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    Sarah, 25, piled up the championship honors as a top coxswain at the University of Virginia. A four-time NCAA medalist and All-ACC Team inductee, this accomplished athlete graduated from UVA with a bachelor's degree in archaeology and physical anthropology. The St. Louis, Mo. native now works as a senior event planner for a healthcare-consulting firm in Washington, DC The firm provides best practice research and analysis, focusing on strategy, operations and general management to 2,100 of the country's largest and most progressive health systems and medical centers. Sarah plans and runs over 30 large executive level summits annually across the country.


    When will you consider yourself "a success"?
    I consider myself a success now. I have an amazing family, a great group of friends, and I have built a trustworthy name for myself in the business world. I try to learn from every experience I have and I know that those lessons will take me even further.

    What, in your opinion, is the most important quality to have in order to succeed in life and why?
    Perspective! The most important quality for EVERY situation in life is perspective. As clich? as the saying is, things can always be worse and tough situations are rarely as bad as they seem. Life has low points so you can enjoy the high ones.

    What's more important: College Education or Real World Experience?
    I think they are equally important. They both teach you VERY different things and I consider the experience I gained through both invaluable.

    Have any previous Apprentice winners motivated or inspired you?
    All of the past Apprentice winners have inspired me to a degree. Each one of them has demonstrated their ability to work with a variety of personality types, listen to all opinions, and come out standing in the end.

    How do you combine your creativity with your business savvy?
    I am fortunate to have a career that encourages me daily to combine these two skills. In the world of corporate event planning you have to be creative in solving problems quickly while maintaining a professional setting.


    Music: There are too many great bands out there to have a favorite.
    Books: Embarrassing, but I love the "For Dummies" books. They are great refreshers and teachers for just about everything.
    TV: I am obsessed with A&E and The Discovery Channel. I love every show.
    Movies: I love all of the Indiana Jones movies.


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    Bad leader, bad team member, bad personality, good ridance!

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    I hated her! LEAST FAVORITE!

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