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Thread: Ritse de Jong

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    He's watching you thirsty bitches
    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan
    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fanI am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan
    I am Anne Hathaway's #1 fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by suppletangerine View Post
    I didn't really mean that as a SJW thing as much as a joke. If 16 is legal in Netherlands then by extension that image would be legal to reproduce there right? Just makes me wonder about some of the porn I've watched from Europe now...

    Rooting for him to win now that Bonita's gone. I can't believe I didn't see Josefin before, they really do look like siblings.
    Idk if a butt constitutes child pornography, but images of naked minors (under 18) are actually child pornography to Dutch law. Literally if youíre under 18 and you send a nude to someone, they can actually be charged with child pornography, especially if they share it with other people.

    mostly I reminded everyone who was thirsting after him about his age cuz itís creepy af to have a forum full of adults talk about a kidís butt like that. Idc that he personally likes to show off his ass

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