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Thread: Shangela

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    I don't think it's that bad. Most drag queen will look pretty rough that close up, but she looked fine in other pictures. It's still a man under all that makeup, and Shangie doesn't shave her eyebrows so there's going to be texture there and in the beard area, it's inevitable. The wig-line could have been much better, I agree with that.

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    Regardless of the texture of her real eyebrows underneath, the way they were drawn was so off. A lot of people's eyebrows are "sisters not twins" and that's one thing, but these were such different shapes and heights that they looked more like second cousins who aren't on speaking terms. Would love to see her in a Fame beat on a future red carpet event. Or at least someone besides Gottmik again...

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    I mean .. Compare to A Star is Born premiere where she paint herself. That mug and wig are wrong in so many level.

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    The thing is Shangela knows how to paint herself and look gorgeous like the photo above.

    Hope after seeing those photos she NEVER hires that person ever again

    credit to Ejy

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    Your anus <3


    This was just smth to forget and never remember.

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    WERQ @ her briefly featuring on Ariana's new song "NASA"

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