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Thread: Chainwreck 2

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    Condrags!!! ♡♡♡

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    This is just so surreal for me. Thank you SOOOOO much every single vote casted for me, you guys have no idea how much it means to me and thank you every single one of you for being such great competitors throughout the season! I've more than enjoyed every single second of this game and to all of the people I've reconnected or made relationships with in this game, this win is dedicated to you guys to because without all of you, I wouldn't be here getting such a great reward and honor on this site! Thank you for an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement I've received both in the thread and outside of this thread, they also mean THE WORLD to me. I seriously couldn't be more thankful about this whole experience!

    Congratulations Iron for coming this far two seasons in a row. You are and have always been a great friend to me, I'm also glad to have worked with you again too! Thank you Estquer for being such an incredible host and for this AMAZING game, I'm also very glad we made multiple Chainwrecks happened for you and I really hope you enjoyed the season as much as I did! :D

    In Memoriam : Avicii (1989-2018)

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