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Thread: Ren Vokes

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    I see a mini Shalom Harlow, which = amazing...

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    at her resembling a supermodel.

    More proff that she is fierce .

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    She reminds me of Norelle!

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    This girl seriously has everything but there's just something about her that's stopping me from warming to her. I think she's a tad dull but I definately can't deny her beauty.

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    Wow! Gorgeous!!! One of my preshow favourites!!!

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    Ren's one of my favorites! I love her eyes, her look. She's very Elyse but her eyes are more Asianesque. Maybe she's part Asian? I mean Luscious from For the Love of Ray J was half Filipino and I didn't even know she was anything but Caucasian. So she could have some ethnic blood in her.

    But nevertheless, I love her look and hope she goes far because Ren is love

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    I love her , she looks really beautiful and I hope she does great in the show

    Pre-Show favorite

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    I don't like her. I think it's the awful hair.

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    She's alright.

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    I think she could pull out an amazing beauty shot. I have an image in my mind.

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    Not sure if I like her yet.

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    She is HF. Have to see more of her but as of right now she looks like she will take some good pictures
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    Maybe it's the hair, but I see a punk rock singer, not a model.
    That could change though.

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    Im kinda iffy on her..

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    She looks like Norelle
    I'm a bit iffy about her she is definitely one of the better looking girls, though.

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    I don't see the Norelle comparisons at all. She's growing on me.

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    Fierce queen of universe!!

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    ireally hope she gets a blonde weave to compliment her eyes.. that dark black hair does not suit her well, makes her look old.


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