Closter, NJ
Fashion Co. Owner

Howie, 33, decided three years ago to leave behind a successful career on Wall Street and enter the fashion industry. The gamble paid off. The Brooklyn native now runs Priorities, a highly lucrative contemporary woman's clothing company earning over five million dollars annually. With his adult clothing sold in over 1,500 stores around the world, Howie recently introduced a children's line. The University of Albany graduate lives with his wife in New Jersey.


When will you consider yourself "a success"?
I already consider myself a success I have a supportive wife, great family and friends and a successful career.

How would you describe your leadership style?
I like to "tell it like it is." Life is too short to waste time.

How do you deal with personal and professional challenges?
I believe the only way to deal with challenges is to attack them head on.

What, in your opinion, is the most important quality to have in order to succeed in life and why?
I think the most important quality needed to succeed in life is to be genuine and honest. When people have trust in you, they will want to deal with you both personally and professionally.

What's more important: College Education or Real World Experience?
I grew up in Brooklyn so I am all about real world experiences. There are just certain things that cannot be taught in a classroom.

Have any previous Apprentice winners motivated or inspired you?
All the past/previous contestants have been motivated enough to try out for The Apprentice go through the process and should be an inspiration to everyone.

How do you combine your creativity with your business savvy?
In order to be successful in business you need to be creative as well.


Music: Rock, Reggae, R&B, Disco
Books: The Art of The Deal By Donald Trump; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
TV: The Apprentice (shocking!), Six Feet Under, MTV Cribs, Seinfeld.
Movies: Goodfellas, Braveheart, Old School, Saturday Night Fever.

credit: http://www.nbc.com/The_Apprentice:_M...io_howie.shtml