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Thread: (RP) ♚ Earth, Water, Fire and Air 11 ♚ - GIRLS RP POSTED [p.18]

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    Ibrahim is really fun too. <3

    This shoot is gonna slay, super excited for the girls rp and the shoot ugh. <3

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    OMG #throwback been here since the first cycle, I AM AN OG

    jhana and kay the first IT couple of TMU shows, kay looked really sexy in chocolate and this wasnt jhana's best but it was cute. miss chuyu also snathced hers and the guys did good too

    sao and xij- i like their squishy faces
    billy joe and henrie- have interesting personalities who is billy joe. I think they were a given pair tbh
    pened & bobby- the sickling boys, bobby did looked high so not shocked he a druggie, didnt get a good read on pened personality but i like his tim burton look so stanning
    frey & hung- like this pair look wise
    ibra & baby noh- i love baby noh, sad noko didnt happen but i like this pair as well. Interesting personality and rooting for baby noh
    esa & tau- tau is the new karno personality wise. Was not expecting this pair up tbh but i guess i do kinda see it
    pharaoh & rafe- the odd eye circle yay
    nomad & tchon- i thin they match well, wanted noko but i like this. Nomad personality was funny here, and on the nose enjoyed it a lot. anticipating what they bring
    pavo & peach- they are both named after food turkey and peach so giving this is a food shoot they are on their alley
    can, och & reed- their rp was funny
    juyeon & lancelot- this was i think another pair that was given just cause they both got long hair and their reception is as feminine so anticiapting what they bring cause even when they are similar, juyeon is like a pretty flower boy face with strong body so is gonna look different since lance is more akeen to your pretty faced boy with a skinny body like peach and pavo. Also they appear on the next RP anticipating their part


    Looking this good has its problems

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    Probably McDonalds
    My favorite pairings/concepts:
    Sao and Xijien: the black liquorice concept is going to be SO GOOD for Sao! They got the best candy
    Bobby and Peneduro: the perfect ****ing pairing and the perfect choice of candy for them Bobby's really funny by the way!
    Ibrahim and Marko: UGH YES! Why did I not think of this pairing!? They got another really good candy for a shoot like this.
    Pharaoh and Rafe: This was an obvious pairing, and tbh smores is going to look really cool with the already clashing skintones

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    Lol I LOVE Bobby. This RP was so fun and I CANNOT wait for the shoot already. I am stanning dadeh Ibraham's personality as well.

    EWFA 11: soon
    AsNTM: Beauty, Jach, Pim, Mia, Adela

    | eLouai

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    Bobby is hilarious Loook look look

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    part deux.

    Testimonie: (conf.) Look... ya'll already know EXACTLY who I am. I posed with that hot white geriatric dad in C10
    and it was just the perfect set up for your girl to be on 11! We're about to Isis King this cycle bitch! Bet on me!

    Idk what kinda CRACK the public was smoking to have me so low in First Impressions.
    But that's ok cuz they tried to get rid of Jesus too! Watch out for all this.

    - - -

    Alboury: (conf.) It was such an amazing thing to be in the company of so many diverse Black girls in this
    Bootcamp! The same thing happened last year for the guys and thank GOD we crowned Laurentine.
    But, It hurt me to only see Mia represented on the Girls' side... and the bald one might've been black-adjacent.
    Nonetheless, in the spirit of Lisbeth, I'm glad Production is making it at least a slight possibility that more
    than one WOC will be in the top seven this year.

    - - -

    *Testimonie & Alboury walk up to Ndebele, Oba & Zahra who are already gathering supplies*

    Testimonie: hey girls LOOK at all the hot melanin this year, honey.

    Oba: Oh, hyes. We are speaking into existence good vibes. And no more all white final threes.
    We only support Nigerians.... *looks to the left* oh. my. goddddddd.

    Ndebele: *walks out in a very ratty blonde wig and bright makeup that doesn't go with her skin AT all*
    ...what do you theenk, ladees?



    *scared* WOWWWWWWW - *turns fakes excited* - wwwwwow!
    Looks great!!! Here... why do you uh!!! Go into this mirror and uh... *nervously* check it out, yourself!


    You look like sh*t, gir-

    Cerena: By sh*t she means RTVG is gonna collectively
    sh*t themselves when they see your
    GAG worthy makeup, sis! *clenching teeth*
    You. did. an. AMAZ-ing. job. Didn't. she. Oba?

    *nudging Oba*

    Oba: Oh.. girl... Oscar-award winning makeup there. Pat McGrath is shaking.

    Ndebele: thenk you, seester


    Ndebele: Hyes mama. I was on the bitMODEL SEARCH
    before eet was cancelled.

    But now we are back for bigger and better things. eets our time.

    we want another crown

    Cerena: *walks out with a huge pink wig and just a bra/panties*
    Oba, sis I tested the lighting for the set and it looks good so far.
    Plus, I teased this thing out as far as it can go lemme just get the curlers out
    and this should be done in about 10.

    Alboury: OMG SIS you are a MONSTER!
    Testimonie: GIRL. You are a beast look at your ARMS.

    Cerena: Yes, girls! This is that all-natural toned meat!

    - - -

    Cerena: (conf.) Being a woman of a certain body type isn't easy. And before you ask, NO, I'm not trans.
    This is just all 100% naturally toned Black woman. I've watched girls like Audici & Jonesy come
    into this and not make it all the way. I'm coming into this as a confident woman and not a dainty
    alabaster skinned 14-17 year old with some vulnerable sob story on my sleeve and a victimization complex
    and I know that's not gonna be everyone's cup of tea. But they're gonna learn to like me whether
    they like it or not.

    - - -

    Ndebele: I NEED to be on this season. I've been itching for a
    dramatic sexcie return to modeling.

    Oba: Do you girls honestly think one of us can actually win this?

    Alboury: Based on past seasons, a black top 2 in Cycle 8 was like 1 in a
    million so probably not but

    Oba: Listen if winning requires me to emulate every other generic white female with a
    gap and/or buck teeth that RTVG fawns over just for knowing how to breathe like past seasons
    AND this bootcamp's First Impressions results have proven, I'll get out there and square
    dance with Kelsie-Mae for a couple votes~

    Testimonie: NOT SQUARE DANCING



    *looks over at the other side of the room*

    Zahra: *at the supplies table lathering caramel for her shot*

    Cerena: *walks over to Zahra*

    hey girl!

    Zahra: oh hey!

    Cerena: You've been really quiet since we've gotten here. The goofy
    nympho big mouth plussie girl said your shape was sickening.

    Zahra: Oh that's lovely, tell her I said thank you.

    Cerena: You can tell her yourself, you know.

    Zahra: I'm just... I'm a little nervous, Cerena. I mean... have you seen some of these girls? Oba looks
    like an angrier Grace with a bigger forehead, that's gonna be difficult. Kelsie-Mae looks like
    a horse you know those voters love a horsey white girl... and...*talking lowly* ... Adeline Faye is here.

    You're just as capable as any of these girls in here, hideous buck teeth or not. But that's up to you to show
    and this is the time to be the best.

    Zahra: Yes, you're right.

    Cerena: Bring everything over and we can all help each other set up.
    Oba's been dying to talk to you. You can pull yourself up by those
    bootstraps, Zahra. I've been tying them for years.

    It's the widest, strongest behind that seats the throne, but the brightest
    brain fits the crown. Now come party with the girls, it's time
    to climb the ladder.


    Cerena: Ohh, one reason to convince you to come over here... fix Ndebele's f*cking
    disaster of a makeup job she looks like Jessica Rabbit did blackface, bathsalts and
    broke her nose alll at the same time.

    Zahra: *takes one look at Ndebele*
    OH GOD.

    - - -

    Alboury & Testimonie

    Cerena & Oba

    Cotton Candy

    Ndebele & Zahra
    Dulce de Leche


    Rudrashree: (conf.)

    People might remember me from my three-year-long limbo on League Of Her Own,
    where the Producers' OTT laziness and inability to develop a decent work ethic caused

    me to go unused until just recently. I'm a perfectionist about things, and I just really hope this all
    goes well. I don't want another opportunity wasted again for me.

    - - -

    Rudrashree: *working hard to develop ideas for the shoot*


    Rudrashree:*immediately scared by Milly; sprays her with pepper spray*

    - - -

    Milly: (conf.) *eyes red from pepper spray making her 10x scarier*
    I know I might come off a bit Nightmare fuel-ish on first glance but I'm so much more
    than that! I want to prove to the public but especially to Rudrashree that I'm worthy
    of being a great muse. *very breathy, unnerving voice* ... I have an insatiable hunger for this.

    - - -

    Milly: *completely unflinchingly enthusiastic after being having her eyes
    assaulted with pepper spray; staring at Rudrashree*

    So are you like... capable of moving your body well in any way?
    If this shot's gonna work we can't be stiff at all.


    Rudrashree: No ... you're holding back. I need you to be loose but controlled.


    Ok, fair, I'm sold.

    Milly: *eyes extremely irritated and red*

    Jamie Rae: *walking by; looks at Milly*
    OH MY GOD!?!?!?!?!?

    Milly: *eyes severely red from the pepper spray*

    Tess: *takes one look @ Milly; takes a deep inhale*

    Are you f*cking serious!? Look. These casting directors are getting really f*cking bold
    nowadays this is ridiculous. My sister has been trying out for years and they cut her for
    *points at Milly* THAT!?

    Jamie Rae: *goes up to hold Milly's hand; doesn't look her in the face*
    Sweetie. I have to be honest. You're honestly really really really ugly and hard to look, at sis...
    I wish you a lot of luck in this competition and just walking down the street everyday
    in general... but don't take it personal.

    Milly: *still unflinchingly positive & enthusiastic*

    - - -

    Milly & Rudrashree
    Jolly Ranchers


    Jamie Rae: GIRL. we are on EARTH water fire and air.


    Jamie Rae & Tess:

    - - -

    Jamie Rae: (conf.) I'm so appreciative that Tess has just been so supportive ever since we were paired up.

    I'm a serious wallflower. So a shoot like this is taking me WAY out of my comfort zone and throwing me
    right into the wolves. I'm trying to keep it cool, relax and prepare for it but... I'm so tense.

    - - -

    Tess: (conf.) Being here in this competition is incredible. Everything's super exciting.
    It's truly once in a lifetime. Buuuuuuttt... Jamie Rae. She needs a little help because she's
    still giving me shyness and we need most of that eradicated if we want this shot to be super.

    - - -

    Tess: Don't hate me, sis, but you need to come out of your shell a bit more for this shoot.
    So I called for some help.

    *Tau walks in with underwear on this time*

    Tau: Hello.

    Jamie Rae:

    hey so Mr. India here is gonna coach you out of your super wallflower stage so that we have maximum
    performance at the shoot. Can you do that for me, Tau?

    Tau: Sure, I've had to help like eight other people on set with this today.
    Nudity really isn't that bad it's the insecurity of the person that makes it bad.
    It's all about exuding confidence and making the world think your self-esteem is on 10.
    Are you prepared to test that?

    Jamie Rae: No, but i know this isn't optional.

    Tau: What's your biggest insecurity, Jamie?

    Jamie Rae: My unibrow. My square jaw. My boobs.

    Tau: Ok, now this is basically the Manon method Hennessey used in LR1.
    I need you to scream as loud as you can.

    Jamie Rae:

    Idk if I can do that.

    Tau: Nonsense. Just let it all go. Tess gimee a lesbian war scream.


    Tau: YES.
    Now watch me Jamie.... *deep long inhale*

    Tau & Jamie Rae:

    Now you go.

    Jamie Rae:

    Tau: Ok... look everyone has a vulnerability somewhere. But once you release that
    energy out you'll be fine. I'm gonna give you this cardboard box. And now I'm gonna
    give you this hanger. I want you pretend that this box is anyone that has ever made you feel insecu-

    Jamie Rae: *starts going insane, furiously destroying the box & crying obnoxiously*



    This is gonna be a long day.

    - - -

    Jamie-Rae & Tess


    Anastassia & Elspeth: *working on their set silently*



    Anastassia: *hard hiccup*

    - - -

    Anastassia & Elspeth
    Candy Cane


    Shook: (conf.) Wow, I'm here all the way from my temple.

    - - -

    Shook: *to Rhea*

    Nice to meet you.
    Did you see that girl with the rabbit teeth?
    I'm tempted to go feed her a carrot. *big goofy grin*

    Rhea: Aren't Buddhists supposed to be all about peace?

    Shook: Yeah. She looks like a horse & a rabbit's lobotomized common ancestor
    mated with an Afghan hound


    Khairi: *walks in with sunglasses on trying to disguise herself*
    omg please no pictures ugh i know im famous

    Rhea: *trying to figure out who tf she thinks she is*

    Shook: So we're just scouting random cancer wards for Make A Wish kids? Oh, tea.

    - - -

    Khairi: (conf.)

    I'm Khairi and ... I'm really gonna need no flash photography! I'm not allowed to
    talk about my family on camera for threat of legal action so I have to use aliases! So my mom,
    Chris Gender was like "hey Kari, why don't you try that modeling thing like your sister Candle."
    and I was like yeah! So I signed up for EWFA but then you know... OOPS!
    Hodgkin Lymphoma!
    So they edited me out of [undisclosed reality TV show about wealthy Armenian-Americans]
    and I am legally not allowed to discuss our bloodline!

    Now that I kicked my cancer I'm ready to win so that I can be allowed to bump shoulders with
    Candle, Callorie, Cim, Courtknee & Caylie again.

    - - -

    Rhea: Well hello, Khairi, nice to meet you. Are you excited for the photoshoo-

    Khairi: No no, no. Please no pictures. No pictures. Please.

    Rhea: We.. we... we're in a modeling competition. They have to take pictures of you, are you high?


    Shook: *walks up to Khairi* Look. Imma keep it real with you chief.
    I don't like you. Now, gimme your sunglasses & get in the garbage
    while me and Octogan-chin work.


    Shook: So what are we gonna do, huh? You look like the kinda bitch that thinks she
    has all the answers so what are we doing for our shoot, huh?

    Rhea: Look I honestly have zero idea. I think I saw some hard rock candy we can
    crush and include in our shot on the other table brb...

    - - -

    Khairi, Rhea & Shook
    Donut with sprinkles


    Margarita: What about this ok think about it. We can drop chocolate
    all over our bodies and be three hot Alice Burdeu-

    Kelsie-Mae: Are you THERIOUTH!??
    We’ll look like we have hot diarrhea on us you sthupid bitch!?!?!?!?!?!
    Thith ithn’t Thycle 2!!!! We need to look EXPENTHIVE!!!!!
    *starts dramatically beating Margarita with a hanger in slow motion*

    Crei: ... *walks in on her tiptoes*

    Kelsie-Mae: ...

    Crei: ...h-....h-....h-...helloo????



    - - -

    Margarita: (conf.) Even after Kelsie beat my eye blue with a close hanger, I
    could smell the stench of filthy Anthony blood on that deerfaced gap toothed crackbaby.

    Producer: (conf.) ..w.... what does a smell have to do with a black eye?

    Margarita & Producer:

    Margarita: (conf.)
    ....she... she’s clearly Cynddelws sister OK!!!!

    - - -

    Margarita: Sooo.... Cree.... hows the Immunity...?


    Crei: ... r-r-r...

    Kelsie-Mae: *GASP* oh my god RUFFTH.
    Crei you’re a geniuth!


    Kelsie-Mae: Think of thith girls. Three Elithabethan bad ath ballerina bitcheth.
    Ruffth, and collarth and thit. It’ll be tho thickening! Look I can crumple thith
    brown material and make Reetheth Peetheth collarth!!!

    Margarita: UGH. I’m not putting purple candy in my hair! Ugh!

    Kelsie-Mae: you THUPID ATH bitch thith is brown are you colorblind!???!

    Margarita: ...y-y-yeah..? My hair is too good to be dealing with THAT.

    Kelsie-Mae: you’re walking around with peach dreadth in your head and
    you wanna tell me whath hideouth? You’re not even BLACK.

    Cerena: *from the other side of the room*
    YESSS, Kelsie!! WE SEE YOU SIS.

    Oba: *in the distance*

    Testimonie: omg werk white ally!

    Kelsie-Mae, Crei, Margarita:

    Kelsie-Mae: I’ll develop theth outfith. Give me fifteen minith. I’ll thew us each a garmenth.
    MARGARITHA. You thupid bitch!!!! go pick thome accethorieth and I thwear to God if I thee one (1) thparkle
    on anything I’ll turn you, your badly thunburnt thkin and your mop of a hairthyle into a urinal cake!!!

    Margarita: omg....!!!???

    - - -

    Kelsie-Mae: (conf.) Im a dethermined young lady. I have dreamth bigger than thith univerth.
    That’th why I knocked the dog thit out of Margaritha. I have thi much pathion. I have every
    intention of being the firth giraffe to win EWFA. Cherub’th mithing a chromothome tho he doethn’t count.

    - - -

    Kelsie-Mae: margaritha go get the f*cking accethethorieth
    before I thove thith makeup bottle up your ath!!!!!

    Hey, Crei!!! Love you thith! Thank you for the idea, Queen.
    Keep doing what your doing! Love your hair hope you win!



    - - -

    Crei, Kelsie-Mae & Margarita
    - - -

    Margarita: (conf.) That bitch Crei knows the producers.
    She’s playing dumb but I know her brother paid them off!

    *Margarita takes Crei behind a corner*



    Margarita: Who do you know in the production team.
    WHO stuffed the ballot box to give you that immunity. WHO-

    Juyeon & Lancelot: *watching this whole thing go down*

    Margarita: Uh.. hehe! My bad, Crei you had some smearing on your neck!
    Run along now. Take these Kisses back to Kelsie before she breaks my wrist!


    Margarita: Sorry, look I wasn’t REALLY gonna choke the life out her or anything bu-

    Juyeon: No no no no sis... we know this tea. Auditioning siblings of past contestants?
    A concept. But my problem is NOT with genderbent Cynddelw copy.
    Ballerina toes is fine. Our problem is with PRODUCTION. We DESPISE Production.

    Don’t we, Lancelot?

    Lancelot: *soft, breathy voice; quoting Voltaire*
    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
    It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

    Juyeon: See! He’s so pretty but he also chooses to not stan the riggery of EWFA production.

    Lancelot:*realizes neither of them have an IQ above 20 to understand what he just said*

    - - -

    Juyeon: (conf.) My sister was a true Asian legend. Should have been crowned just
    for stepping foot in the DOOR. But they don’t know I’m here to defend their honor
    and out the corrupt EWFA production staff.

    - - -

    Margarita: listen we need to develop an alliance.... you work to expose corrupt production
    and I’ll work to expose that Crei’s been preselected as their winner bc her brother
    paid them off and is friends with them.

    Juyeon: Oh please, sister. We will be seen as such heroes of the series.
    We’ll be getting a noble peace prize for Journalism. Karno is quaking!!

    Lancelot: *spray painting ombr wig; quoting Voltaire*
    “Common sense... is not so common.”

    Kelsie-Mae: MARGARITHA!!!!!!!

    Margarita: Oh, God...


    - - -

    Juyeon & Lancelot
    Candy Corn


    Valenteana: What do you ****ING MEAN
    I don’t get a free pass into the cast!?

    Producer: Listen. The voters are not gonna appreciate you if you just skate to the final cast.
    It won’t feel as if you really earned your second cha-


    Producer: We can’t-


    - - -

    Valenteana: *walks in* Ahuhuhu-WHO ordered winning (valen)TEA(na)!


    Alboury: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    *Call Me Mother blasting in the background*

    Guess who's back in the house
    Heels click-clackin' about
    Fine, fresh, feminine, style to eleven
    I'm divine, so heavenly
    Gentlemen sweatin'
    It's tens across the board with no doubt
    Body like WOW!
    Pu$$y bout to end this drought

    Titties so plentiful! Fishy queen jezebel!

    - - -

    Valenteana: (conf.)

    Oh yes... it is me... that girl. Miss Congeniality herself.
    The likelihood that we stan and cheer is arguably the highest its ever been.
    I'm ready to give the voters what they want. I hope you're ready for this tea and ready to guzzle.
    We're serving T O N G U E this year. I've clocked some of these models they've brought
    to bootcamp and uh... whew... these girls should be grateful for affirmative action, huh?


    - - -

    Valenteana: Where's that manly bitch I'm supposed to pose with?

    Agnieszka: *just casually shooting at a wall*

    Marko: I- she allowed to shoot like that all out in the open?

    Sao: Oh, they're blanks. We'll be fine... I think.

    ...sis ... did you take a shower this morning? Your skin's looking pretty dirty.


    Val: Look, my statement still stands. You look like you just went mudding but also sis let's agree
    to bring talent to this shoot. In the right light you look about 30% less of a
    linebacker than you did earlier. Let's do this huh?

    Agnieszka: *respects her*

    Valenteana: ahuhuhoo were going to the top this time, world. we're NOT gonna be flopping this time.
    Another bootcamp slayage for #TeamAhuhuhoo

    - - -

    Agnieszka & Valenteana
    Candied Apples


    Adeline: (conf.)

    Hello again, world. It's Adeline Faye.

    You may know me at age 16 on redux AUSTRALIA, where 5 FCOs, 1 SCO & 1 3CO later, I was crowned winner.

    I can't lie I wasn't exactly gobsmacked to be top two in the poll. I'm no stranger to
    great First Impressions. You're doing something right when someone's first reaction to you is that
    you're so beautiful that an unfound conspiracy sparks up that you must be a copy of an eLouai supermodel legend.

    Walking in the room... I'm seeing a few gagged faces. I can tell these girls know exactly who I am.

    - - -


    Oba: omg its *insert generic blonde/redhead white commercial model that
    won or came second in nearly every cycle of every Elouai fic ever* !!!

    Testimonie: OMG its *insert genetically blessed run-of-the-mill beautiful white model whos stellar
    editing every week made them a pretty clear winner immediately from the cast reveal* !!!

    Tess: OMG Bridget Windflakes! I love your work!

    Say it again I dare you.

    *walks up to Cressida who is already getting started on designing the set*

    Cressida: *takes one look @Adeline* ...

    Adeline: I just wanna say your skin looks gorgeous. We don't have many
    girls your shade in Australia and it's worth the killer compliment.

    Cressida: *sigh* ... so they're not done casting one-off stunt washed up eLouai tramps I see.
    Clearly Cinta & the bald guy wasn't enough.

    Adeline: *taken aback*

    We should have another young lady on this team with us, don't we? Maybe she could assist me in
    retrieving that fork out of your ass, perhaps?

    Cressida: Muslima girl? Psh she's probably on a plane back to Saudi Arabia right about now.

    WHERE IS SHE!?!?

    Cressida: Probably packing her sh*t. She was talking about "oh no im muslim my parents are gonna
    disown me awhh im muslim wah hijab wah" it was too much "wahhhh" for me I just tuned it out.



    : *running to find Xasna*

    - - -

    Xasna: *at the door with her bags* Im going home!

    *to Producers* I can't do this! I'm so sorry... *crying*
    I've enjoyed this opportunity! ... *profusely sobbing* AND I LOVE THIS-

    - - -

    Adeline: *STILL running*

    - - -

    I HAVE TO GO. I HAVE TO. GO. HOME. NOW. Or else im not gonna have a home to go back to.

    Adeline: XASNA! Xasna... hello, my name's A... f*ck, gimme a sec.

    ...Adeline. I'm your second partner for your shoo-

    Xasna: NO. You're NOT. I'm going home.
    I'm sorry. I just... I can't do it. I can't be naked.

    Adeline: You know... I once read about a little Muslim girl named Malala. Do you know her?

    Xasna: Yes, she's my idol.

    Adeline: I encourage you to look to her as your inspiration. Even with the consequences that came
    with it she stuck to who she was, kept her morals, but fought for what she wanted. Now, I know deciding
    whether or not to pose nude in a modeling competition doesn't really compare to getting shot
    in the head for going to school, but you get what I mean. You can do this.

    Adeline & Xasna:

    - - -

    *Adeline & Xasna re-enter the set, as Cressida's has pretty much constructed all the pieces for their shot*

    Xasna: Oh my word! Did you do all this yourself?

    Cressida: dUh-dUh-dUh-DiD yOu dO tHiS aLl yOuRsElF??????
    No, I got Santa or whatever your version is to come descend from Heaven! OF COURSE, I did all myself.
    *goes back to working*


    Adeline: *nudges Xasna; whispers* Be assertive. That's the only way you're gonna get
    any respect. Invoke strength. Go.

    Xasna: *walks up to Cressida again*

    Cressida: What now, headwrap.

    Xasna: Listen... I'm ready to take on the challenge.
    I had a lapse minute of judgment. And I'm sorry abou-

    Adeline: *signaling; mouthing* NO NO NO.

    Xasna: ..b-but guess what! I'm NOT GONNA APOLOGIZE for that... b-...bitch?


    I'm gonna put on this brown nude colored fitted dress, decorate the hell out of it, start
    on the makeup and get this moving. I'm ready to slay this and you can get on my level and
    go to round 3 together or stay behind with that 4th grade dyejob.


    I thought I was gonna hate you and your inevitable victim edit but that read has
    me supporting it! Let's get started.

    Xasna: *overcomes adversity in her first two scenes*

    I have an insane cupcake headpiece idea for a hijab replacement. You could
    take the sparklers. Adeline could give full Marilyn Monroe sex teas!
    Adeline, you coming?

    Adeline: Just a second!

    Cressida & Xasna: *dancing, bonding; Adeline watching in the BG*

    Adeline: *takes a deep breath*

    ... alright. Here we go again, Adeline.

    Adeline, Cressida, Xasna:

    - - -

    Adeline, Cressida & Xasna
    Birthday Cake


    For those of you who may be wondering why
    each girl was paired up the way they were,
    here was my reasoning:

    Just like guys, obvious ones first --

    Crei, Kelsie-Mae, Margarita: this was actually the easiest pair for me.
    I think there were several different combos of these three. These three
    girls are basically three different ways I could see someone interpret
    "Alice Burdeu": tall, thin, unique facial structured that could read timid
    or awkward.

    Adeline, Cressida & Xasna: a lot of people got Adeline & Xasna. But, with
    Cressida also, these three makeup the "commercial group". Standing alone
    these are easily the three "prettiest" or "least ugly" of all the girls.

    Now with the six darker skinned black girls, I wanted to mostly pair up them where
    they have someone that can compliment them rather than hinder them:

    Cerena & Oba: Oba's soft features and Cerena's more strong features, combined
    with Cerena's sculpted body and Oba's thin body will werk as a very good contrast
    for them and can help each other stand out in the shot together.

    Ndebele & Zahra: The two most unique faces of these six, yet in a way they
    represent different areas than each other. Strong noses.

    Alboury & Testimonie: Similar to Cerena & Oba. Thick boned girls that can
    help balance out each others individualities.

    Agnieszka & Valenteana: An easy choice would've been to pair Ag with Cerena,
    same basic headshape, stronger built bodies. However, Agnieszka is the closest to
    Val, so it was necessary to pair them up too: light brown skinned, child bearing hips.
    If I HAD to pair Ag with Cerena, Oba would've been paired with Cressida and
    Ade/Xasna wouldve been a pair.

    Anastassia & Elspeth: Same with the Alice girls, I think these two girls are like two
    different interpretations of a "Lauren ANTM C10".

    Milly & Rudrashree: Some got these two also. Wide head, same chin, far apart eyes.

    The rest are essentially leftovers:

    Khairi, Rhea, Shook: Headshapes that make RTVG angry.

    Jamie Rae & Tess:
    girls that have probably
    exercised once or twice in the past month.

    And there you have it,
    A glimpse into the models personalities, as well as a preperation for the shoot.
    We'll get into more of their backstories & answer a few cliffhangers in this RP...
    if they make it to Round 3.

    The shoot WILL be up by
    Halloween now THAT'S a promise.

    Not a lot may be clear to you guys so far but
    what IS clear is...

    �� ������

    THAT should keep ya'll more than fed until the next update.

    Be back soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by topmodeluniverse1 View Post
    Rudrashree: (conf.)

    People might remember me from my three-year-long limbo on League Of Her Own,
    where the Producers' OTT laziness and inability to develop a decent work ethic caused

    me to go unused until just recently. I'm a perfectionist about things, and I just really hope this all
    goes well. I don't want another opportunity wasted again for me.

    Bayleigh Brett Haleigh Kaitlyn Kaycee Rockstar Scottie Swaggy C

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    here to comment once again

    the african witches crew: they have fun personalities though it is the one we seen a couple of times the last cycles. I am really intrigued by the cerena and oba pair up, oba looks so frail and petite meanwhile cerena all strong i think it works so well this pair up in duality. nde and zahra were a great choice as well. Test and and alboury i dont see a lot of similarity or duality aside from them being black but anticipating what they bring
    milly & rudra: ok i love rudra tbh, milly personality was funny. Here for the eyes apart circle
    Jamie & Tess: loved this uplifting pair up, jamie is a fav. tess also did good liked her
    anas & els: the elfean realness is here, i really like ana. loved them just looking at each other
    khai,rhea, & shook: shook was funny, khai has an interesting backstory.
    crei, kelsie & margar: crei personality is so sweet i like it deer baby, margarita is cray but entertaining.
    juyeon & lancelot: so lance is a smart brainiac interesting. Juyeon saying sis, tea..... was unexpected, his personality was unexpected here dont know if this how we will be or if its something else but he really has been unexpected
    val & agnie: that close up shoot of val was iconic loved that shoot she really served there, hope she can bring more of that. agnie will hit us with ddu du ddu du.
    ade,xasna & cressida: i love ade let me just say that, i love cressida let me just say that and xasna is cute, the team work was <3

    fun RP, we will be tuning for the next parts

    Looking this good has its problems

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    OMG YESS! You've got me hyped to the max for this shoot I'm so glad you're restocking my dose of reaction gifs for my phone
    I have my doubts about Cressida being with Adeline and Xasna, and Agnieszka being with Valenteana, but the rest of the pairs make total sense.

    Qua characters, though I'm sure things will change once we REALLY get to know them, I'm living for Kelsie-****ing-Mae (LITHEN LMAO) and Agnieszka (shooting at the ****ing wall lol). That last thing made me laugh out loud harder than I want to admit.

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    I just finished reading everything all over again, love this batch of fresh personalities. I'm super excited for the results omg, especially Team Birthday Cake cause #teampretty.
    Amazing writing, tmu.♡♡♡

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