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Thread: Dream AUSNTM All-Star-Cycle

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    Dream AUSNTM All-Star-Cycle

    In cycle 10 Finale - Girls of past & present looked FLAWLESS to say the least

    Who would be in your line up / Who would you like to see make an All-Star cycle

    For me :

    Simmone Duckmanton

    Madeleine Rose

    Danica Brown

    Caris Eves

    Lola Van Vorst

    Kelsey Martinovich

    Neo Yakuac

    Jade Collins

    Alex Sinadinovic

    Linnea Stevens-Jones

    Kathryn Lyons

    Taylah Roberts

    & Just for entertainment Value

    Jordan Loukas

    Ayieda Malou

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    I'd pick all of them based on their personality and that something that could make them a star

    No one from cycle 1, they're all too old and busy for that ****.

    -Madeleine (Cycle 2)
    -Lara (Cycle 2)
    -Jourdan (Cycle 3)
    -Paloma (Cycle 3)
    -Alexandra (Cycle 4)
    -Clare (Cycle 5)
    -Lola (Cycle 5)
    -Mikarla (Cycle 5)
    -Kelsey (Cycle 6)
    -Simone (Cycle 7)
    -Neo (Cycle 7)
    -Dajana (Cycle 8)
    -Alex (Cycle 9)
    -Cassidy (Cycle 10)


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    Picking girls still modeling and seem to be available for AusNTM, so no Cassi, Kelsey, Duckie, etc.

    C1: Simmone or Samantha (or they could pull a Lai Huong and bring Naomi if they both turn down.)
    C2: Lara or Madeleine (or maybe Sarah as a wildcard.)
    C3: Paloma, Sophie or Steph F. (Jordan's would be okay too. Plus I've seen Steph H.'s social media and I'm p. sure she wants nothing to do with the show now.)
    C4: Samantha, Caris or Alyce (maybe Rebecca or Kristy as filler.)
    C5: Adele, Madison or Leah (Lola too but she hates AusNTM apparently.)
    C6: Joanna only (everyone else is too busy or not All-Star material enough.)
    C7: Izzy or Hazel (Caroline & Neo too but they might turn it down. Madeline for being the miss congeniality could happen too.)
    C8: Dajana, Jade, Chanique or Brooke (Shanali's got free time now so she might be a surprise, and Taylah too but same views on the show as Lola.)
    C9: Alexandra, Phoebe or Ayieda (Jess too but she could turn it down.)
    C10: Linnea or Vitoria (Daisy, Summer or Sabine could happen too.)

    I still think AusNTM has the chance for an All-Stars on C11. The cycle 10 runway show is fuel for the girls to get interested again.

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    Paloma (c3)

    Sabine (c10)

    Simone (c7)

    Taylah (c8)

    Alexandra (c9)

    Kelsey (c6)

    Ayeida (c9)

    Sophie (c6)

    Jordan (c3)

    Dajana (c8)

    Kassidy (c10)

    Kathryn (c6)

    Samantha (c4)

    Neo (c7)

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    Cycle 1: Chloe - for being the original runner-up
    Cycle 1: Simmone - because she's still working
    Cycle 2: Madeleine - famous for being the "late addition" contestant, plus honestly the one who should've won
    Cycle 3: Jordan - entertainment value
    Cycle 3: Paloma - entertainment value
    Cycle 4: Alyce - bitchketeer redemption and also lowkey famous for Leonardo DiCaprio, and because Alex and Sam don't seem to be modeling anymore (?)
    Cycle 5: Leah - an early out who redeemed herself post-show, and because Cassi would be "too famous" for All-Stars
    Cycle 6: Kelsey - for being the runner-up who accidentally won in the most iconic "oops" ever
    Cycle 6: Sophie - still working and can have the "I'm a mom now" edit
    Cycle 7: Simone - might be too famous now but always brought entertainment value, would likely at least make it to the final
    Cycle 7: Caroline - post-show redemption edit, probably wins the whole thing to satisfy everyone who has said she was robbed for the past 7 years on RTVG.
    Cycle 8: Taylah - for famously being "kicked off" and because Duckie is too famous now
    Cycle 9: Alex - This one is a wildcard for me because Alex from C9 would be excellent, not so much the Alex now on Instagram with lips done and dark hair.
    Cycle 9: Ayieda - because you can't have Alex without Ayieda
    Cycle 10: Daisy - entertainment value and plus she's gotten significantly better since the show

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