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Thread: Final Four - At their Best

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    Talking Final Four - At their Best

    I thought since we are down to the wire - with the final 4 this week on the Apprentice, I would put together a photographic review of some of their BEST Moments

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    Normal Indeed

    I'm so sexy in my bathrobe.

    Size does matter in DIAMONDS!

    Mmmhmmm, just like me shovel some more in.

    If I know one thing, it's how to sell PRODUCT!

    I know I look crazy, but can I hold your baby?

    It would disingenious of me not to try the X-Box out.

    No eye rolls here!

    Pictures were obtained from and Apprentice on Yahoo

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    RTVG Survivor r0guish's Avatar
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    LOL, I love those Allie moments Erika! Can't wait to see the rest!!
    EW, please don't mix YOUR milk in MY cocoapuffs!

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    What about her running for the ferry?

    Or my personal favorite of her talking about blood on the walls like a psychopath!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis
    What about her running for the ferry?

    Or my personal favorite of her talking about blood on the walls like a psychopath!
    I can only work with the pics available

    Roxanne, Sean and Lee will be coming shortly!

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    I'm the next Trump, that's right.

    I'm 22, but I give sound financial advice and I have a bridge to sell you.

    Get out the way Rancic - I am the Apprentice

    Let them sell, I am too busy hustling.

    Ah Duh

    Using all these lives in the boardroom does make you look a bit ghostly.

    I'm three times better than any Apprentice you ever had.

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    A Contender

    My way or the highway, baby!

    I am the Queen of this Show!

    She just doesn't listen - to me.

    Y'all aren't serious?

    I invented the eye roll.

    Oh no, no she didn't!

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    Apprentice in the Making

    I can scream louder than any America - and it sounds better too.

    Now THIS is what I signed up heck with all these tasks!

    I will choke any Wanker on this show!

    George W. watch out - the British Casanova is in town!

    My looks will win this for me, see the camera loves me.

    I am ruined because I trusted a WANKER!

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    Even though he's a total WANKER, I still love me some Sean
    Fierce is a State of Mind.

    Sciuridae; TYO 7974; Once you find the final thread and complete this challenge, go have a drink to celebrate!

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    i hope lee & Roxanne be the final 2, and with roxanne win the title!!

    mr. trump got so many male apprentice already !!!

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