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Thread: BBX Reloaded 5.0: Lost in Space [ Week Ten ]

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    Let's reveal the results


    William - DNS
    Liza - Throw


    Jackie - 100.185


    Brittnee - 100.199

    We're down to two... Will Karen win her safety or can Dillon secure himself another victory?




    Dillon - 100.339
    Karen - 100.332

    Which means...


    Congratulations Dillon! You are the winner of the Power of Veto!
    You now have the power to veto one of the two nominations or leave them the same.

    You have decided...


    NOT to use the Power of Veto.

    This means tonight Karen & Liza will be our nominees.

    Arisa Cox: It's time to see who else will be leaving the house tonight.
    Eviction is next!...

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    Arisa Cox: HouseGuests,
    it is officially time for the tenth eviction of the season.

    Karen & Liza, you have been nominated for eviction by Jackie and tonight one of you will be the next to leave.

    Just a reminder, once the votes are read the evicted HouseGuest will have just a moment to say goodbye, grab their belongings, and walk out the front door.

    It's time to announce the results...


    By a vote of...


    2 - 1


    * * *


    * *





    You have been evicted from the BBX Odyssey.
    You are, however, the fourth member of the jury.

    OOC: Eman! You've literally been on the block every week you were in this game. You were fake evicted in a canceled eviction vote.
    But at the end of the day look how far you made it! I think that goes to show your resilience as a true veteran here at RTVG.

    Arisa Cox: We are down just Five HouseGuests standing as we head into our last game week before our finale week!
    If you think the twists are over, I can guarantee you will be in for a shock ending. The next set of Competitions will be up shortly!

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    Congratulations HouseGuests, you have reached the penultimate week in the BBX Odyssey and your mission has almost come to an end.
    However, the game can be won or lost in the home stretch- so now is the time to turn it up into overdrive.

    That being said, it is to compete for the next HoH of the season.
    As outgoing HoH, Jackie will not compete.
    The next HoH competition is called "The 3rd Annual BBX Awards" and here's how it works:

    In a moment, you will be given a questionnaire where you will be voting on memorable moments of this season.
    Your goal is simple: Select the response that received the most votes.

    In the end, the HouseGuest with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time will become...

    Head of Household

    They will be responsible for nominating 2 HouseGuests for eviction.
    You must include your 2 nominees in your post, otherwise you will nominate the two HouseGuests highest on your most recent Hit List.


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    The next PoV competition is called "Toyota Triathlon" and here's how it works:

    In a moment, you will be sent a questionnaire for a Mad Lib.
    As you do not know the script for what you are filling in, your goal will be to supply the most entertaining and original words you can think of.

    That's because a group of judges has been selected and will be rating each of your responses.
    The more hilarious or interesting the word, the more chance the judges will select it.

    The HouseGuest with the most points from their responses by our team of judges will win, for the final time this season...

    The Power of Veto
    The winner will have the power to veto one of the two nominations or leave them the same.


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    Karen: Can I just won something at this point, I thought I would be evicted when I sit with Liza.

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