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    Only six individuals remain in the journey. The end is nearly in sight, but nobody wants
    to let go of the opportunity to come out of the process as the best individual to lead.
    Clara, the psychic, surely knew she'd be here all along. Lura, an executive, had the
    strategic mindset all along. Prudence weighed her decisions with her law degree to
    find the right path. Robert, an adventurer, never let himself play the game without
    risks and managed to fight his way to the top six. Theodore, who spent the first half
    of the game as the Mole, used his social skills to persuade others to bring him this
    far. Finally, the detective in Thomas shown through. Who will come out as the winner?

    This week, you will be competing in two challenges. The first will determine the overall
    leader. They will choose two players that they deem as unworthy of being the final
    winner. After this, everyone will compete in a second challenge to become a sub-leader.
    The sub-leader can choose to overrule the overall leader's decisions and remove one
    of the nominees from the Elimination Chamber. If this occurs, the overall leader must
    select another nominee for the Elimination Chamber. The three players that are not
    nominated to the Elimination Chamber nor the Overall Leader will vote to eliminate one
    of the two nominated competitors in the Elimination Chamber.

    This should look familiar as Big Brother.


    You will be given ten questions related to the game that deal with numbers, or the sequence
    that the game took place. It may be of importance to study up on the game before competing
    in this challenge. The winner will be the player who answers the most questions correctly.
    Assuming there is a tie, the winner will be the player who completed the challenge in the
    quickest amount of time. If a tie persists, the tiebreaker question included in the Private
    Message will be used to determine the Overall Leader.

    If there are any questions, please contact me as soon as possible!

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    I had a rough weekend and an extension has been asked for and granted. My guess is that results will go up tomorrow.

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