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Thread: The Girls Next Door (E!)

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    The Girls Next Door (E!)

    Welcome to paradise! The series kicks off as you get to know Hef's three girlfriends--Holly, Bridget and Kendra--and how life works at the world's most famous Mansion. Tonight the group is off to the AFI salute to George Lucas, and naturally Kendra is running late. After the event, Kendra wants to watch a movie from Hef's extensive collection and continues to ruffle Holly's feathers--and gets her dogs all worked up, too--while looking for it in the master bedroom. Holly reveals that she'd like to get rid of the other girls. But Kendra's not going anywhere. Who would want to leave this Mansion?

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    I just had to start a thread about this show because ever since I saw the first episode, this frilly piece of cable lingerie has been my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. I mean, the premise is almost too good to be true – three girls living in the mansion as Hef’s girlfriends. They all call him sweetie and we are treated to each of them giving courteous and yet somehow disgusting pecks on the old man’s cheek. Holly sleeps in his bed…and she’s a member of the mile high club. Ewwwww!

    My take on the girls?

    Holly – Hef’s #1 gal…25 and from Alaska. Dang! When I picture an Alaskan girl I see long braids and flannel and maybe a grizzly claw necklace…but that is not Holly at all. She seems both bright and vapid…at once clear on her part in this strange farce and at other times shockingly na?ve, like when she gushes early on that she wants to be married to Hef in a few years and have his babies. Okaaaayy…that seems totally realistic seeing as how she is dating an 80 year old bachelor who has two other girlfriends…that live in the same house with her! *shakes head and sighs*

    Bridget – I love Bridget, I truly do. She is just so sweet! She works all day at getting her masters in broadcast journalism but truly has always wanted to be a bunny…like from age five! (Crazy, I wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake when I was 5!) Anyway, she tried out, didn’t make it, tried out again, didn’t make it (which makes me wonder, what are these try outs like – I mean, they are naked pictures of you, how hard is it???) and finally Hef gave her the consolation prize…being his girlfriend. So, she’s not really a bunny but she does get to wear the bunny suit…like when she goes to visit her brother on an army base…in a bar, in the daytime, when it’s deserted. Yeah…that was just weird. OK, maybe Bridget isn’t sweet…maybe she’s insane. But that’s cute too!

    Kendra – Kendra became a girlfriend when she served shots at a party at the mansion clad in 1mm thick body paint. Hef asked her to move in right then and there…hey, the guy know what he likes. And he likes Kendra…but she’s easy to like because she’s very easily confused and we all like to have silicone enhanced dolls running around saying they love us. Well, Hef does, I think that might freak me out a little. Kendra has another great trait, she calls people names if she thinks they are 'haterz.' Haterz in Kendra’s world meaning anyone who says something she can’t immediately understand…clearly they are trying to be mean to her. This means A LOT of people are haterz...the press, the ladies of the View and most of New York City. Oh well, she is cute and she did point out that Barbara Walters could use a pair of silicone breasts, which is true, so, meh, whatever.

    Next time I check in…the girls’ dogs…and the fact that Bridget bought a puppy because it would match her cat! That’s right…! Three of the most mind blowingly odd words every to be strung together.

    Did I mention I love this show?

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    Ahh! I love this show too! A fellow Glam Girl can't help but love her fellow Glam Girls.

    Don't ask what I was doing here *blush*...but I was on Playboy dot com the other night, and found out that Holly is now 26, Bridgit is 32 (!) and Kendra is 20. Kendra does seem the least mature, but I didn't realize she was THAT young! Bridgit seems so sweet, and I like Holly too but I sense a lot of sadness behind her. I read or saw somewhere that Hef said he is not planning on getting married ever again, but I think Holly may geniunely be in love with him.

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    Oh yay, I'm not the only female to get a kick out of this show.

    Wow, I didn't know Bridgit was 32! She does look older, but I just assumed Hef had some really young age limit for his girlfriends like Howie (BB6) does

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    I'm guilty too of this guilty pleasure. Seems like only the girls are watching this show. I like Holly well enough, and I agree that I think she is truely in love with Hef and will end up being hearbroken if he never marries her. Bridget is my favorite of the girls and I think mature enough to know that she needs to have something to fall back on (her degree) when the time comes for ol' Hef to leave the party. 3 young women and an 80 year old heart .... even if he is healthy and takes good care of himself they still will be young when he is gone or tires of them they all (IMO) need a backup plan. Kendra is a bit too rough around the edges to me. I didn't like how when it was Bridgets birthday and they had the murder mystery party she was rushing around and trying to get all the clues first and trying to get the butlers to tell her who the killer was. She is far to competitive with her need to be first in everything. It was Bridget's birthday she should have let her have the spotlight. But I guess if Bridget was ok with it who am I to say.
    I saw Hef and the girls on Tyra last week I think , and I seem to recall him saying something about not getting married again because his most recent wife (he's still married to her by the way) broke his heart because she was cheating on him. Holly was talking about wanting to marry him in a couple of years then too. Guess we will all have to wait and see....
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    Saw Kendra's birthday episode and the Vegas episode last weekend. One thing I noticed from both episodes was that Holly REALLY gets sleepy when she has been drinking. Kendra's birthday party was so much more low key than Bridgit's extravaganza! I love it when she adjusted her grandma's hat to make it more pimp.

    One thing I couldn't believe the girl's have a curfew of 9pm, had to get up super early, and couldn't stay overnight in Vegas....I would be sooo tired if I had to get that damn early I'd be like mehh screw it lol.

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    So happy!! I just saw a commercial that Season 2 starts in August! I love this show! :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitterxGold
    So happy!! I just saw a commercial that Season 2 starts in August! I love this show! :D
    If Hef just dumped Kendra the show would be perfect.

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    The season premiere has been posted as Sunday, July 30th at 9pm EST.
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    I ain't even gonna lie, I thought their photoshoots tonight were BEYOND cute! I didn't really like Holly's hair that much, but the whole set up was very glam/sexy. Bridgit's was wild, and even though I'm not sporty, I think I liked Kendra's sporty set up the best (she did the Heisman trophy pose naked and had Bridgit and Holly as half naked cheerleaders in the background). I'm watching last week's rerun again now, and I so want one of those charm bracelets
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    Kendra looked good for once. She looked way hot during her photoshoot.

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    I loveeee this show <3 Bridget is my fave.

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    I loved Kendra's 21st birthday party! She met Don "Magic" Juan and he gave her a pink and diamond pimp cup. Lucky girl :D They have a local ad for Johnny TV (Rapper Paul Wall's sidekick, aka the Jacob the Jeweler of the South who has a grill and jewelry shop here in Houston) and Kendra is in it. It's amazingly krunk. I'm re-watching the baby shower episode with Johnathon & Victoria from The Amazing Race. So funny.

    I heard on another forum (no source cited so I don't know if it's really true) that in the latest version of Hugh's will, he leaves his daughter and two sons two-thirds of his fortune, his estranged wife Kimberly 12 million, Holly 3 million, and Bridgit & Kendra get $500,000 each provided that they are still living with him at the time of his death.
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    I just saw a promo on E! that Season 3 begins in March!
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    I think it's absoultely sick that Hef has three girlfriends that are old enough to be his granddaughters.

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    Eeep! They've been teasing us for so long on who would get Playmate of the Year and I'm so glad it was Sarah (well I would have been happy with either her or Monica Leigh - both two krunk chicas). The other two girls in running, Alison and Janine, were both not bad looking, but kind of blah to me both in looks and personality.

    Heh, I'm rewatching the Valentine's episode again. So cute. Holly and Bridgit take the dogs around for a romantic ride in the golf cart Makes me want a puppy. I was at the mall on Friday and saw the cutest bunch of puppies. I have been thinking about them all weekend. I love my dogs, but there is just something so sweet about a brand new puppy with lots of energy and always wanting to play.

    Oh yeah - I like Kendra's hair better this slightly darker blonde. She looked good before, but it really warms up her complextion more now.
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    Anyone catch the Season 5 Premiere last night? Those were some very errm "creative" chocolate gifts they got Hef.
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