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Thread: Thailand's Next Top Model cycle 2

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    Thailand's Next Top Model cycle 2

    This has been planned for years so lets discuss the possibilitys .

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    why should we is there's no announcement made?

    Congratz, Angelina!

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    thats the thing we discuss though anyway Sonia's tried to commision it again though i heard Tyra took away the licence

    Goldie Cheung - X-Factor winner 2011

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    Oh yeah we have heard abut it like a year or two, but there's still no sign.
    At this moment Sonia and her production have a reality show 'The One'. It's airring at Modern 9 channel in Thailand. It's not about modeling though.

    Btw, there will be a modeling reality show in Modern 9 channel too, but it's not confirmed yet when its first airing.


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    interesting i remember her saying she was trying to commission in on FHM Thailand but that was well 2 years ago but maybe we'll get lucky this time

    Goldie Cheung - X-Factor winner 2011

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