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  • Brendi K.

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  • Christina

    9 6.67%
  • Coura

    44 32.59%
  • Erin

    5 3.70%
  • Ivana

    4 2.96%
  • Jeana

    65 48.15%
  • Khrystyana

    75 55.56%
  • Kyla

    50 37.04%
  • Liberty

    88 65.19%
  • Liz

    39 28.89%
  • Rhiyan

    21 15.56%
  • Rio

    56 41.48%
  • Sandra

    15 11.11%
  • Shanice

    8 5.93%
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Thread: Episode 3: Makeovers

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    Quote Originally Posted by EQUINOXx View Post

    What could have been
    shaved head looks way better than any of those tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by EQUINOXx View Post

    What could have been
    Glad she didnt get those tbh. SOOO identical with Khrys. Just proves neither are something special. Only Coura Kyla and Rhiyan satisfies me look wise now.

    Something's off with Jeana, even before MOs.
    Liz looks like shes floating coz of that terrible extreme photoshopping. On the legs.
    Also LOL didnt know Miss Liberty had THOSE fans.
    m e o w

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    Their hairstyle in Bohemian shoot is enough for all of them for me <3 well, lack of diversity but gorgeous anyway

    • Brendi K: she still looks ok some times but still awful. I'd give her ombre weaves like in the opening.
    • Christina: Long brown weaves, like Candace's in C18.
    • Coura: Kendall's weaves or keep the same with different styling.
    • Erin: Keep the same, but more natural waves.
    • Ivana: Long curly golden brown weaves, with some honey highlight
    • Jeana: Keep the same
    • Khrystyana: Love it. Love the color. But I think It'd look even better with more layers and extensions.
    • Kyla: Perfect. What they did. OMG. Love the length, the color, the styling. I was seriously speechless watching her during her MO shoot
    • Liberty: Love it. I'd keep the same, but bleach her eyebrows too.
    • Liz: She looks fabulous with her new hair. It's so Liz, quirky yet work.
    • Rhiyan: Could they just give her Kendall's weaves instead?
    • Rio: Keep the same. It looks good on her.
    • Sandra: Dont get her MO at all her long hair is gorgeous. It just needs more layers and volume.
    • Shanice: I'd switch Sandra's MO to her, maybe more like Jiana's.

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    Out of the MO I loved Liz's, Jeana's, Kyla's and Rhiyan's the most. Definitely gave them the trademark look they needed.
    Also fine with Khrys's, Rio's, and Sandra's (though too Kim K.).

    - Brendi K: I actually get the concept behind her MO but its overdone. It can just be McKey/Sam type of short hair and constantly slicked back. Or just what they did to her in promo.
    - Christina: Eww at the color. The shade of blue in her promo looks fine already.
    - Coura: still insists she needs that typical ANTM black girl MO weave
    - Erin: It's Teyona's 1st MO all over again . I'm fine with her natural hair actually
    - Ivana: Poor girl her afro is already nice, why need the unnecessary "tightening". If they really need to change than give her chocolate brown and wavy instead.
    - Liberty: I'm fine with the red but I'm really interested to see her getting jet black. Everytime I see a "blonde bland girl" I just wanna dye them black
    - Shanice: I've always want a black girl to get the Rihanna Loud fiery red as MO and I think Shanice could handle it. She can't get the volumn but at least make it bigger waves.

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    All great makeovers except for Shanice and Cgristina (they are doing my baby so dirty)


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    God bless Christina. She's the motivation that I want to keep up with this show.
    Rio got the best look, so as Jeana.
    Brendi is going down after episode 2. lol
    P L A Y

    WE ARE ONE #EXO #사월이지나면우리사귀어요
    . 엑소 사랑하자 .

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    I thought the purple ombre thing would be Christina's MO. It's so much better than her MO.

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