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Thread: Supermodelki 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by brb View Post
    yeah thanks for posting those photos. the girls do seem really short in comparison to other countries' shows. i also quite like the way izabela and sara photograph. i was a little surprised at marika and paulina but they outshined the other girls at the photoshoot.
    I'm confused!! four girls left?! while 4 are eliminated?! WTH
    Sara FTW

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    IDK. I expected so much. It sucks so far, potential and photowise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutlandishWhore View Post
    I'm confused!! four girls left?! while 4 are eliminated?! WTH
    Sara FTW
    I think these are considered to be the "heats" as it was on the pop idol shows and the top 2 from each group advances to the finals (top 8). maybe they gonna have wildcards as well

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    Monika out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMfan26 View Post
    Monika out?
    monika had a crooked nose and photographed nice but quite plain, also i think she had a relatively strong group. i liked her too but i think it's best for her to focus on her singing. if i'm correct she the one girl who impressed all the girls when she sang during her interview in an earlier episode.

    and shameless is correct about the competition being in 'heats'. so far there haven't been any girls the judges seemed so impressed with they would give a wildcard too. but maybe the next 2 groups will be so good that something like that may happen. but i doubt it

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    Lidia 18, 177 cm - OUT


    Ania 20, 173 cm - OUT

    Natalia 21, 177 cm - IN

    Ewelina 21, 173 cm - OUT

    Izabela 20, 180 cm - IN

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    good job to keep two of the taller ones in
    Izabela 2.0
    will it be a battle of two girls of the same name? that reminds me of the three jelenas that all made the final 4 in bosnia :D

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    EXCITED for next week and for the competition to REALLY start!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecureuil View Post
    Marika - IN

    I found a better HQ photo of Marika from the photoshoot. She looks so much like Brooke (c7)

    I have preshow pictures of the girls but I'll post them when they get their own individual threads.

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    I love Marika and Iza

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    I'm confused! so it's these eight plus four more and that makes the top 10?

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    I don't think it will be a top 10 but rather a top 8. from what I understood is that so far there are six finalists, another five girls will be introduced in the next episode and two more will be added to the already chosen six. I don't know how it will work out from then on (one elimination per episode?)

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    Iza 1 is so ****ing gorgeous. This girl could really be a star.

    Natalia is also very beautiful, though I'm quite sure she's (still) a bit too big.

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    I don't feel like posting the rejects so here are the last two girls who made it into the cast:

    Their website uploaded the HQ pictures of all the girls.

    Zuzanna Brończyk 15, 173 cm

    Veronika Pawlak 15, 173 cm

    Hopefully Aly makes a forum for this, I have everything ready for the girl's threads.

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    YAY FINAL 8!!

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    They need to boot at Marika and add Ewelina (I know, I know, they weren't in the same group)! That last picture of Ewelina is incredibly gorgeous. Otherwise, great final 8.

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    The Ones To Watch Discussion Thread;

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    Didn't the episode air already?

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