse View Post
    I always forget there's been another Heather on ANTM.
    Same. I feel better with just Heather c9. This one got on my nerves, especialy when she was cut. She acted so bitter with her "I know I'm prettier than half these girls" remarks. Like the HF revolves around solely on pretty

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    another forgettable human in this earth

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    Quote Originally Posted by derekt View Post
    another forgettable human in this earth
    What?! How rude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derekt View Post
    another forgettable human in this earth
    i really don't see your reasoning there.

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    Here are some old photos of Heather from the ANTM after-party for Cycle 2.

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    Here are some more old photos from 2004

    Americas Next Top Model Finale Party - Arrivals (

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    Heather was underrated, her face wasn't special but she had all the right stuff to be a model.

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