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Thread: The Walking Dead (AMC)

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    When Andrea was kneeling beside Amy and she started waking up, I was FREAKING OUT. Literally yelled at the TV for her to get away from her

    It was a decent episode overall. So weird at the season finale being the next episode..

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    This episode was the best yet!
    Everything about it was epic and quite interesting. This is the first time I've seen a zombie show/movie actually do new concepts and them work. Like the way Amy woke up and the way Jim was slowly turning, I've never seen them done this way and it was amazing. The scene between Amy and Andrea was probably the best scene so far.

    And the ending, I'm glad they are finishing it off this way. Fans of the comic have been knowing whats going to happen with each and every scene so far and now that they've thrown this wrench into the season finale, it's no way to tell what's going to happen on the last episode. I love that they are switching it up as long as they don't go too far off from the comics.

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    WUHT @ Next Episode being the Season Finale

    and the main protaginist's sweat is freakin' annoying, who doesnt wipe away dripping sweat? -.-

    and i was the same as ModelModel, i was freaking out when Amy woke. I was actually on my knees shifting telling her to get the **** away Probably the only part of the episode i truely liked though.

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    ^^^lol @ me thinking the same thing about his sweat.

    Ugh @ Jim turning, he wasnt my favorite but he was helpful to the group.

    Shane is getting on my nerves already.

    Still loving Jacki! And Liking Dale too.

    I still think its funny how many people from The Mist are on this show

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    omg theres a thread for this YESS!!!
    has anyone had nightmares yet?
    i had one today im so freaked out im scared it would happen one day
    and lol today when i was taking out the trash at night i could of swore i heard a zombie noice and ran like hell back to my house
    anyways so the season finale is this coming sunday???

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    Not satisfied enough with this season finale. Jacqui was my fave.






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    Quote Originally Posted by uno View Post
    Not satisfied enough with this season finale. Jacqui was my fave.
    Jacqui was my favorite too, I love her so much, I screamed no at the tv when she decided to stay.

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    I can't believe Frank Darabont fired all the writers.

    I mean I haven't watched any of the show yet but everybody seems to love it. Why fix what isn't broken? Especially after just one season?

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    This show is getting contrived and straying way off the comic. I'm actually happy Frank fired the writers, because the series was heading in a bad direction. I swear when they were in that CDC, I thought Alice from RE was going to come out. And while I don't mind them doing some things different, hopefully in the future there will be no more of that. So campy.

    Oh and Jacqui's death was so meaningless and dumb. I liked her, but her character wasn't really fleshed out. She barely did much; I can't say I'll miss her. Which quite honestly is a shame, because that's just proof how wooden the writing is. I feel the only people I know are Shane and Rick.

    Also, I love Laurie Holden, but girl is just not doing it for me as Andrea. First of all, Andrea is supposed to be 26 and Laurie looks to be in her 40's. Andrea also wasn't whiney like she is. However, I have hope that next season Andrea will be fleshed out as fiercer. I'll reserve my final judgement after that.

    Enough with me being a hater, though. If you skip this episode and part of the of the one before it, I can say that this is a great series. I can't wait to see where they take the show in season 2. The show is definitely the best thing on TV right now, and the pilot alone deserves an Emmy. It's just too bad it won't be back for another year. Why must good things end so soon?

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    I like this show.

    I want more backstory though. :D

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    Rick and his family come from the same town in Kentucky as Celia. [/Cool Story Bro]

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    loveeeee this show.
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    my new fave tv show!!!...

    i just dissapointed with how the first few episodes is so much better than the last ones...

    the rest...this is an awesome show...i swear
    congratulations ANN!!!

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    The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has revealed that more characters from the comic will appear in AMC's TV adaptation.

    The writer told USA Today that the character of Michonne - a mysterious ex-lawyer who fights off the undead with a samurai sword - is likely to appear in a future episode.

    "[Showrunner] Frank [Darabont] has already hinted at the fact we'll be seeing Michonne as early as season two," he said.

    However, he claimed that sinister villain The Governor is unlikely to feature in the next run of thirteen episodes.

    "The Governor is probably a little ways off from season two," he admitted. "Maybe season three or beyond."

    Kirkman also confirmed that he is keen to introduce the original character of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) into the comic series. He previously admitted that writing scenes for the character in the show's fourth episode "was great".

    The Walking Dead will return to AMC later this year.

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    “It was a decision from AMC that they wanted to position us in July… They want to attract as many eyeballs as possible, away from the heavy competition of the September, November [or] January start.”

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    Love this show. My favorite out there right now.

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    I had never even heard of this show until the Golden Globes.

    Not crazy about zombies but I will give it a shot.

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