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Thread: Elouai Models/Games Discussion Thread

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    Lili And Skye FTW

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    Just for fun I made doll version of the gayest digimon characters Masarum Daimon and Tohma H. Norstein( the 2 dudes in my sig, escept masaru eyes are actually green)

    I think they look pretty cool, I love how they came

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    ^ You totally got them, especially Masaru

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    Quote Originally Posted by gravity_eyes View Post
    ^ You totally got them, especially Masaru
    I know,hes like identical.

    I loved the outcome of tohma though

    They are now my team with richter for sure

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    Tohma looks so modelesque

    they MUST have a threesome ad or ed with Richter tbh *shot*

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    Campaign ads I whipped up before going to school I also made up personalities for Skye and Adrian.


    Skye - Guess

    I personally love making this "imperfect" teeth for her. Since she's a Russian-alien-spy-sadistic-psycho-killer-cannibal that's why her teeth is like that (kidding on the cannibal part~ Skye only eats celery sticks and ice cubes) but yeah, her teeth is her signature aside from the platinum lion mane hair.

    Adrian - Versace

    As usual this dude is being a manwhxre smex beast without his glasses on~ About his personality, I thought of him being bipolar. He's too awkward and shy with glasses on but when someone takes them off, you'll be one effed up woman or man, literally

    I didn't made a campaign for Lili, since she's still competing on VPMA to be fair

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    Mind if I use those for eL Magazine?

    top model redux

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    WOW at these!!! All of ya'll custom made elouai models are gawds and gawdesks!!!! and LaChunk, those dresses are so couture!!! How did you do those??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kebin65 View Post
    Mind if I use those for eL Magazine?
    Sure!! :D

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    Wow. Those really are great photos for ads.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gravity_eyes View Post

    they MUST have a threesome

    D: disturbing they are cartoon dolls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaddie View Post

    D: disturbing they are cartoon dolls
    OIC @ you removing the "ad or ed" you naughty little

    omg yes but it's just for fun :D

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    I made another doll, shell also be on L magazine soon

    her name is Juanita

    I already made some ads for eL magaine and L magazine, should I post them, or keep them private until the magazines come out? :D

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    She's beautiful, Luis!!

    I made this days ago, but it's a CK Jeans ad featuring Suki Petrick, the winner of my Elouai Doll's Next Top Model 4 series on youtube. I traced the pose and the shirt, but the jeans are from the ad.

    I was planning on using this for eL, but if you want to use it for L, Luis, go ahead.

    top model redux

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    sure bb!! Ill use it

    Im just making my model team for the magazine, like " wintour pets " or something:

    Masaru,Tohma,Richter,Raine,Maria,Juanita ,Mimette and Tear

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    Adrian also did Calvin Klein just like Suki and Masaru

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    ^^ That looks really good <3

    top model redux

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    Oldest to Newest
    1.Criscelda Orleans (I think I was the first person to use a Black girl in all ELOUAI'S NEXT TOP MODEL in youtube,)
    2.Naikimoto Hushimaya (Had done covers for EL magazine/Has participated in SUPERMODEL 1/Has Hosted JCNTM 1)
    3.Porticia Amore (Is still in the running FINALE in SUPERMODEL 1, HAS done spreads for EL and L magazine! Has done RUNWAYS for Alexander McQueen)
    4.Rachel (Has done runway and hosted an RP call MODELS LOUNGE at CDF)
    5.Matilda Amor (Would have Joined ENTM 5 but regretted the opportunity and will join "THE SUPERMODEL 1")
    6.Anniki Lestor (Participated in ENTM rtvg and "THE SUPERMODEL" in CDF)
    7.Hannei Sherlock (Has joined and participated in TMA and finding bookings)
    8.Park Jung Ah (Is trying to get bookings and will join ENTM 6)
    9.Inkrisha Fortich (Has been booked as the first Petalouai MODEL)
    EWFA 8 : Bleu, Lisbeth, Jonesy, Maree, Luma, Poisyn
    EWFA 9 : Adelious, Al'Lutah, Cherub, GangWen, Pankur, Yahuda

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