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Thread: WINNER! Beautiful's Next Top Model 33

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    I love Dua and Wundylz shots the most tbh. Love this final 3!

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    Top 3 Portfolio Battle

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    Promo's: Darcy > Wundylz > Dua
    Makeovers: Wundylz > Darcy > Dua
    Male Model: Wundylz > Darcy > Dua
    Steampunk: Darcy > Wundylz > Dua
    Nude in Pairs: Darcy > Wundylz > Dua
    Swimwear on Rooftops: Dua > Darcy > Wundylz
    Aliens: Wundylz > Darcy > Dua
    Runway: Dua > Wundylz > Darcy
    Group Shots: Darcy > Dua > Wundylz
    Celebrity Impersonations: Darcy > Dua > Wundylz
    Time Square: Darcy > Dua > Wundylz
    Paper Covers: Dua > Darcy > Wundylz
    Rimmel London Ads: Darcy > Wundylz > Dua

    Second Runner-Up: Dua (22)
    Runner-Up: Wundylz (24)
    Winner: Darcy (32)

    My winner would be Wundylz though, I think she brings something more unique to this fic than Darcy does.

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    The final three are riding home in the limo.

    Darcy: I am so freaking happy right now! I can't even believe it. That bitch is gone!

    Wundylz: When Steff called my name, I wanted to run up and kiss her!

    Dua: We get to spend our last week in peace.

    Grace getting eliminated was the cherry on top of this competition for me. She was such a vile, vindictive person and knowing that I beat her in this competition is just..... ah.
    The girls enter the front door. Darcy's Rimmel London ad is displayed as digital art.

    Wundylz: Oh my gosh, you guys, this is the last time we'll get to see one of our pictures on the screen.

    Darcy: Yep, my image will be forever ingrained in your minds.

    Being here in the final three is so surreal. The judges obviously have a lot of faith in me and I don't want to let them down. My parents are looking down on me and I know they're so proud that I've made it this far.
    The girls sit around the kitchen table, chatting into the night.

    Dua: One more week and I can see my daughter again. I miss her so much!

    Wundylz: I'm sure she's ready to see you too.

    Dua: I think I'm going to leave Jun when I get back home.

    Darcy: Wow.... why?

    Dua: I've come to the realization that he doesn't want me to be happy. He has made me feel so guilty about coming here and I'm not going to allow him to control my life anymore.

    Darcy: Well damn, good for you girl!

    This competition has been such a roller coaster ride for me. I didn't start out on the best foot. I was almost eliminated the first week but that's what I needed to light the fire inside of me. My daughter is counting on me to come home with $100,000 and I can't let her down.
    The next morning, the girls are awoken by a knock at the door.

    Wundylz: Who's that?

    I hear someone knocking bright and early and who is it? Well it's Steff of course!
    Steff: What's up Final 3?

    Girls: Hi!!!

    Steff: Out of the 14 girls that began this journey, you 3 have proven that you deserve to be here at the end. But there can be only one winner. Today you girls will shoot your Vogue Turkey cover-tries AND walk in a final fashion show for Antony Odeon!


    We're walking in the fashion show TONIGHT! This is so crazy. My heart is pounding.
    Steff: This will be your last chance to prove to B. Ryan, Drew, and I that you deserve to be Beautiful's Next Top Model. You guys have to bring it!

    My girlfriend is so supportive of me being here and I feel very lucky because Dua doesn't have a lot of support back home. I have been nailing it these past few weeks and I have to keep up this momentum because I did not come this far just to go home empty handed. I'm going to win!

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    OOOOH Vogue Turkey covers AND Anthony Odeon? Cannot wait <3

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    Steff: From 14 to 3, you girls have endured it all to make it to the finale of this competition. By the end of the night, we will have found Beautiful's Next Top Model!

    They've been your amazing judges all cycle. Please say hello to......

    Chief Creative Officer of Paper Magazine,

    and Fashion Designer and Fashion Blogger,
    B. RYAN

    The winner of Beautiful's Next Top Model will receive.....

    - A $100,000 contract with Rimmel London
    - An ad campaign for Rimmel London
    - A cover and spread in Paper Magazine
    - A cover of Vogue Turkey
    - A contract with modeL Management
    - A campaign and runway appearance for Antony Odeon
    - A one year talent deal with VH1

    Steff: We will begin judging by taking a look at your Vogue Turkey covers. Let's begin!

    D A R C Y

    Drew: Darcy, I'm very pleased with this shot. You look absolutely striking when it comes to your expression, however, as if you're an early 20th century Turkish princess and you've been caught off guard. And your pose is like you're trying to make your way outside, but you've been stopped. It tells a small story, and it really sells. But overall, I do think you could have gone further.

    Steff: I am blown away by this photo! You look so serene and beautiful, but there's still so much power in your face. This is seriously my favorite shot of you all cycle.

    Darcy: Oh my god, thank you!

    B. Ryan: It's a fantastic picture. It's sophisticated, elegant, just breathtaking. Looking at this picture really makes me want to know your story and why you're looking at the viewer like that. I do think this could be a bit looser, but that's a minor complaint. Great job for me.
    D U A

    Steff: You just oooze "supermodel" here, Dua! You look so confident and in control of this shot. Comparing this to your very first photo with the male model, you have blossomed into a true star.

    B. Ryan: Those eyes, those eyes, those eyes. They MAKE this cover for me. I love the edge, love the attitude. I'm not over the moon about the pose, because I think you could have gone for something more interesting, but overall, SLAYYY.

    Drew: Dua, Dua, Dua. When are you gonna STOP blowing away the competition?! You have simply left me shaken with this photo. You're eye contact here is outright deadly, and you're pose is so perfectly fitting for the garment. You're making use of the space, choosing a pose that isn't too contrived, and it really worked out. Everything about this photo solidifies why you've made it so far. Undoubtedly, your best shot to date.

    Drew: Well, Wundylz, the first thing I think of when I see this photo is a still photo of Oksana Baiul or Katarina Witt, because it's so reminiscent of a European figure skater. The pose is strong and so coordinated. But your downfall here is the expression. It just doesn't fit the pose. A bit of a sexy glare or even a smile would have matched the pose. It's as if you couldn't think of anything to do with your face, and they shot your thinking face.

    B. Ryan: There's such an ease to this cover that I like. The way you're taking up the frame is what makes the shot work and sets it apart from the other two covers. The expression is a bit too tense for me, but as a whole, you killed it, boo!

    Steff: There's no doubt that you've taken some beautiful pictures in this competition but I was never sure if you were a supermodel. This cover right here has just removed any doubt in my mind! It's absolutely gorgeous, Wundylz.

    Wundylz: Thank you!
    .................................................. .......

    Steff: You girls also walked in a fashion show for legendary fashion designer, Antony Odeon. Let's see how it went.

    D A R C Y

    B. Ryan: You impressed me, missy! I remember the last runway show where you just stomped it looking like someone set fire to your cat or something, but your performance this time was a lot more natural and relaxed. Super impressed by you this go around.

    Steff: Set fire to her cat...?

    B. Ryan: Honey she looked stank when we first saw her walk. But not today!

    Steff: You really softened it up, Darcy and your confidence seemed much more natural. It wasn't so angry looking and forced.

    Drew: Now this is killer. The way you controlled yourself on the runway was absolutely fabulous, as shown here, in the way you are staring directly in front of you, making no room for distractions. You were serving up some of those Cher vibes you gave us earlier this season with your hair, and the garment was perfectly suited to you. This is one hell of a walk, Darcy.
    D U A

    Steff: WIG! That is all.


    Steff: No honey, you slayed it! When you walked out, I gasped. Your photos have kind of been hit or miss but there's one thing for sure, you have the best walk by far!

    Drew: Should I even have to say it? While you were on the runway, the whole world of fashion stopped to look. Of all the runways we saw, yours had such a large effect. You knew how to work the dress, and you didn't let all the colors and the big hair overpower you. You held the reigns and stormed down the runway. Your face here shows burning determination and modelesque realness. Another one for the books, Dua!

    B. Ryan: WORRRK! Dua, you just brought it home here, girl! That outfit is absolutely perfect on you, and you did it complete justice. So statuesque, so poised, yet the determination behind your eyes really sold this for me. Awesome job, queen!
    W U N D Y L Z

    Drew: Of all the praise I've given out for the runway walks, you are no exception, Wundylz. In that dress, you could have turned any head lucky enough to see you. You took a more fun-loving, energetic approach, and it paid off. This is something ShaKira should wear, because you work it like you are living for every curve your body has to offer. You couldn't have sold that garment any better.

    B. Ryan: You brought an elegance to the runway that I really enjoyed. You looked right at home up there. Unlike the other two, I don't necessarily think this was a huge improvement over your first runway show, but I don't think it really needed to be. You did really well.

    Steff: Was your walk as show stopping as Darcy and Dua's? No. But what we have been looking for all cycle long is a Boss. Someone who knows who she is and you Wundylz, know who you are. You have such a positive, beautiful presence and it comes through in your walk.
    Steff: Ladies, the judges and I have a long deliberation ahead of us. When I call you back, one of you will be named Beautiful's Next Top Model.

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    Darcy's gonna win, ha cover>>>>>

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    Steff: Darcy, Dua, Wundylz: One of your lives is about to change forever. Soon, I will reveal the winner of Beautiful's Next Top Model.

    B. Ryan, Drew, and I have deliberated and came to a unanimous decision.

    The model finishing in 3rd Place is.....



    Wundylz: That's ok!

    Steff: You are a beautiful person inside and out. Your family is so proud of you, I'm sure. Thanks Wundylz.

    Steff: Darcy and Dua it came down to the two of you.

    Beautiful's Next Top Model is.........


    D U A !


    Steff: Thanks Darcy.

    Darcy: Thank you guys. Congrats Dua.
    Exit: This whole thing was pretty damn cool, man. I lost my temper a few times but I made the Top 2 and I did well for myself. This is not going to stop me but make me stronger.

    Steff: Dua, we all agreed that you have the qualities of a supermodel. Congratulations!

    Dua: I am so grateful! Thank you, thank you!

    All of my hard work has paid off! I went through moments of wanting to give up but I stuck with it for my daughter and now I'm Beautiful's Next Top Model! I love you, Malika! Mommy's coming home!
    Steff's Voice Over: Dua came into the competition with loads of determination and potential. While she had trouble embracing her makeover at first, she learned to use her regal look to slay the competition. Congratulations Dua, you're the first momma to ever take home the title of Beautiful's Next Top Model! Love, Steff!

    A huge congrats to Betchis/Dua! She was a pleasure to edit all cycle long.

    Remember that Cycle 34 is now casting! You can apply as many girls as you like, either in the Casting Thread or by messaging me. I guess it's ok for me to scout girls from the casting forum as well? Hope to see your amazing girls soon!

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    I didn't expect to win my 2nd BeauNTM. .
    TBH Dua has been mediocre in her performance but her winning is shocking to me....

    Thank you so much Beautiful and people who supported Dya

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    Unexpected winner but I can't say I'm not pleased how it all turned out in the end. Amazing Top 3, so really any of them could have been a deserving winner.

    Click to see ANTeM Cycle 3!

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    Yayy! Gorgeous winner to an amazing cycle! Congrats Betchis/Dua!!
    I can’t wait for the next cycle! Hope a lot of people sign up!

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    We stan this winner.

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    Dua is gorgeous, but I was team Darcy. Either way, congrats to the winner!

    Great finale. I really like the Vogue covers and ofc, AO show. <3

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    the day rtv will never forget.

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