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Thread: Round II

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    Danielle: I've been hearing crepe and more crepe from the other tribe all day long. Enough is enough, Danielle's coming and when I find ya, you're in trouble.

    Oooooooooo...ok....Naja. You've been saying that you guys are entertaining and that you are clearly the best. Can I laugh? Seriously? Can I laugh in your face?? You talk, talk, talk but we've showed with actions that we can win and that we're the absolute better tribe. We're real survivor unlike you. All your petty arguments and non-sense have got you where? Nowhere and that's how it will continue.

    You trash talking us, we'll only make us mad. Therefore, we're ready to kick your bun once again.

    Let's go tribe Rattus.

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    Parvati: Heeeeey Naja! *runs back to camp* I was walking along the beach this morning contemplating life and I found us a pet. I named him Cupcake! Isn't he cuuuuuute?


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    When did that happen? That's scary.

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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    Taj: OMFG PUT THAT DOWN AND KILL IT! *runs off screaming*
    I can blink.

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    Sugah | Confessional |

    So like, yeah.

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