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  • Alasia

    32 7.37%
  • Raina

    243 55.99%
  • Jessica

    157 36.18%
  • Angelea

    38 8.76%
  • Krista

    96 22.12%
  • Alexandra

    113 26.04%
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Thread: Photoshoot 8 - Posing with a Sheep with the Same Dress

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyoyo1122 View Post
    I just realized how much jessica looks like heather (c9)
    In the photo but not in general IMO. Jessica wishes she were as striking as Heather.
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    Jessica and Alexandra did the best.
    I think these would've looked nicer in Sepia colours.
    Why do people like Raina's? Its so boring and Model 101 like Jennifer C13 and her hawaiian goddess shoot.

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    what horrible photography.. LOL

    1. raina (gorgeous face, gorgeous body language )
    2. Jessica (i love the face)
    3. angelea
    4. alasia
    5. krista
    6. alexandra (sorry, but this is just ugly..


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    1. Jessica
    2. Krista
    3. Raina
    4. Alexandra
    5. Angelea
    6. Alasia

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    this is gorgeous


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    Cheap photography...

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    I think Jessica looks a lot like Nicole Fox facially in her shot.

    1. Raina
    2. Jessica
    3. Alexandra
    4. Alasia
    5. Krista
    6. Angelea

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyoyo1122 View Post
    I just realized how much jessica looks like heather (c9)
    oh my god Heather is so much better than this plain ho

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    I think the callout will be:

    1. Alexandra
    2. Krista
    3. Raina
    4. Jessica
    5. Angelea
    Eliminated: Alasia

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    Raina! Absolutely stunning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MckeyMouse View Post

    this is gorgeous
    omg that is stunning why didn't they use that?

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    Angelea is dreck


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    I hope Alasia Goes

    I am *THE* original babygurl!!!

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    Since Nigel is shooting, I'm guessing the callout order will be similar to what he thinks of the girls during the shoot/their performance in the go-sees. I could see something like this:

    1. Raina
    2. Alexandra (he could like her during the shoot despite how her photo is not as favored by people here)
    3. Angelea
    4. Krista
    5. Jessica
    6. Alasia

    If we go by what the judges have done recently, they're probably going to praise Angelea's photo despite it being lackluster (at least imo) and Nigel will like her on set.

    Based on preview pics that went along with the photoshoot, the facial expressions of Raina seem like she does good. Jess isn't smiling when Jay talks to her so I don't know if she's being critiqued or if she's just listening to Jay before her shoot. I could see Nigel not liking her on set for some reason. We'll see though, I'm just guessing what could happen.

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    Alexandra got my vote considering it was the only one that looked different ; and the face is quite lovely. I personally think the other girls did the obvious

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    I really hope Alex gets the FCO! It seems like she did great this week!

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    sorry. don't have time to Backread. but Alasia's photo is Bianca's Cycle 9' Gargoyle (?) 2.0 right?? lol

    clearly, the best is Raina. So EDITORIAL!!!!!

    2. Krista
    3. Jess
    4. Angelea
    5. Alex
    6. Alasia (go home girl)

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    1 / Alex [hey, its HF bitches]
    2 / Jess
    3 / Angelea
    4 / Raina
    5 / Krista
    6 / Alasia

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