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Thread: The X-Factor UK Series 15 General Discussion

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    It’s kinda fierce that Acacia and Aaliyah managed to survive 3 consecutive sing-offs. BUT!!!!! I really wish it didn’t have to come at the expense of Shan.

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    They could have eliminated the twink tbh.

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    Shan is GREAT, but she's nothing new. She was so much more interesting at Judge's Homes when she sang her original song, but the second she hit the lives her song choices got super generic and she turned into a very cookie-cutter reality TV singing show contestant (I blame Simon). I thought "Summertime" was beautiful but it felt like a very mechanized attempt at giving her a "moment" i.e. Simon brought up the past versions by Fantasia (who owns this song in the singing show realm) and Leona Lewis. That all made what was meant to be an amazing "moment" a lot less impactful to me.

    That said, I thought it was A&A's turn to go. I do really like them though mainly because, as opposed to Shan, they are actually very different from the traditional TV singing competition contestant and they were improving. I feel SUPER bad at the amount of backlash they're going to get from this.

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