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Thread: Asia's Next Top Model 6 Spoilers Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenZero View Post
    WOW girls in this new season look so damn strong compared to last year! Got me drooling with eyes wide open just by looking at their profile photos. They are completely off the hizzle and no one can deny that for sure! I can clearly see five or even six of them can strut their way out to success even without joining this show. I have read a couple of threads already but I still can't choose who to root for! Maybe, Mia! I noticed her first cuz she kinda looks like the girl I had a crush on way back in middle school, two years ago if I recall. She's also a eurasian and I see Mia has been kicking arses latety so I do hope she makes it till the end. She's really fun to watch!

    Hey guys do you remember me? The bastard one who spoiled Maureen's victory when everyone thought it would be Shikin?! And offended some (Vietnamese fans perhaps) cuz at first I tricked you into thinking Minh Tu was gonna win (Haha didn't effin' bother me for even a bit) but if you guys totally forgot, it's okay. I know I'm just a nobody Damn it hurts! lol okay, seriously, I asked Alv (remember him?) if he got some spoilers for this cycle. At first, I was hesitant cuz the location changed so I thought his big bro looked for another job in Singapore. As we all know, this show is now in Thailand which is good! Been there a couple of times already and it's by far one of the coolest Asian place I've ever been to. The temples, the sights, beaches, cultures and stuff like that, Thailand literally got everything that Asia has been known for! So I was really excited when I got to know they were shooting in Thailand. I just wanna get my ass over there again hopefully for a vacation soon! ..but yeah uh sorry I strayed away a bit As I was saying, luckily, Alv said his bro got to work again for AsNTM and they brought the crew in Thailand and hired some there. They were stricter than last year and made sure no vital information would spill out till the last episode. But Alv snooped around for some info and he said something about the top 5 and the actual winner. (I'm not sure if this is correct but I believe his words as I believed him last year when he told me early on that Maureen was the winner of asntm season 5)

    So are you ready?
    He said the top 5 are girls from:

    Myanmar, Thailand, Philipines, and Taiwan
    And the S6 winner is

    The cute little girl from Thailand named Than Vy!

    LOL just kidding I hope no one gets offended
    The winner is

    Alv said the winner is from the same country again
    and her name is Miss Jachin Marie Manere!

    I'm hoping this is wrong cuz my bet is Mia. She is as hot as Maureen and I've read some info that Jachin Marie might quit or get eliminated
    next episode so I hope what Alv said is a big BS, or he could have mistaken Miss Manere for the other Filipina one. It doesn't really matter at all
    cuz it seems to me that the competition is really tight this time! So whoever wins, she really deserves it!

    you're such a troll

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    Guys is Zalora part of this year's sponsors? Because I think I saw Dana on the website

    My Recap Of Drag Race Thailand Ep 8 Finale

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