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Thread: Seth Aaron Henderson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiest View Post
    I want to watch his runway show and victory again but the full episode isn't on YouTube, the Lifetime site won't play videos for me, and OnDemand hasn't put it up.
    Here is the full episode:

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    Quote Originally Posted by shirley View Post
    OMW I love you Thank you so much

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    1800th post to the wonderful, magical, fantastical designer Seth Aaron!

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    I miss him on my TV every week

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    IKR? I feel incomplete.

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    His collection is shown in editorial in the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine. (With Kristina, the model.) It looked fine!
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    Anna-Sofia is AMAZING!

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    ^^cool thanks for letting people know. i can't wait to check it out.

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    I just finished watching the show and my fave are Maya Luz and Seth Aaron! I love that he won the competition over Emilio whom I thought was too cocky.

    Have you guys noticed how cute his son was? he kinda reminded me of Billy Gilman. :P

    Congrats Seth Aaron!!!!

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    Yeah... I dunno. I liked his designs... but the finale should have been Mila's to take. I still don't understand how she placed 3rd. Her collection was the best for me. I liked Seth Aaron's collection... but I feel that I've seen his signature before. That how circus-y goth-y kinda thing... yeah, more hot topic for me than anything else.

    That being said he still deserved top 2. Emilio's collection was gross.

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