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Thread: Sam & Koli (cousins)

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    Sam & Koli (cousins)

    Age: 24
    : 6'4"
    : Rohnert Park, CA
    : Youth Football Coach and Security Guard

    Sam was born in 1985 on the tiny island of American Samoa. At eight months of age, his uncle and aunt, who live in the States, adopted Sam. Growing up in a Samoan family, being big was normal. There were always numerous family gatherings and plenty of food. Sam now works mainly in security and his schedule is abnormal; he works late nights and sleeps most of the day. Sam also commits his time volunteering as a youth football coach. This does not help establish healthy eating habits as he normally eats at late/odd hours. Not only does Sam want to get healthy and control his weight, but he also wants to develop better eating and workout habits. Many people in Sam's family have diabetes, hypertension and gout. Sam believes that if he can do this for himself, he will be a great example to his family and many others in his culture. He intends on winning The Biggest Loser and bringing back what he learns to his large family (where he is one of over 150 grandchildren and great-grandchildren).

    Age: 29
    Height: 6'1"
    : Rohnert Park, CA
    : Football Coach and Head of Security

    With Koli's Tongan roots, it seems that his culture has given him an excuse to be big and not worry about his weight. There are expectations that are put on Koli because of his weight: he is expected to eat more than everyone else, and he is the first person everyone calls when they need help moving. Koli works as a high school football coach in the day and is head of security during the night shift. This makes it hard to work out and causes him to eat at odd hours. Koli has grown up playing many sports and understands the importance of healthy living. He is very involved in athletics and wants to continue coaching where he can be a role model for young men. The first step to this dream in his life is being healthy and getting in shape.

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    I like them right now. The only thing I don't like is Koli constantly making comparisons with that other Tongan family that was on the show. I hope they do well.

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