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Thread: America's Next Top E-Model | Cycle 3 | Week 10: Harajuku Style

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    Ever not only is the styling great but her pose is fun,dynamic that just gives her an extra edge and makes her stand out

    Lourdes looks really good once again, and her head position gives a lot of modeling to teh picture but her pose is kinda just there though i still like it and she embodies harajuku style though more Instagram model than professional model. Mali i really like her wig but yeah that is kinda it for me. Her pose and face are lackluster and the styling more than harajuku looks like a walmart jojo siwa not really harajuku

    Looking this good has its problems

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    Week 10: Harajuku Style

    Tamire: Welcome back, ladies. It's time for judging. I've had confirmation from the police that Analise said, and I quote, "If she keeps looking for me, you'll have to arrest me for murdering her!" So without further ado, it's just me and Chayka!


    Tamire: This shot is great. Tonnes of energy, which is exactly what is desired for this kind of shoot. The styling is great, and I love the hair. You also did really well with the makeup. The blurry effect you gave the jacket works really well in giving us the feeling of motion.
    You look so fun and again I think Tamire has given you the wrong makeover because even this pink looks so good on you. I also do want to steal this outfit off you, so that means you have done right by everyone, because your job as a model is to sell the clothes.


    Tamire: I adore this shot. The colours look great and almost match the background. The clothing and makeup are great and the sultry look really works. I could have done with more movement, but only if your expression was different.
    If Joker and Harley Quinn had a baby, it would be you. That's the vibe out here. So in general it's pretty interesting, but on the same time it relies on the harajuku cutesy cute thing where you just stand and pose as if you were doing a streetwear look for photographers. We wanted a bit more kooky look and that's what is missing out here. To have reached that you should have either overdone a bit what your imagination of harajuku is and include more movement into your poses or play more with your face.


    Tamire: This shot is just okay. I think what is taking it down is the styling. It's almost very baby doll rather than harajuku. The makeup is really interesting and the hair really works, which is a shame. A different styling would have benefited.
    Chayka: Well thanks for ditching the awkward angled head, but... Where is the craziness here? Where's the harajuku in here? You got boring outfit and you're doing model 101 posing too. The harajuku theme needs a lot more energy than what you're giving me rn. It needs a lot more cuteness and kookiness.

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