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Thread: Episode 3 "Dirty Little Secret"

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    Quote Originally Posted by wccats View Post
    Lindsay: I have an imposter
    Lindsay: Who are you?

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    Lindasy: :O What is going on?
    I can blink.

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    Lindsay: Hi Lindsay-imposter and Lindasy.

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    Episode 2 "Dirty Little Secret" Part 2


    *Lindsay and Tyler are shown*

    Lindsay: I canít believe Like I won and you didnít. Iím going to miss you Tyler.

    Tyler: What do you mean?

    Lindsay: Oh I mean.. I wasnít suppose to say anything..

    Tyler: No come on babe.

    Lindsay: Killer pumpkins are voting you, or thatís at least what Leshawna, Beth and Harold told me.

    Tyler: Aww babe you gotta convince them otherwise.

    Lindsay: *In Confessional* Opps I think I just gave away my alliance with those three.

    *Duncan and Gwen are shown*

    Duncan: This is lame Gwen, we just gotta strike the right person, Get rid of the home schooled kid. He is weak.

    Gwen: I Know right Ezekiel doesnít know what heís gotten himself into.

    Duncan: Then Letís do it babe.

    Gwen: Aww Duncan you called me babe.

    Duncan: Of course I did.

    Beth: *In Confessional* Everyone is saying how Tyler is the weak link, Hello have you guys seen heather? She is not doing any better and besides she is evil, canít we just get her out of here?

    *Justin, Sadie and Katie are shown*

    Justin: Now ladies hereís the plan, Ezekiel is the one that's got to go. Heís ruining my flow here.

    Sadie: Aww Justin we donít want your flow ruined. Iím ready to..

    Katie: Take him out. Anything that will save you.

    *Killer pumpkins are shown headed to the graveyard as some are shown casting their votes*

    Courtney: *In confessional Ė Stabs the picture of Tyler* Tsk Tsk TYLER. Bad time to decide to be a LOOO-SER. What is UP with all y'all dumbos? Are your IQ's negative?

    Beth: *In Confessional Ė Stabs the picture of Heather* You haven't done past average the whole time you've been here, missy. Your turn to GO.

    Tyler: *In Confessional Ė Stabs the picture of Leshawna* Your big butt is kinda scary. Sorry Sista.

    Chris: In my hand I hold 9 garlic necklace. The first 3 go to Courtney, Alejandro and Eva.

    Alejandro: Thank you Chris, Me and My love have got it.

    Courtney: My love and I have gotten it.

    Eva: *In confessional* Does she always have to be correct on everything geesh. He was just giving her a compliment, which she probably never gets she should just take it that evil witch.

    Chris: Izzy, Harold, Beth, Bridgette these are for you.

    Chris: I have 2 left and three of you. The next garlic necklace goes to.. Heather.

    Chris: Leshawna you havenít been pulling your weight..

    Leshawna: I would use another word if I were you.

    Chris: you havenít been pulling your WEIGHT in the challenges, has the team decided to eliminate you? Tyler this is your second time screwing it up for your team, will they send you packing?

    Chris: The final garlic necklace goes tooÖ

    Chris: Leshawna! Tyler my man itís time for you to make your way to losers island.

    Tyler: Watch out for Harold, Beth, Leshawna and Lindsay they are all together I just know it.

    Harold: *Under breath* how does he know?

    *Tyler is shown making is way to the loser island as he trips and stumbles all the way down the hill*

    *Scene flashes to the screaming ghosts casting their votes*

    Geoff: *In Confessional Ė Stabs the picture of DJ* Youíve helped me out bro with Bridgette, but your holding back the team. Sorry man.

    Ezekiel: *In Confessional Ė Stabs the picture of Katie* Like you are the weakest overall, I hope the team realizes that.

    Sadie: *In Confessional Ė Stabs the picture of Ezekiel* To protect Justin I must do this, sorry.

    Cody: *In Confessional Ė Stabs the picture of Duncan* As much as I like to see Gwen happy, I want her to be happy with me. Sorry buddy.

    Lindsay: *In Confessional Ė Stabs her own Picture.

    Chris: You are invincible, you nitwit!

    *Lindsay goes back and stabs Bridgette's picture*

    Chris: Invincible AND not on your team

    Lindsay: Like I totally don't want to vote out one of my friends. I can't decide!


    *Lindsay takes out everyone's pictures, closes her eyes, and stabs down on the biggest target, Sadie's ass*

    Lindsay: EEEEEEEEEE I vote SADIE!!!

    Chris: If you donít receive a garlic necklace you are out.

    Lindsay: I donít like my necklace to stink they need to smell like sweet flowers.

    Chris: Well Lindsay we donít have that here, just take your necklace.

    Chris: Cody, Justin, Sierra hereís yours.


    Chris: Noah this oneís for you.

    Chris: DJ, Geoff, Katie and Sadie these are for you.


    Chris: We are left with Gwen, Duncan and Ezekiel. One of you is out of here.

    Gwen: This canít be happening Chris. In the bottom three with Duncan?

    Chris: No Ezekiels in the bottom two with him, hereís your necklace Gwen.

    Chris: one of you is about to receive the axe. Duncan your new love is blossoming but will it be for long? Ezekiel you just donít know how to talk right to people.

    Chris: Aww who am I kidding Duncan hereís your Necklace. Ezekiel your out of here. Your not cut out for this game.

    Ezekiel: You guys are dumb, Katie has the worst average not me. You will regret voting off da zeke!

    *Ezekiel is shown making is way to loser island*

    Chris: We are down to 20, what is in store for the players next round? Will any more love come from this show? All that and more on the next total drama terror!


    Killer Pumpkins

    Vote Count: 6-2-2

    Voted Off: Tyler

    Bottom 2: Leshawna

    Player Eliminated: Sundae

    Screaming Ghosts

    Vote Count: 4-2-2-1-1-1-1

    Voted Off: Ezekiel

    Bottom 2: Duncan

    Player Eliminated: Diversify


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    I knew it after I saw the challenge.

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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    Lindsay: I made it! :excited

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    Lindsay: Bridgette....Why are you dressed up as me?

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    Lindsay: Bridgette? No silly! I'm Lindsay!

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    Bridgette: Hi Lindsay!

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    Izzy: Um, I don't see Lindsay, Bridgette. Are you going crazay?

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    Beth: Bridgette? You are... crazy.

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    Lindsay: BETH! MY BFF!! :D

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    Lindsay: Um...I am so confused All of these other Lindsay's need to go away

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    Well, DUH! It was obv me who was going, I had no doubt about it haha. funny how there was somebody who solely sucked at a particular challenge and probably only got my vote and nobody else's.
    I tried to play differently but nothing works. I wish there were real life games sometimes

    Bye, peace.

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