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Thread: Big Brother II: Empire

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    Marina: I'm not sure these nominations will come as a surprise to any of you. They are pretty straightforward, so lets' get to it.

    My first nominee is Pabllo

    We spoke about this, as I let you know I'd be nominating you. I was really surprised that you put me up last round without even coming to talk to me about the decision or informing me that someone said something to you about me so that I could clear it up for you. I wasn't given an opportunity to explain. I was also informed this week that multiple people had suggested someone else and presented similarly shady information, yet you still chose to nominate me. I never once made a move against you but I have to return the favor.

    My second nominee is Saiorse

    We haven't spoken in this game. I even messaged you to explain my strategic decision a couple of rounds ago, but you never even responded. I've been informed about all of your moves by other people instead of through direct conversation, and at this point in the game, I don't know where you stand with me.

    My final nominee is Melanie

    I had to put someone else up in the third spot this week, and unfortunately, it's you. We spoke once before the democracy round and we only really spoke after that because we were both in unnecessary drama. A few people told me that your loyalties lie with those sitting on the block with you, so that's what I have to go off of.

    I wish you all the best in the POV. No doubt this will be a good one. If you'd like to chat about these nominations, feel free to find me on skype or by pm.

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    Welcome to your next Power of Veto Competition! Marina, as this week's Head of Household, has decided to nominate Melanie, Pabllo, and Saoirse for eviction. The four of these houseguests will be competing in today's competition along with Ajit and Miquela, the two houseguests selected by random draw. The winner of this competition will be given the Power of Veto, a power that not only ensures your safety for the week, but also give your the opportunity to change one of the HOH's three nominations. If a nominee is taken off the block, the HOH must name a replacement in their place. Houseguests, the power is up for grabs.

    This challenge is called "Intuition". You will be notified of everything you need to do once you open the message. The basic challenge information is stated below:

    Is this challenge timed? Yes.
    Is image uploading required? Yes.
    Is image editing required? No.
    Are there additional requirements? Flash.

    This Challenge is scored on Score, then Time, then Tiebreaker Question, then Order of Submission. The houseguest who manages the best performance in this competition will win this week's Power of Veto.

    The rules regarding Power of Veto Competitions are stated below.

    1. Instructions: You will be sent a Private Message, typically timed, regarding the round's challenge. Each challenge will have their own individual directions that you will need to follow. If challenges are timed, then they will be timed by the RTVG clock from when you open the message to when you respond with your final submission.
    2. No Submissions: If you do not submit a challenge within the deadline, you will be given the lowest possible score and it will be marked as "No Submission".
    3. Throwing: If you would wish to throw a competition, you will be given the lowest possible score in the time it took for you to respond.
    4. Extensions: In order to keep the game moving quickly, extensions will NOT be granted for challenges. If you can't find time, then I may allow you to be excused from challenges. However, this is something that I will take very seriously; if I find out that you're abusing this power, the same rules regarding cheating will apply.
    5. Lateness: If you open the challenge PM and submit your challenge after the deadline, you will be marked as late. However, if the PM is opened before the deadline then the submission is sent afterward, your challenge will be counted as normal.
    6. Substitutes: I will not be allowing substitutes at any point during the game. You should reflect your own performance in this game and it would be unfair to have someone else playing for you.
    7. Scoring and Tiebreakers: Challenges will typically be score based on score or correctness, then time, then tiebreaker question, then the order of submission.
    8. Cheating: Anyone found cheating will be EXPELLED. No exceptions. Cheating mainly includes all possible discussion of challenges or challenge performance before results have been posted. You may not give anyone an advantage by sending them the challenge early, stating what the challenge is, or saying how well you did. You may use resources outside of RTVG to help answering challenges, such as Google, but you may not look for other RTVG users for help.
    9. Judgement: I will have the final say in all judgment calls. As a host, I will try to see situations from all angles and try to make the fairest decision in keeping the game going.

    You have 24 Hours for this Power of Veto Competition.

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