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Thread: The Entertainer 8 - Winner Announcement

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    voting is now closed!

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    Congratulations. You three did the best in the photoshoot.

    Let's see who portrayed Insatiable Love the best.





    I believe this is your first photoshoot win.
    Well done, Grace!

    GRACE BOL 42 (+9)
    ALEK WEK 33 (+7)
    33 (+7)

    LILY COLE 27

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    The Most Entertaining Girl This Week Is....


    11 | 11 | 11
    3 11's!
    Well done, Grace. I'm so proud of your redemption arc!!

    Such an overused shot of yours.
    But it is iconic and it is really perfect to be used for this week's theme.

    This is just perfect and I can't really tell anything else about it, so I'll just quote a sex related song of mine.
    You're my new obsession, let go of any hesitation.

    Baby, be my new addiction, intoxicate me gently with your loving. Thank you.

    Tildoncé: predictable shot? yes. tildoncé has seen it at least 97 times before. however, is it the best shot of the round? yes. u slayed!
    dis shot is amazing for dis theme bc u can interpret it in so many ways: are u so in love with that flower that ur biting it? does the flower represent love overtaing your body starting from ur face?
    does the flower represent u overflowing with love so much that ur spewing beautiful flowers? glamorous, hunty. glamorous.


    10 | 9 | 8.2
    You are so consistent baby.
    I believe you have what it takes to be the first MOC to be a finalist here or even the winner of this game!
    Hopefully you keep getting better and better!

    This is just like Dua Lipa's MV and I really like that someone portrayed something similar to the MV.
    After reading the other judges' comments, I've appreciated this shot more, especially the fact that you fly coming out from the hole.

    Demi: This is so interesting and also really exciting because I can see a hole and I can see you and you are penetrating the hole and it is really warm and moist
    and I can see that you are about to explode and you and the hole are both flying in the air and awaiting your eternal satisfaction
    and I am happy when I see stuff like this because it makes my hole weak.

    Tildoncé: lmao huntoncé, tildoncé can appreciate u goin for the whole flying thing that's seen in the music video, but tbh, tildoncé is lowkey underwhelmed with this photo?
    liek, tildoncé is getting futuristic alien princess floating back to her ufo instead of "so in love that ur flying" here, and tildoncé guesses that's bc of the styling? tildoncé's poonani isn't slain by dis shot.
    tildoncé is sure this would've been a good submission towards the beginning of the season, but dis is the time to slay us every single time, and u didn't.

    The last name before the bottom two is

    11 | 7 | 8.8
    You are very consistent again, darling.
    I always feel like that there's still extra special something missing from you.
    I really hope you can figure it out soon.

    Natasha: This is very surreal and beautiful and I'm just falling in love with this shot.
    I wish you would've done something more with your body but the effects are enough to make up for the lack of body language.

    Demi: I can see butterflies are an ongoing theme in this week's episode. Well they really shouldn't be, a certain drag queen can already tell that.
    Anyway, I can definitely see where you were going in this picture, but in this picture you aren't going anywhere because you are sitting,
    but sitting is also great because it makes you feel relaxed and that is fine. Overall it is a nice picture and that is all I can say and that is fine, thank you.

    Tildoncé: tildoncé's best guess is that u were going for the whole "butterflies in ur stomach" thing, and it's a good shot!
    i think the setting is very dreamy and could represent how ur stomach feels when u see whoever ur in love with (like tildoncé feels when she sees an academy award), but ur not giving me too much life here.
    ur expression is a bit too serious, tildoncé thinks? like, ur kinda stonefaced there instead of going for a dreamy stare onto the distance or smth like that, which would've elevated ur shot even more.


    That means we have Lindsey and Rianne in the bottom 2.

    9.5 | 8 | 7

    I really like that you are surrounded by many butterflies.
    I'm not really getting anything with your expression but that's the only issue that I have with your shot.

    Demi: The butterfly effect is going strong and it is great to see butterflies in two photos this week and it is even greater to see that they are alive.
    I mean, by now they are probably dead already because these photos were taken years ago, but anyway.
    I like the symbolism here, it is really cool, and I also like and appreciate your static posture compared to the dynamic insects, it is quite a contrast and represents the theme in a way it should.

    Tildoncé: literally the same concept as lily, but worse bc a) ur background is worse and b) ur facial expression is worse.
    ur not really taking tildoncé on a journey here and making tildoncé -feel- the love, so tildoncé thinks u kinda failed.
    it's quite a boring image bc standing there with a resting bitchface isn't what tildoncé thinks of when she thinks about love. lame.

    8.5 | 4 | 9.8

    This is definitely better than your first submission, Rianne.
    I really like the flowers. I have to agree that the shot looks a bit cheap.

    Demi: This is quite a different take on the theme and difference sometimes means good, sometimes it means bad. But overall it is different at least.
    I really like how cheap this looks, not everything has to be expensive all the time because sometimes the budget doesn't allow a decent photographer.
    I also like how you don't seem to care about any sort of artistic representation in the photo, you simply just throw away that bouquet and hope for the best. Party.

    Tildoncé: dis is rly good, girl!
    tildoncé loves the floating flowers and the level of happiness in dis picture bc u captured the thrill and excitement of love when it kicks in, and tildoncé is all over that.
    slay, queen. slay.

    Only one model can stay. And that model is ...



    Congratulations, Lindsey & Rianne!
    I think this is quite expected because of Marie quitting but I am glad that you both get to stay because you both did really well this week.
    Just step it up next week so you both won't be in the bottom 2 again.


    6. Marie Piovesan/Hippie_boy

    Marie/Hippie_boy, thank you very much for your participation in my game once again.
    I'm glad that you accepted my request to come back because Marie was too good to be the 5th out.
    You managed to give her 2 well-deserved FCOs in the game and it was very impressive.
    It was great to finally have an edgy model who made it far in the game.
    It's been a pleasure to have you in my game. I really hope you had a great time while playing in this game. Good luck in hosting and in other games!

    Bonus points

    Grace +7
    Alek +6
    Lily C, Lindsey +3

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    DEMI | Let It Go was a song that I also sang, not only Idina, so this theme is pretty much inspired by me, thank you.

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    The WINNER is... ilovejanelle's Avatar
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    Rianne: Top 5?!... What?... I totally feel like the underdog... I better perform well or this is as far as I'll go...

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    Lily C | Damn at Demi's comment toward Rianne's photo lol I'm gagged.

    you don't need anyone's appproval to be happy.

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    alek: winner vibes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirrtyER View Post
    alek: winner vibes...
    Lily C | You feel it from me? Thank you.

    you don't need anyone's appproval to be happy.

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    alek: uhm no hunny, I was sayin’ that about myself, you’ll be a cute runner-up. It’s time for black excellence!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirrtyER View Post
    alek: uhm no hunny, I was sayin’ that about myself, you’ll be a cute runner-up. It’s time for black excellence!
    Lily C | Well, I love to see such MOC to win this, but not this time.

    you don't need anyone's appproval to be happy.

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    Natasha Poly : Only waiting for 2 late bitches Alek and Lindsey.

    OOC: It's Eid Al-Fitr in my country today so I would like to apologize for all of my mistakes to all of the people who have been a part of this game. Love y'all!

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