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Thread: BBX Reloaded 5.0: Lost in Space [ Week Three ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillfact0r7 View Post

    Karen: Congratulations on winning the second Head of Household competition of the season! How did it feel to have all the power this first week and do you think this was a successful reign?

    Karen: It might be my only time to win a comp, but it was AMAZING to have this old lady have a chance to hold power. Hate to see someone go, I'm like their mom.

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    Arisa Cox: HouseGuests, it is officially time for the
    second eviction of the season.

    Nate & Suzette
    , you have been nominated for eviction by Karen and tonight one of you will be the next to leave.
    All of the votes have been tallied, it is time to announce which of you will be getting ejected from the BBX Odyssey.

    Just as a reminder, once the votes are read the evicted HouseGuest will have just a minute to say goodbye, grab their belongings and walk out the front door.

    It's time to announce the results.


    By a vote of...


    4 - 0


    * * *


    * *





    You have been evicted from the BBX Odyssey.

    OOC: Andrei, it's unfortunate that you were such a target early on. I was looking forward to you sneaking your way to the end game once more this time but it looks like this time you were just too big of a target on everyone's radar.

    Let's take a look at some goodbye messages from your fellow houseguests:
    Brittnee - So sorry to see you go. Enjoy your time outside of the house.
    Demetres - demi lovato
    Nate - I'm absolutely shocked right now.
    Nikki -
    *Tim did not cast an eviction vote, so his vote was counted towards the majority.

    Arisa Cox: And just like that, we are down to 11. But before we get to our next Head of Household Competition, there is once again some business at hand to tend to...

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    Brittnee, as you know, for the past week you have been outside both timelines looking in as the Anomaly.
    This has allowed you to stay safe for the second week of the game along with cast two eviction votes at the second eviction.

    However, with the eviction means the time has come for you to re-enter the timeline.
    To do so, you must select one HouseGuest to switch positions with.
    The HouseGuest you chose to switch with will become the new Anomaly for the week- along with safety for the week and the ability to cast two eviction votes.
    Make your choice wisely, because you will be switching into that HouseGuest's timeline and work with their partner in the next Head of Household Competition.

    The only rule: You may not select anyone who has previously been an Anomaly, so Demetres is uneligible.

    Just a reminder as to the teams and the timelines...

    As Naeha and Nate have both lost their partners, they will become a new duo.



    You have 24 hours to post your decision. Once you have done so, the next HoH competition will begin.

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    Brittnee: It's been an interesting week being so lonely. No one has really approached me or asked for this position, haha. So I'm choosing randomly.

    I choose Jackie as the anomaly.

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    HOH challenge will begin tonight!

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    Houseguests, it is to compete for the next HoH of the season. As we already covered, you will be competing in this competition in pairs.
    As outgoing HoH, Karen will not compete. Neither with Jackie as she is the anomaly this week.
    The next HoH competition is called "And Scene" and here's how it works:

    Above is a video that you will need to study, because in a moment you will be sent a questionnaire of true or false questions about the video.
    Your goal is simple: Answer each question correctly (using true or false) based on what you've just watched.
    If you miss a question, you are eliminated from the challenge, unless everyone missed the question that round.

    The last HouseGuest standing or the HouseGuest who answers most correctly in the shortest amount of time will become the next...

    Head of Household

    They will be responsible for nominating 2 HouseGuests in their own timeline for eviction, which will also cause their partners to be nominated in the alternate timeline.
    Not only that, but they will win safety for their partner in the alternate timeline.


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    Houseguests, let's begin...


    1. Ika appears on the list multiple times.
    TRUE - Brittnee Demetres Dillon Naeha Nate Nikki Ramsey
    FALSE -

    William has thrown and is eliminated.
    Tim did not submit and has received his first strike.


    2. Dre twerks for Dillon before he calls her crazy.
    TRUE - Demetres
    FALSE - Brittnee Dillon Naeha Nate Nikki Ramsey

    Demetres has been eliminated


    3. Godfrey is stuck in the middle of the fight of Sarah & Bruno.
    TRUE - Brittnee Dillon Naeha Nikki Ramsey
    FALSE - Nate

    Nate has been eliminated.


    4. All seasons are represented on this countdown.
    TRUE -
    FALSE - Brittnee Dillon Naeha Nikki Ramsey

    Everyone moves on.


    5. The two things Sabrina says she respects most are religion and honesty.
    TRUE - Ramsey
    FALSE - Brittnee Dillon Naeha Nikki

    Ramsey has been eliminated.


    6. Nick calls Cassandra a sociopath.
    TRUE - Brittnee Dillon Naeha Nikki
    FALSE -

    Everyone is wrong, it was Philippe who called Cassandra a sociopath.
    We will move on to the next question, everyone stays.


    7. Ika shreads Andrew's letter first in the video.
    TRUE - Brittnee Dillon Naeha Nikki
    FALSE -

    Everyone is correct.


    8. Neda calls Ika trash before Ika says "Girl, bye!"
    TRUE - Brittnee
    FALSE - Dillon Naeha Nikki

    Brittnee has been eliminated.


    9. In the argument between Dre & Dillon, they use the word "flip-flop" seven times between the two of them.
    TRUE -
    FALSE - Dillon Naeha Nikki

    Everyone is correct.


    10. In the entirety of the video, curse words are bleeped at least 25 times.
    TRUE - Dillon Naeha Nikki
    FALSE -

    Everyone is correct, it will now come down to time...


    Dillon - 2 minutes
    Naeha - 2 minutes

    Nikki - 7 minutes

    Nikki has been eliminated. It will come down to the tiebreaker question...


    TB: How many minutes will it take all competing HouseGuests to compete? [ 26 ]
    Dillon - DNS
    Naeha - 45

    Dillon did not submit a tiebreaker response and has automatically been eliminated, which means...


    Congratulations Naeha! You are officially the next Head of Household of BBXR5.0!
    You are now responsible for nominating 2 HouseGuests in your own timeline for eviction, which will also cause their partners to be nominated in the alternate timeline.
    Not only that, but you have won safety for your partner, Nate, in the alternate timeline.


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    Naeha: Good lord this decision was a lot harder than I thought it'd be. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me. I decided the easiest thing for me to do is nominate the people that nominated me because I have no real reasons to nominate anyone else. So my nominations are Dillon & William.

    So sorry to the noms and their partners. Good luck in the veto!

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    henryhehe9 & abstractfierce


    nathaniel & CrazySissyPlus

    Naeha, as Head of Household, has decided to nominate Dillon & William for eviction.
    Because there are Alternate Timelines this season, Brittnee & Karen are also nominated for eviction as a result.

    But nothing is set in stone just yet as it is time for the first Power of Veto competition of the season.
    The winner of this competition will decide whether or not to veto one of the two nominees or if they leave nominations the same.

    Due to the Alternate Timelines Twist, one Veto is up for grabs for each timeline.
    Since there are only five players left in each timeline, everyone will compete.

    The next PoV competition is called "Runway to Veto" and here's how it works:

    This challenge will work much like those America's Next Top Model games run here at RTVG.
    You will do a photo search online, attempting to find the most "High Fashion" photo possible.

    The catch? You will not be using photos of actual models. Instead, you will be selecting photos from the cast of Big Brother Canada.
    You may select a photo of any HouseGuest who has been on the show (including season 6).

    Once everyone has submitted a photo, I will then submit them to a panel of judges who will rank them from best to worst.

    The HouseGuest from each timeline who has the most High Fashion BBCan HouseGuest photo will win...

    The Power of Veto
    The winner will have the power to veto one of the two nominations or leave them the same.
    If the veto is used, the HoH (Alpha Timeline) or Veto Holder (Beta Timeline) must select a replacement nominee.
    In the event of a tie, whoever gets their photo in first will win.


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    As I receive submissions, I’ll let you know who is off limits as well since I’d like it each houseguest used just once.

    Gary Levy & Alejandra Martinez are off limits.

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    Off Limits
    Gary Levy
    Alejandra Martinez
    Brittnee Blair
    Kenny Brain

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    Neda Kalantar is now off limits.

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    Ika Wong is now off limits. Waiting on 4 submissions and you have a little less than 7 hours to get them in!

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    An extension has been requested so there will be an extra 6 hours added to complete.

    Mark Chrysler is off limits also.

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