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Thread: Live Feed Discussion 7/5 - 7/12

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    Rockstar bitching about people going with 'the house' on the vote: "I just don't understand how the most boring people in the world became the house... I mean Angela and Winston literally have no personality, how is that THE HOUSE? I just don't get it. I mean it is what it is, at this point as much as I want to win, if they send me home, I'm just gonna get some dick and I'll be happy"

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    I LOVE HER LMAO <33333333
    (adj.) having failed to become what one might have been
    but then there was the blood from your heart on my hands again 🎵

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    Rockstar, Halyeigh, Bayleigh new all star widow brigade? I THINK SO.

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    Janelle Pierzina

    I hate Kaitlyn so much. Girl is beyond delusional! Taking out Swaggy does absolutely nothing for her game. Kaitlyn is a freaking moron!#BB20
    8:41 PM - Jul 11, 2018

    Janelle Pierzina

    Let’s get Bayleigh trending so this season isn’t a blow out with a bunch of dudes at the end. #Bayleigh #BB20
    10:03 PM - Jul 11, 2018

    Jessica Graf

    I also plan on throwing all my votes to Bayleigh because I want her to avenge her man lol
    11:37 AM - Jul 10, 2018

    Members of the BB Coven speak on this horrible outcome~

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    scottie the snake won hoh, Rockstar or Bayleigh probably leaving,

    see ya I'm out.

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