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    | round five { water, fire, and wood }


    It wasn't much longer after Josephine's untimely elimination from the game that you
    were off and about to another chamber deeper into the catacombs of the cavern you
    had been trapped in for - oh God, how long have you been down here, even? When
    were you even taken from the Earth? Did anyone miss you? A slurry of questions
    flooded your brain before promptly escaping as you entered the newest room.

    Lanterns filled the ceiling of the room, casting an eerie yet bright warm light across
    the other participants. The shadows it created were almost haunting as they cast
    far up the walls around you. Things had been eerie within themselves as the game
    had progressed, so maybe you were getting paranoid. Your eyes met with a couple
    other participants, but your dropped your head to your chest. Things were still
    uncomfortable, they always were. Nobody quite knew what was going on yet.

    The hooded figure entered from the opposite side of the room. "Good morning,
    participants. The game is certainly afoot at this point as we've now lost four
    members in the journey. As always, one more of you will fall this round, and
    the rest will continue on in the process. Without further ado, I'll announce your
    teams for the upcoming round, which may look slightly familiar to you . . .







    Since both of your original teammates from the third round have been eliminated,
    you have been consolidated into a team together. Congratulations?

    Now that your teams have been announced, I'll reveal the game we will be playing
    for the round and how this round will work. The reality show this week is . . .


    Obviously there are some things here that must change. The first thing is that only
    one person will be going home this round, as opposed to two so keep that in mind.

    First and foremost, Lura & Prudence as the duo which contains the last round's
    winner (and happens to be both of them) will post in the thread which team they
    wish to give the Samadhi. This will give that team a disadvantage in the upcoming
    Temple Mission. Then, each team will participate in the Temple Mission.

    The winning team at the Temple Mission will select two other duos to head to the
    Temple of Fate. The Temple of Fate will be held between these two teams in a
    luck game of "Water, Wood, and Fire" which is similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors. The
    first team to score three will be deemed the winners of the Temple of Fate and
    return to the game shortly. This leaves one duo left that is in danger.

    The two members of this duo will then move to become nominees for the round.
    Every other player will then vote on which of the two nominees they want to see
    eliminated from the game. In the event of a tie, the winning duo from the Temple
    Mission will vote together to cast the tiebreaking vote.

    If there are any questions, please contact me immediately.

    If there is not, then the Blue team may make their decision.

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    Round Theme: Endurance

    In this challenge, you will be competing as a duo with your respective partner from
    your team. You will head down another hallways - as you can see, we quite enjoy
    them. There will be eight portraits in there, which might look a little misshapen,
    if you will. Each of these portraits will contain parts of all the players that had been
    in this journey from the beginning. It will be your job to figure out which players
    are in each portrait using your observation skills and keen eye.

    More details are below. We wish you the best of luck.


    One member of each duo will be sent a Private Message containing four portraits,
    while the other will receive the other four portraits. Each portrait will contain four
    players of the game in some form - whether it be the base, eyes, nose, hair, etc.
    Each player is also used twice throughout the eight portraits.

    Time will be separated between each portion of the challenge. However, communication
    is allowed between partners
    during the challenge. You may also work on the challenge
    , if you so wish as it may help you to deduce who has been used twice or not
    at all yet in your figuring process. Your goal is to simply deduce the four players that
    are pictured in each photograph
    . The team that gets the most correct will win.

    In the event that there is a tie for the team that has the most correct, then the team
    with the quickest time will be deemed the winners of the challenge, having the chance
    to send two teams to the Temple of Fate. This is where the Samadhi comes into play,
    however. The Blue team has informed me that they are choosing to give the Samadhi
    to the Purple duo. You guys will have two minutes added to your final time.

    If there are any questions, you may ask me whenever you so please. You will have
    48 hours to complete the mission and results will be posted once I've received the
    submissions from everyone. The challenge will be sent out later this evening.

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    With this challenge, I definitely learned the names and faces of each participant.

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