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Thread: Survivor 37: David vs. Goliath Discussion Thread

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    Damn Wentworth & David aint even highlighte in the preview early outs maybe tsktsk

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    I love Nick so much, but please don't return for another season. His game is near perfect until the last 2-3 episodes.
    I don't think he should come back to ruin his storyline. To compare him with other white guy winners is so unfair because he is more of an underdog than an alpha male.

    Angelina is such an amazing character. Her edit in finale is amazing, especially the bit where she's looking for the idol. I'm glad she's on top of Jeff's list to bring back.

    Natalie really has no self-awareness. She should come back just to be a joke that she is this season, super entertaining.

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    Late to finale game discussion.

    angelina was fun to watch, never seen a character like her. Her idol find is the most tragic one ever. I was laughing so hard when she said ‘can I do it’ and climbed the ladder and then try to get to votes to go towards her and then ‘jeff’ playing her idol. Lol

    thank you my bitch for being absolute ridiculous from beginning to end.
    i love you for that.

    Nik was great, love love love his answers. He totally have me when he said he’s also a Goliath as he is a people person. And what he does in real life coming from a trailer park. I mean yes he’s a David and a Goliath

    Perfect ending really.

    the nerds vote for Mike. But can you blame them. They cried during mike’s ending speech

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    The finale was too long, they should’ve cut it to F6 and F5 elimination as one episode and then F4 and FTC as one episode. The final challenge went way too fast, it was like a few minutes and it’s over, nothing suspenseful like previous FICs.

    Angelina is a hot mess, wanting to blow up the Alison vote and then receiving nothing lbr. She is still fun to watch, from dropping the clue which was caught on camera, exaggerating the 8ft wall as 100 ft and then interrupting jurors who didn’t address her yet.

    Kara went out with no votes against her! So she joins cirie but Cirie was ****ed through that idol train ****. I still think Nick would’ve won even if she won the fire making but she probably would get a couple of votes.

    Davie took his exit real good. Proves he is a very good human who would sacrifice himself for the benefit of his allies~ Would love to see him come back and his weight loss is incredible! But it would be slightly tough for him to win over Bick since Nick had more scheming and better jury management skills

    For a while I really thought Mike would win, he doesn’t need to money anyway and part of me thinks that’s why some of the jurors like Davie, Dan and John voted for Nick instead.

    There was no way Alison would’ve made the final though, unless she kept winning immunity.

    Nick was obviously the main target after Davie left. Had he not won immunity he would’ve been gone after Davie. So props to him fighting it and then making decent defense about his gameplay. I don’t know why he would want to risk voting Alison instead of Mike though. Also Mike is somehow more of a challenge threat than Alison. Maybe Nick also thinks that the jury would not give Mike the money? Nevertheless he deserved to win the most in that final 3.

    overall one of the best seasons, with the Idol Nullifier being introduced and played effectively. A cast that provides a lot of entertainment relief and no fake or try hard student of the game wannabes. Editing was also a major step up, with the eliminees not being foreshadowed early one in the episode (Chelsea cough cough)

    I might place it behind HvV and Cagayan

    Overall cast ranking
    1 Christian
    2 Angelina
    3 Nick
    4 Davie
    5 Alec
    6 Lyrsa
    7 Natalie
    8 Elizabeth
    9 Gabby
    10 Kara

    11 John
    12 Alison
    13 Mike
    14 Carl
    15 Dan
    16 Pat
    17 Bi
    18 Jeremy
    19 Jessica
    20 Natalia
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