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Thread: NEW! Beautiful's Next Top Model 33

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    Thanks to Clayton, RnR and badgalboroz for donating the poses this week

    Steff: Hello guys!

    Girls: Hi!

    Steff: It's time to make our next cut, which will bring us one step closer to finding the next Top Model. You all know our amazing judges....

    Chief Creative Officer of Paper Magazine,

    and Fashion Designer and Fashion Blogger,
    B. RYAN

    The winner of Beautiful's Next Top Model will receive.....

    - A $100,000 contract with Rimmel London
    - An ad campaign for Rimmel London
    - A cover and spread in Paper Magazine
    - A cover of Vogue Turkey
    - A contract with modeL Management
    - A campaign and runway appearance for Antony Odeon
    - A one year talent deal with VH1

    Steff: You girls had a photo shoot on Broadway this week. Let's begin with our Comeback Model!

    S U I H E

    Steff: How's it feel to be back in the race?

    Sui He: It feels amazing. I'm so glad to be back.

    Drew: Honestly, Sui He, if you would have been on this level in the beginning, then you never would have went home in the first place. This is very true to Broadway. I understand the brief wasn't to be a performer, but you still went the extra mile and are giving me some serious Sutton Foster/"Thoroughly Modern Millie" vibes, and I'm living for it! This is a strong way to return to the competition!

    Steff: Yeah this is the most personality I've ever seen from you! You look so fresh and vibrant. You're really working that hair cut for the first time.

    B. Ryan: First off, I'm glad to see you get another shot, baby. Your face is one in a million, and this picture is actually pretty cool. It looks like you had a lot of fun with it, and I love the almost sort of 1920s Flapper feel to it. Having said that, I'd love to see you let go even more and really take a risk with your pictures. Huge step up for you, though.
    W U N D Y L Z

    Steff: It's a pretty shot, Wundylz but it's a little too posed for me. It's just too safe and if you stick around I want to see you challenge yourself and give us something out of the box.

    Wundylz: I can do that.

    B. Ryan: There's an ease to this picture that I like. It's commercial but high-end. It's sophisticated but fun. I wouldn't say I'm blown away by this picture, but it's definitely a step up from last week.

    Drew: You undoubtedly look amazing, Wundylz, and I am loving your facial expression here, and even more so the angle. You look like a high society girl with more of daddy's money than she should probably have. The way you're just strolling the streets is fabulous, and I commend you for a big step up.
    J U L I E T

    B. Ryan: I mean, it's nice. You look great in that outfit, and the pose complements it well and works for the shot. I'm just still not finding you that interesting, though. It's always the same lackluster expression and that hand-on-hip pose almost every week. I really need to see you change it up if you stick around, because right now, you haven't proven to me yet that you have what it takes to win.

    Juliet: What would I need to show you to win?

    B. Ryan: Something else besides the Modelling 101 Hands on the Hip Pose, sweetie.

    Juliet: I can do that.

    B. Ryan: Don't tell me. Show me, boo.

    Drew: In the looks department, this is a perfect 10. In the execution department, it falls as a 6/10. You look so chic and stunning, but the pose you've given us actually hinders the photo for me. You look like you're trying your hardest not to stumble, while still looking like you're trying too hard. Your expression is dead-on wonderful, but your pose just isn't doing it for me.

    Steff: I think it's a really pretty shot, Juliet. But it's also very predictable and safe. Had you done this same pose but been looking up to the sky, giving more emotion in your eyes, this could have been a great photo.
    G R A C E


    Grace: Yay!

    Steff: You are literally bending over backwards to give us a kick ass shot! This looks like someone who is going to be huge on Broadway AND on the runway.

    Drew: You're one of the few girls who went for the more stage performer style, rather than the average New Yorker style, and it paid off. Literally every aspect of this photo is killer, from that majestic pose, to the iron-focus stare you're displaying. This is almost on the eve of being priceless art, because you make it look so good.

    B. Ryan: Ooh girl, legs for days, I'm lovin' your grace, Grace! The face is a bit on the dead side and tilted a little too far back, but this is definitely the most intriguing shot so far for me.
    D A R C Y

    Drew: You definitely took a road not many other girls took, which was the more fully-chic direction. The pose here is what is really selling the photo, because I see it and immediately follow the contours of your body, which elongates you, but then I hit the face, and I get the face of a girl who's about to be hit by a bus. Your Cher photo had all of us dying for you, but this week, I'm not feeling the same.

    B. Ryan: I appreciate the risk, but the whole thing looks like an ad for back pain or something. That expression isn't helping matters any. I'm just confused by your inconsistency, especially since you were so strong at the beginning of the competition.

    Steff: Why do you think you're so inconsistent, Darcy?

    Darcy: I'm not sure. I feel like I'm doing a good job on set but it doesn't always turn out that way.

    Steff: You're a very analytical girl and I think you get in your own head sometimes. You have to realize that just because you're envisioning your poses in your head a certain way, that doesn't always translate to how it actually looks on film.

    Darcy: Yeah I think I overthink my poses too much sometimes.

    Steff: Let that go, because your strongest photos come along when you let your poses come naturally.
    D U A

    B. Ryan: I like the pose, but the picture as a whole is just flat, and I don't really see any intention in what you're doing. The whole thing reads deer in the headlights for me.

    Steff: Everything is great here except for your expression. It's lifeless and it really drags down what could have been an amazing photo.

    Drew: Dua, you're usually the one girl who always manages to drop my jaw, but this week, you let me down. I appreciate the energy in your pose, because it works with the hustle and bustle of the background, since it IS New York City, but the face is your Achilles heel in this specific photo. A fierce stare or a bright smile would have made this shot another 10/10 to add to your portfolio.
    N I H A N

    Steff: Hm.... the dress seems to be doing all the work here. You look gorgeous but the photo is very stoic and doesn't have the personality that I was looking for in this photo shoot.

    Drew: You look beautiful, but that's about all I get from this. You have such a beautiful garment on, but you're truly going the distance. Don't get me wrong, you could stop traffic with how stellar you look, but there is still so much that could have been done. Your face has a very high look of unsurity, and it really ruins the photo.

    B. Ryan: You look absolutely gorgeous here, possibly the best you've ever looked, yet the shot is very wooden for me. I think had you given more life behind your eyes, loosened up the arms, this picture could have been incredible.
    Steff: It's now time for the judges and I to deliberate. When I call you back, I will announce which girl will be leaving the competition. And from here on, once you're eliminated, you're gone for good.

    The girls all look very nervous as they exit the room.

    The judges huddle together to discuss the photos.

    Steff: Alright guys, we have a big decision to make. Someone has to go home.

    Drew: I feel like half the girls did really well and the other half fell flat.

    B. Ryan: For me, Sui He is back with a vengeance. This girl is making the most of her second chance boo boo.

    Steff: I think she's taking this more seriously now that she's been brought back. She wants this more than we think she does.

    Drew: Grace totally rocked it this week! She understood the brief and she really went for it.

    Steff: Her pose had be gagging honey!
    Steff: Now let's talk about the girls who struggled. Nihan.

    B. Ryan: I think Nihan looked gorgeous in her shot but it was so damn boring. She just doesn't have that umph.

    Drew: I don't know what's going on with Darcy but I wish she'd get it together. She is so up and down it's crazy.

    Steff: I think we've finally gotten to the roof of her problem. She's an over thinker. She's got to get out of her own way because when she tries to do too much, it backfires on her.

    B. Ryan: For me, Juliet just isn't improving. It's like Groundhog Day with her. Same pose every week.

    Drew: Hey, she looked amazing in her Christina Aguilera picture last week!

    B. Ryan: It was still the same pose.

    Steff: Well guys, have we come to a decision?

    Drew: We have.

    B. Ryan: Yes hunty.

    Steff: Ok. Bring in the girls!

    2009 - 2017

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    While I don't wish for either of them to go home, I have a feeling those in trouble this week are Nua and Nihan

    [A TDI-style collaboration between Daniota and skixoid]

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    IMO Juliet probably deserves to go out of these girls, but I love her pic so much <33 Juliet/Sui He for FCO and sadly I think Nihan has the worst pic..
    for BrNTM here

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    Your anus <3


    I love this ICONIC show.

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