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    Lala: Well, it's no secret that I was rooting for the Orange Team. However, I must say that Yellow deserved the win just as much as Orange. Nobody ever thought of sending them to Temple until the very end of the game, thus showcasing how powerful their gameplay was. They never won a Temple Mission and yet made the final 2. That may be seen as floater, but it's definitely a great strategy on their parts. And, they also showed us that luck is also crucial in this game. So Congrats Bri and Science!!!!!!!
    I'd like to thank the White Team for becoming our allies latter on in the game. We weren't on the same grounds in the beginning, but we grew closer towards the end. I'm glad that Endurance not only taught me more about strategy games, but also built my friendships with other contestants. Shout-out to Andrea (undoubtedly my best friend in the game), Abby (who I also grew close to), Parker (who became such a wonderful person), Miami Chris (for giving me some attention during his short stay on the show), Klope (THE best partner ever!), Genevieve (for shaving her head), and Jay (for coming out of the closet in the finale).
    Huge thank you to every other team as well for participating because without you, the game would not have been the same; that includes the semifinalists as well.
    Last but not least, I'd like to thank [shattered] for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this game. This is honestly the best game I have ever played, and you were an amazing host throughout.
    Until then, toodles America. Just know you'll see me in the fall at 8pm on Tuesday on Bravo on my new show "Lala Goes To Hollywood". Kthnxbye.

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    Scott: Congrats yellow! You guys deserved it!

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    I wanna say, thank you to everyone who participated in this game! It wouldn't have been the same without all of you in it. You all made my first Reality Game hosting experience an amazing one, really. I thank everyone who's taught me some things, even if I didn't realize it at first. I wanna wish Congratulations to arlcy and wccats for winning through friendship and flying under the radar; strength wasn't in their arsenal, but it got them the win, and that is so amazing. Then to Aly and Riddle for coming in 2nd, even though they worked their butts off winning missions and controlling the beach, your efforts still payed off in the end. And then to all of the other players, you made this game a hit for me, as well as others, and I thank you all for being in this experience with me. Thanks to everyone for the support, from something as little as the compliments on my drawings to something as huge as saying this was the best game you've ever participated in. Those comments keep me going, guys, and I really couldn't do it without your support.

    So, in closing, a huge group hug and a thanks to all of you, and I will be seeing some of you in Season 2. Hopefully you guys learned from what went wrong in this Season and use it to your advantage next time. I hope to still have you guys' support for those of you that didn't make the cut. :[ And I'll be seeing more of you in Season 3, which is a little while from now, but I thought I would mention it anyway. Good luck to all of you in any future games. Season 2 coming VERY SOON!


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    Yay for everyone

    bb19: cody / jessica

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    Congratulations Yellow Team!, I'm so happy that you won , good job too Orange :D

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