Pleasantly surprised by this unconventional materials challenge, almost all are at least good:

1. Michelle - It was simple but very effective, it was shiny in the right way and looked very polished
2. Jasper - At first I think he's the clear winner but on second look I felt the slight disconnect between top and bottom; but both pieces are so fantastic and looked so expensive
3. Irina - The dress is amazing and she's creative with the cups, but I'm shocked they like that gigantic clutch, it was like a pillow
4. Christina - Looooooove the jacket, it's fantastic but the woven top lost some points for me
5. Dmitry - At first it seemed quite shapeless but on a closer look it looked really well made and I like the mesh and all his accessories
6. Cynthia - Nice dress with the pattern, looked clean and well executed
7. Anya - I liked her print a lot actually but overall the look made her model look wide and shapeless
8. Anthony Ryan - It's not bad but I feel like he could show more of the pattern and put it in the front; plus his bag was not that good
9. Django - Tissue dress with a twist, not bad
10. Juli - It's safe and boring, I liked the bottom half tho; but I've watched her season and I know the scallop ruffle was her thing so she did show her point of view, Georgina
11. Biddell - The top and bottom didn't work well together and the pants made her lower half look too thick
12. Sean - The lens and the reflectors didn't really go well together, maybe smashing the lens into smaller pieces would look better, that to me looks like something Erin would've made but with terrible execution
13. Seth Aaron - the definite worst, it looked unfinished and was like a mistake, you cannot do anything to improve this unless it's redesigned