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Thread: Retrospective: Winner Selected!

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    I'm speechless! I'm over the moon that I won Be Next, which I love so much, and that I did it with a model I love more than (almost) any other! I'm especially happy that I was able to show some pictures of Gemma which weren't so well known yet, because I spent a lot of time looking for pictures of her in every corner of the internet.
    In the last few months I haven't been able to take part in a lot of games here in the forum because I had (and still have) a really crazy working schedule. But Be Next means a lot to me so I don't want to miss it and it is something special for me to win the jubilee season - as my first game in rtvg to have won at all.
    Hippie, your ideas for the challenges and photoshoots are always fascinating and surprising and inspire to let the imagination flow and if it works really well to create magic with the model's portfolio. Thank you so much for that!
    Thanks to cutepongki, Vigros and Inter and thanks to all contestants for great photos, great cooperation, great role-playing and of course for voting either for Soo Joo or for Gemma in the finale.
    Leilkongman, I admire your gameplaying skills and I am by no means surprised that you managed to be in the finale again. You did such a great job with Soo Joo and would have made a deserving winner. Although I'm incredibly happy to have won I'm also sorry for you that it didn't work out for you.

    P.S.: For those of you who also like Gemma and who like Alexander McQueen, you might enjoy this runway compilation I made.

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    Good job at the final 2, very well deserved! And congrats Gemma/Jun! You did consistently good all cycle long and I was always excited to see the stories and photos that you would show. Great addition to BN's list of winners

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    Congrats Jun for such a well-deserved win!
    Can't say I am not disappointed but you did a great, great job throughout the competition so I'm really happy to see you win. I've been such a big fan of your works since you playing Vittoria in Lorena's season and it was about time you finally won be next. Once again, congrats!

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