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Thread: LA Ink (TLC)

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    LA Ink (TLC)

    Does anyone watch LA Ink?

    KAT VON D. I wish I was her.

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    Kat is one of my idols.

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    She's so gorgeous.
    I hate the blonde hair though. It makes her look way too skinny. But I think she lost some weight anyways.

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    I freakin love her style.
    Yeah, I agree. I thought she lost some weight, too. Hate the blonde hair on her, she should stick to jetblack.

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    I love her style too. I want to be tatted like her too. I'm almost there...kinda.
    Yeah she looks best with black hair.
    I have the latest season on DVR and I'm gonna watch one big marathon of it because I missed almost every episode.

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    Yes, her style is amazing. The cut up shirts are so pretty.
    You want to get as tatoo'd as her? Do itttttt!
    I love the way she's tatoo'd, she just overall looks so gorgeous. I love her stars tats.

    If I was a girl, I'd be so like Kat.

    Same! I missed it, too. But I recorded some of the episodes. I was glad they aired some today.

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    I love this show,some of that tattoos are so hot !

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    They had a season 3 marathon yesterday. I think that might be my least favorite season, though, because I can't stand Aubrey! I couldn't stand her on Rock of Love and she was even worse on LA Ink. lol

    I love the first two seasons though! And I love love Kat!

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    I felt bad for Aubrey, she was really trying to get along and do well but Kat and the others just didn't like her.

    I don't remember her much from Rock of Love, but when I saw her I thought she looked familiar! Yesss. Kat is love. :Love

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    She just tries too hard to be "cool" imo. Like she's not comfortable enough with who she is to really just be herself, I hate people who are like that.

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    Kat is damn sexy and stunning despite all her tattoo's I like her style her persona, everything she has a pretty face and body too.

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    Liz is a stupidass bitch and needs to [blink]go[/blink].

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    ^ Really? I like her. I actually feel bad for her... I just don't think she fits in and she should leave for that reason.

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    I think she has good intentions but she obviously does not belong in a tattoo shop.

    Time cards? Uniforms? No...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sireafi View Post
    Liz is a stupidass bitch and needs to [blink]go[/blink].
    I totes agree with this! She annoys the crap out of me tbh. I kinda feel like she's just there for the show because I honestly can't picture her ever really trying to get a job at High Voltage. I'm not saying that I think she applied for the job only to be on the show, I think that maybe the show approached her to like cause drama and stuff.

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    Anyone watch last night?

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    I can't stand Kat Von D. I like Corey Miller though, he's the best. I honestly don't think Kat is that great a tattooist, I think she's just got a good gimmick going tbh.

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