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Thread: The Challenge 30 wishes and speculation

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    The cast is flying out far confirmed are:

    Chris Ammons (GBGH)
    Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio (Key West)
    Cory Wharton (Explosion)
    Tony Raines (Skeletons)
    Jenna Compano (Explosion)
    Tori Deal (AYTO4)
    Aneesa Ferreira (Chicago)
    Jemmye Carroll (New Orleans 2)
    Camila Nakagawa (Speing Break Challenge)
    Cara Maria Sorbello (FM2)
    Derrick Henry (AYTO5)
    Devin Walker (AYTO3)
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    Ashley Mitchell (Explosion) and Jordan Wiseley (Portland) are on

    Edit: Amanda Garcia (AYTO3), LaToya Jackson (St. Thomas), Nelson Thomas (AYTO3), and Hunter Barfield (AYTO3) are also on
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    Pretty sure this season is going to be called The Challenge: Deja Vu

    Alicia Wright (AYTO5)
    Kailah Casillas (GBGH)
    Marie Roda (St. Thomas)
    CT Tamburello (Paris)
    Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl)
    Leroy Garrett (Las Vegas 2)

    The fact that we already have 24 people and more should be coming...we are probably getting Cutthroat 2

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    JUST IN...

    this one deserves spoiler tags...

    Welcome back...

    Queen Veronica Portillo (RR: SAS)

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    Oh...there's also another Road Ruler coming back...

    Derrick Kosinski (RR: X-Treme)

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    Yesss Derrick


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    I thought Marie declined? <333


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    Dario Medrano (AYTO2) and Shane Raines (Bloodlines) are on

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    Simone Kelly (AYTO1) is a possibility, not 100% tho

    I saw someone post a possible themed setup...

    Old School: Veronica, Derrick, CT, Aneesa, Bananas, Darrell, Cara Maria, Camila, Jemmye, Leroy
    New School: Tony, Cory, Chris, Shane, Kailah, Jenna, Ashley, Jordan, Marie, Latoya
    AYTO: Derrick, Tori, Devin, Alicia, Nelson, Amanda, Dario, Hunter, Simone?, Unknown Female?

    What I bolded is the part that bugs me, the first set really aren't "old school," but say they are considered that, then the second bolded set doesn't really fit as "new school" seeing at St. Thomas happened a season after Vegas 2 and NOLA premiered in a challenge the same time as St. Thomas.

    But if this is the right setup...really just one AYTO female is missing

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    Sandy Kang (FM2) hasn't been active...pleaseeeeeeeeeee

    I guess people are keeping an eye on Robin (San Diego) as well

    Basically a lot of people have been ruled out for that last spot (Kiki, Rashida, Beth, Makani, Coral, Carolina, Shanley are all no's)

    Hopefully this is the season Aneesa finally gets her win

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    ^ there are def a few gems in that list but still not feeling the overall cast at all!

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    So the two missing females have pretty much been narrowed down by vevmo

    Most likely: Simone Kelly (AYTO1)

    Possible: Tina Barta (RR: South Pacific), Robin Hibbard (San Diego), Ruthie Alcaide (Hawaii), Shavonda Billingslea (Philadelphia), Melinda Stolp (Austin), Naomi Defensor (Las Vegas 2), Ibis Nieves (RR: X-Treme), Devyn Simone (Brooklyn), Jonna Mannion (Cancun), Orlana Russell (Bad Blood), Emily Reese (Bloodlines), Britni Nicol (AYTO3), Casey Cooper (FM1), Jenn Grijalva (Denver), Heather Cooke (Las Vegas 2), Hailey Chivers (Explosion), Jacy Rodriguez (AYTO1)

    Less Likely: Lacey Buehler (Austin), Svetlana Schusterman (Key West), Carley Johnson (FM2), Jasmine Pendleton (AYTO2), Alex Kim (AYTO2)
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    OMG I just thought of the inevitable moment where Aneesa, Kailah, and Camila laugh at Alicia's walk of shame out of Cory's room

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    didn't producers "play" with Shavonda's harness during her Inferno 2 elimination round so that she would have pain faster and Tonya could move on? I don't think she would come back after that (this is something I have heard/read somewhere)

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    Tina!!!!! I miss her so.

    i also will probably always love Ruthie and Robin too.
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    Christena Pyle (RR: South Pacific) is also being looked into (she'd fit into the less likely category)

    I have a feeling it's probably Simone and Jacy/Britni tho

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    Britni Thorton (AYTO3) is on

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    So there's a couple rumors...

    1. Cutthroat 2 - drafted teams like before
    2. Free Agents 2
    3. Old School vs. New School vs. AYTO - most likely only missing Simone as the final confirmed
    4. Real World vs Everyone Else (RR/Fresh Meat/AYTO)

    On that last one there's likely to be a cast of 32, where we would currently be missing 1 male and 1 female real worlder. For the male spot it's completely up in the air, for the female spot it seems most likely to be Jonna Mannion (Cancun). This is all speculation based on that specific theme.
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