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Thread: (FINALE) ✿ Earth, Water, Fire & Air ⍟ ALL STARS 3 ⍟ WINNER REVEALED (3/3) [p.30]

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    I stil believe in my favs


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    Voting is now officially closed!

    Something special coming soon.

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    I hope that special thing is not the first cut. Not ready to see anyone go.



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    Champagne: Well hello and welcome All-Stars to your first panel.
    This week, you participated in your first two photoshoots: the first, a
    Pierre et Gilles inspired nude shoot and the second, an Art History shoot.
    Tonight is special… because it’s not just your first panel… it’s your first elimination.

    Shah: There was a poll done by the voters to decide who they were rooting for
    the hardest to win the cycle. They had to choose their top 6 All-Stars, then designate
    a 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest choice to win. Getting deemed 1st gives you
    1.00 bonus points, 2nd 0.50, 3rd 0.25 and 4th-6th 0.10.

    The person that received the highest number of points from that poll…
    will be safe from tonight’s elimination.
    And that person is…


    F O X

    Please step forward.

    Shah: Fox, your Pierre et Gilles was met with severe controversy. Your shot was nowhere near as bad as 13th as some had you,
    but it wasn’t the typical Fox we’ve come to know, even if the backstory of your shot got lost in translation. But your Art History… was elegant,
    regal and strong/soft at the same time. It’s the Fox we’ve come to enjoy. You performed decently so far, but as someone who won
    the All-Star Quality poll by THIS MUCH, we expect way too much from you. Congratulations, you’re safe tonight.

    Champagne: For the rest of you, you will be called in a random order…

    Jonesy. Both your Pierre et Gilles and Art History
    were met with massive criticism of being too bland or not enough, or not stand out. You have the potential to rise to prominence in
    this competition like you did in 8, but shots like these… won’t cut it.
    Tonight… you’re safe. Take your place with Fox on the right side of the room.

    Shah: Sigurdur.

    You enter this competition very unpopular. But that’s no excuse. I was pretty unpopular when AS2
    started. But I went out there and collected wigs to snatch my place. You, however, are not committing as much as you can.
    You’re tall, Nordic, pale, and gorgeous. But both of these shots aren’t horrible, but they lack star power…
    and that’s the #1 equivalent to being an All-Star.
    You are up for elimination, please step to the left side of the room.

    Champagne: Manon. You’re beautiful, long, tall, gangly and blessed to be French. You’ve got major ingredients for success.
    And while you deliver beautiful shots, I feel you holding back… this is farthest from the time to be holding back my dear.
    This is the time for full delivery, mon petit.
    You’re safe..................

    Merci beaucoup, I will work.

    Shah: Taryn, in your Art History shoot you were regal and gorgeous. But as great as it was it was missing
    that final grand push that we’ve come to adore from you. That’s my tip for you. But that Pierre et Gilles? … no critique.

    At first, I was bit confused as to why you were so overwhelmingly adored but seeing what people have said my mind is changed dramatically.
    You have a power and strength in such a dominating way. It’s the literal reason why you didn’t win 8 and here you’re starting out correcting
    that mistake. It was good in fact… that it’s officially the second best photo in EWFA history.

    You officially get to rub shoulders with the greats. You achieved legacy on your first try. You’re safe. Well done.

    Shah: Vodka. Now you have so much going for you. With your grunge look, harsh features, all that.
    But in your photos, the standout Vodka from 6 just isn’t here. Where’s the twink that was bottom week 1, then turned
    it out with the creative poses? You’re supposed to be the person that put Fox’s foot slightly in the door and I’m just not seeing that all the way.
    You are up for elimination.

    Champagne: Aida. When I first saw your new look post-surgery, I wasn’t sure if you could work a new look.
    And lo and behold, your Pierre et Gilles was commanding and your Art History was just incredible. Your face
    has such basic features, yet photographs like its angular. My only critique is to be more versatile in your
    face and come out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to be less… perfect and precise.
    You’re safe.......

    Champagne: As the closest thing EWFA has ever had to a villain winner, I was so nervous your
    performance would be downplayed for being such an evil Bitch. Now yes, you might have had some
    people who are biased toward you… and baby you always will, you remained well performed in
    both shoots and you’re showing us a well improved Gypsy. I want even more power.
    You’re safe...........

    Champagne: Grace. You as we all know, went toe to toe with the GOAT. And though you weren’t
    really close to beating him, you made it seem as though it almost was. Here, you aren’t giving me what
    I KNOW you can offer. And it’s a bit of a disappointment because it makes me wonder… maybe we
    made the wrong choice… maybe Suzanna should be here right now.
    .......You’re safe......... improve next week.

    Champagne: Gjoke. Neither of your shots were the best, but they for sure weren't the worst
    either. You need to find a balance between your extreme posing and subtelty,
    that will rise above your competitors. Because the shots you're producing at good
    but they're just average compared to the star-quality your competitors are showing.
    You’re safe............


    Shah: Karno. Coming into this cycle, I’ve already known you. We’re very good friends. We party alot. And I promised
    myself I would be even harder on you for that reason. Your Pierre et Gilles… was magical. It took my breath
    away. I’ve never seen you so soft. So angelic and you’ve shown us a different side of you there, where
    you supplemented but still commanded Brigette and made it you’re own. And then I thought… alright it’s just a fluke.

    Then you produced this:

    And I have to say for me… next to Dawars Nude and Amos/Gjoke’s Powder the best male photo in EWFA history.
    You didn’t deliver your best on 7, it just wasn’t your best. But this could honestly be a cover of Vogue Arabia.
    You gave power, emotion, intensity and you did it with everything covered but your eyes. This is a brand new
    Karno… and I’m so proud to see it.
    Congratulations you had the highest overall score.


    Shah: Stand here beside us for now.

    Karno: oohh this is niiiiiice... *smells Champagne*


    Three models left...


    Shah: Sirius, this first shot is so bad I really wanna just throw it away. It’s… really bad. Like… really bad.
    But this Art History? THIS is why you’re here. Your casting is no mistake when you produce
    something this magical and grand. Keep giving us THIS as opposed to this atrocity with Logan…
    You’re safe...............

    Champagne: Devorah. You know you’re better than this. This is the same kind of lack of push that cost you
    an easy crown in 8. This second shot is so lazy and I KNOW you know how to do subtle energy. You are not
    gonna be able to avoid clear briefs and rely on your beauty. There’s no Katarina’s, Angel’s and Josefina’s that
    you can just skip over to the semi-finals anymore. This is All-Stars.
    You are safe BUT by the skin of your teeth this week.

    Shah: Rein, you know you f*cked up with Cherub so I’m not gonna mention this. But what I will praise
    you for is the Art History. It’s subtle, it’s gorgeous, you followed the brief… and you look stunning. But it
    just wasn’t enough to make up for that other one.
    You’re up for elimination. Please stand there.
    Vodka & Sig, please join Rein.

    Champagne: It’s time to reveal this cycle’s twist. You all are All-Stars. This isn’t kindergarten anymore,
    this is full blown college, and some of you have been EWFA alumni for nearly 3 years. You know this
    game in and out. So with that in mind… for the first time in EWFA history, neither of us hosts will
    be sending anyone home… for the duration of the cycle…



    Shah: … you are.*hands Karno the scepter*


    Shah: This is the Diamond All-Star scepter.
    I have one, and Champagne has one. This is the third. One of you will walk out of this competition with this
    scepter in your possession for life. But each week, you will have to earn this honor. With great power
    comes great responsibility. Whoever gains the power of the scepter, will be responsible for using the scepter
    to save at least one model from elimination.

    Champagne: The scepter can be used on you only two times if you fall into the bottom. If you fall into the
    bottom three times… you’re automatically eliminated. No questions asked. You go home. That’s it.

    Shah: If you gain the scepter, that’s extra bonus points that will be added to your final All-Star score in the finale...
    if you get there ofc… So Karno… you’ve earned the power. It’s all yours. Between Vodka, Sig & Rein, you have to
    save one, and eliminate two. Do your thing.

    Karno: Well… I … ok wow. Usually I love having power in the bedroom but not in EWFA eliminations uh…
    *sweating* ok… uh… okay um… oh god, I don’t wanna do this… can I object?

    Shah: If you don’t save someone in the next minute you’re getting this for a month. *holds up chastity belt*


    … uh… when I was on Cycle 7, I flopped… a few times…
    my bulge usually gets me out of a lot of things but those mediocre shots in the middle were unsalvageable…
    but then I started doing a little bit better… and then I did really good on my Vogue shoot… but I still went home.
    I felt like a failure.....… but on the plane ride a really important person told me “winning isn’t everything but wanting to is”,
    and I broke down because I finally felt like… I was meant to be a EWFA star after all… ahem..... *whispers* thanks Fox~


    Karno: So I have to be fair and look in all three of you and decide who really really wants this. Because
    when I lost to Monica or Brigette or Grace at the time and especially Joaquin I knew I was losing to
    someone that would’ve snapped my neck if it got him closer to the crown… and that’s kinda hot tbh.
    *intense music*


    I see the most honest, raw passion in Rein, that’s what my heart says… that’s who I’m
    using the Scepter on.


    Shah: So it is written… so it shall be done. Vodka. Sigurdur.

    You are both All-Stars, but you are not the winner of Earth, Water, Fire & Air: All-Stars 3.

    Take your places in EWFA’s legacy forever… but you gotta get the f*ck up out the competition.

    Sig: *storms out; screaming*
    Fox: *Sig still screaming*

    Karno: I believe in you, Rein. I was a judge on your cycle.
    I know you have a lot more to give. I see it in your eyes.

    Thank you, Karno. *hugs Karno*

    Well… that’s one safety down.
    Rein you are only allowed one more Scepter safety.



    7th Place on Cycle 6
    13th Place on All-Stars 3

    Vodka: I don’t particularly give a **** lol.
    I just wanna go see Hades and simmer like I was before. EWFA’s alright and all but a nice
    glass of wine ain’t never hurt nobody.

    5th Place on Cycle 9
    14th Place on All-Stars 3

    Sig: I’m sos disgusteds. I cants believes I nots only lose to a twinks, but I am forceds to go homes to a twinks? This is the biggest insult of my lifes.
    Karno is a **** **** twink-lovings **** and I thoughts he was a better Scandinavians brothers than that’s
    we were allys but now I know hes just a **** **** guzzlings **** **** lickings **** and I hopes he goes homes nexts.

    Shah: *on a TV screen* Oh Sig…. shut your delusional obessive dragging of twinks for a
    minute and come here. You too, Vodka…

    Champagne: *on a TV screen* Though you may be down and out now, your roles in this cycle have
    only JUST begun… you’re not totally finished just yet. In due time you will both return…. for your revenge.


    … ffs. If you’re gonna keep me here longer can I AT LEAST get a f*cking drink????



    So this does deserve some explanation regarding the format.
    Let's go back to that poll I told you all to vote on a while back
    (the All-Star Quality Vote). That vote was extremely important (as
    I told you it would be.Fox had the highest votes and was thus safe.

    The decision of who won the Scepter & who were the bottom 3 were
    determined by a point system. In both shoots, the models received points
    based on their placement in both of the Pierre et Gilles & Art History shoots.

    This was the basis of those points:

    FCO - +30
    SCO - +25
    3CO - +20

    4th - +18
    5th - +15
    6th - +12
    7th - +10
    8th - +8
    9th - +6
    10th - +5
    11th - +4
    12th - +3
    13th - +2
    14th/last - +0

    Here are the scores of both shoots translated to points:

    So then, you take the points from both shoots & add the All-Star Quality Points:

    That determined the Holder of the All-Star Scepter (Karno), the Bottom Three (Vodka, Rein & Sig) and the safe models (everyone in between; Fox was immune).

    There was a reason why I told you that the All-Star Quality poll vote was important,
    not just because it had an effect on the overall score of the week, but also because out of the bottom
    three, the person who had the highest vote in the poll got to stay (Rein). Karno's decision of who he chose to stay were your votes.

    So be sure to participate when these things come up.
    They can have a huge reflection on that week's results.

    RP coming next week.

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    bad chica dev will rise, she will come for everyone

    not shook about eliminations, i guess maybe the safe person should have gone since they got a lower score than the other


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    This entire elimination format is lovely tbh, I really love the unpredictability of it with how the models were called and the twists that followed. Not surprised and miffed at the poll winner, and I definitely agree with those who were in the bottom and eliminated out of them.

    I do think Jonesy's Pierre et Gilles and Rein's Art History are very underrated though, but the latter's former shoot alone definitely warranted his place in the bottom three. It was obvious that he needed to stay nonetheless, Sigurdur and Vodka were unfortunately the obvious weak links.

    I'm really glad Sirius is safe because his Art History overcompensated for his weaker first shot to the max and especially that Devorah avoided the bottom. I love her too much sns but you gotta give credit where credit is due and she deserved extremely little to none for her Art History, she was the opposite of Sirius.

    Taryn and Karno snatching records in the first week and yet another one of my million shake-and-go thrift store wigs is most definitely a concept. You're really serving RPDR realness this cycle and I'm anticipating in fear of what's to come out of this with the scepter and revenge later on.

    Keep Naomi Campbell-ing these hoes TMU1, NEXT!

    people will s t a r e.

    make it worth their w h i l e.

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    Oh my god I have read this in a heartbit.

    That was just so well done - the suspense was there entire time.

    The she twist is just sssoooooooo juicy drama-wise <3

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    This was a fantastic twist. Deserved eliminations based on COA so far, and considering the fact our votes made it happen sweeps the blame away from you, tmu (well played ). Happy to see the highest scorer get what he deserved and YOU GO TARYN COCO! Look forward to more of this ^_^

    [A TDI-style collaboration between Daniota and skixoid]

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    Very bummed about Vodka......

    ....but down goes the hateful veggie jerk!!! Bye Sig, bye felicia

    THIS TWIST IS LIFE!!!! you always know how to make me gag and live my life TMU

    and OMG PHILIP TREACY!!!!!!!

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    Coming Soon: THE VOYAGE 2 and MANNEQUIN 2


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    Come through! I kinda did not expect ...Fox... to be that high but he is still a fave so I'm not mad. Call-out is really decent. I love the RPDR-ish format and the results are pretty spot on. Did not want Vodka to go but Rein was definitely worth staying. I wish the other eliminee, performance wise, was Sirius (oops sorry for his fans). The other eliminated person was deserved.

    On the other hand, bring on the HATS!

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    I love how the twist goes it's unique, kinda different and organized you can never question anything. I love it. I'm happy KING K got fco and FOXY being immuned two of my faves this week and all of my faves on tol. Excited for the revenge and the bext rp omggg
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    God DAMN that was one hell of a something. I'm mostly upset about the ever fabulous Vodka leaving, but with "revenge" being thrown into the elimination, I'm hoping for some kind of return. Love this format to DEATH, tho!



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    As much I adore Taryn's shot . KARNO's should've been in top 3 best photo in EWFA history oh well expected eliminations tho excited for whats next
    Pat for myself for expecting the twist ala RPDR ALS 2 this cycle

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    . coming soon .

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    Are they finally delivering those wig-hats I've been trying to f***ing purchase for months now, so I can have a more durable, glamorous, snatchable head of fake hair everytime I click on EWFA threads?

    Can't wait to try 'em.
    people will s t a r e.

    make it worth their w h i l e.

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    Wut! In my voting game, it's about to be this theme too. I feel so connected to you TMU.



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    Omg, slay @ this twist, I lowkey got it right I think.
    The points system makes perfect sense as well and I understand everything better now.
    It was a bit shocking to see both blondies leave early but yay @comeback. <3
    Step yo ***** up @Devorah and both Karno/Taryn are the kings, their portfolio thus far is amazingly stunning. <3

    Also, can't wait for the next shoot. Super excited for all the crazy hats. I wonder if we'd get the ugly stepsisters meme from the royal family
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    Sirius: (conf.) So we get back from that daggum elimination and they done
    told us we’ll be votin OURSELVES out this season 'stead of Shah n' Champagne!
    Two people went home but I cant really 'member who tbqh

    Karno: (conf.) Being the person to make the decision like that isn’t easy, but I
    just want Rein to know that I was threatened with a month's worth of chastity
    I mean would YOU take that over an elimination!??


    Karno: I honestly saved you because I meant it and I saw that fire in your eyes in 9
    if you can do that there, you can rise up and do it here ok. Remember if you ever need your
    eggs scrambled literally and figuratively you know who to call~

    Rein: thanks

    *walks out*

    Rein: (conf.) I’m very appreciative of Karno choosing to save me
    but I got some info that makes me worry…


    Sig: Pssstttt… uglys treestalk twinks….

    Rein: I’m so sorry for your elimination Sig. It wasn’t in my H-

    Sig: IDGAF abouts thats ok??? Listens… I donts likes you or your uglys face and puny body…
    but you needs to knows that traitor Karnos was aligns with me to gets outs the twinks.

    Rein: that’s a lie I don’t believe that.

    Sig: what’s do I haves to lose by tellings you this??? He sents me homes to cover his tracks…


    Sig: The first chance you gets take out that evils sex-crazeds mans… he's smarter than yous thinks…

    Rein: (conf.) Honestly I can’t say one bad thing about Karno. He’s just an honest and innocent guy that wants
    to thrust anything that moves… Everyone in this house loves him even Aida and she hates everybody. No one will ever
    want to send him home even though he’s smashing the competition so far. He’s gotta go soon and I gotta find
    a way to make that happen…


    Fox: Hey are you alright?

    Rein: I’m fine.

    Fox: I’m really glad Karno kept you last night I knew he would do the right thing-

    Rein: About him … Fox we gotta take him out soon.

    Fox: Wait I thought the next target would be Gjoke or Sirius?

    Rein: They can wait. Karno was apart of a twink ending alliance with Sig before he left.

    Fox: Have you been in Devorah’s secret stash…?

    Rein: Fox I need you to promise me that if you get the chance you’ll go after Karno.
    I’m pretty sure he’s just Sigs sleeper cell. Promise me or I’m ending our alliance.

    Rein calm down-

    Rein: PROMISE ME.

    Fox: OK! OK… *shakes on it*


    Fox: (conf.) I like Rein and I really want him to win for not only the twinks but because he kept
    my spirits up last week… but honestly he’s really getting cracked lately and Karnos still been a
    great friend of mine since 7 … so i definitely crossed my fingers on that hand shake.
    I don’t need that kind of negative energy around me.

    Aida: (conf.) After the… ahem… “shocking” elimination last night and learning about the twist and realizing
    that I genuinely don’t like any of these people, I realize now that it is actually in my best interest to find
    a few allies to sort of shape an army of protection… and I think I have a pretty good idea which idiot I’ll be using.

    Aida: Tarissa.

    Taryn: hey!

    Aida: I’ve given it some thought and … I’d be a complete idiot if I didn’t utilize someone with your brillia-…
    your geniu- …. your intellige- …. your beaut- … your *ahem* freckles to further myself.

    Taryn: omg that’s so good so we’re allies now!?

    Aida: With a twist of course… I’ll need for you to be my watchdog in this competition. Keep an eye on things.
    And if anything’s out of the ordinary… report back to me. Do that, and I’ll do everything humanely possible to make SURE that
    you and I are in the finals. When I do get my FCO (and believe me, I will), you’ll be the last thought on my mind for eliminations.

    I always keep my word. Plus… if I’m gonna lose (which I won’t but let’s dream for a second),
    I’d rather lose to someone as exceptionally… well… mediocrely beautiful as you. I mean…
    besides myself you’re the most gorgeous girl in the house.

    Taryn: AW THANK U! Very well. I will be your watch dog. Great work ally!
    We’re gonna do this thing.

    *tries fast walking away*

    Aida: Oh, and Taryn.


    Aida: Be a doll and make sure you align with Grace… our first target is Jonesy.
    I wanna destroy that “first Plussie winner” edit before it even starts.


    b-b-but what about Gypsy?

    Aida: That little bug-eyed dirt snake is gonna send herself home with
    satanic potions or whatever the f*ck like last time, shes a sitting duck.
    We take out Jonesy now, so we don’t have to deal with her later. I’ll check back
    in to see your progress later. Don’t disappoint me.


    Taryn: (conf.) So… Aida wants me to sort of recruit some minor allies just so
    we can have some netting just in case we need some extra help one week. And well… honestly Grace isn’t
    such a bad idea… but Aida thinks I’m just a big idiot… but the only thing that held me back from
    kicking Lisbeth, Tuvi AND Jonesy’s asses in 8 was my bad start… I’m at the top of my game right now. I
    got the second best shot in History kinda on accident tbqh (that wind machine deserves that medal) and
    I’m about to prove that “Little Maori Girl in the Bushes” is much more of a strategist than you think.

    Taryn: Hi Grace!

    Grace: Hey miss thing! Let me tell you I am so proud of how well you’ve been doing that Pierre et Gilles
    scalped my head. You are everything, I hope I’m here next week to see more.

    Taryn: Well thank you! Omg… don’t be so hard on yourself! You’re GRACE BRONINA! You’re legendary!

    Grace: Thanks but… idk… I’m missing my fish boy, Faith, home… I don’t feel as inspired as 7…

    Taryn: Look, I know what it’s like to be 6th or 7th best to a bunch of other people… that was my entire life on 8…
    but I have an opportunity to increase our odds. Now… I know about your alliance with Fox, Jonesy and Rein and-

    Grace: WAIT… *whispers* how did you find out about that!?

    Taryn: Well when I say I hide in the “bushes” that’s just a metaphor for my eyes and ears
    being everywhere at all times. I know way too much already. I also know that Rein
    can be a bit shifty… Jonesy’s not doing so well herself and… once Fox starts rising again… you’ll
    just become his Asteroid… and he’ll drop you when he doesn’t need you anymore.


    Manon: *knock knock* Excusez-moi! I just need to take a tinkle. *shuts the door*

    Taryn: *outside the door* Actually, Manon, I was just looking for you too! …
    look… Aida and I’ve got an alliance in full planning and you’d be perfect for-

    Manon: *peeing* Count me in! No one’s talked to me at all about alliances yet!
    Plus, Taryn you seem really trustworthy, magnifique!
    Plus, Aida’s evil but… I’d rather be with her than against her.

    Taryn: From one awkward rat to the next, I thank you… Grace., think about this: you’re great friends with
    Karno, you and Fox are close, you’d be in an alliance with me, Manon and Aida. Gypsy’s definitely not getting FCO
    anytime soon so that’s the entire top 6 so far right there! One of us is probably getting the scepter next
    panel… and when we do, you could ensure your own safety.

    Grace: … how do I know you won’t f*ck me over?

    Manon: You complimented the sweater mon doux garcon, Gerardu made for me! You have my full primary trust.

    Grace:*sigh* I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have multiple allies… you know Taryn, I thought you were just an airhead
    bottle-blond that just followed whatever order some poorly constructed villainess gave you.

    Taryn: Oh no trust me, I’m completely thoughtless… sometimes I just happen to be the right amount of stupid.
    Plus, I’m just really pretty on top of it.

    *deal* We have an alliance.

    Dev: *toilet flushes in the next stall*

    Taryn: OMG DEVORAH!!!

    Dev: Oh, Taryn, you silly goose I knew it was only a matter of time before you
    brought me into an alliance. And with AIDA, too!? Oh this is gonna be great!

    Grace & Manon (in the bathroom):

    Taryn: Oh ofc, Dev! We were uh… we were just gonna wait for Manon to finish
    before we came to ask. Right Manon!?

    Manon:*still peeing* Of course, mon cher, I just drank a lot of water for the
    shoot that's why we took so long!

    Dev:OMG! Ok! So uh… Taryn, Grace, Manon, Aida and now… Devorah right!?

    Taryn: Sure!... sure… absolutely!

    Dev: GREAT!
    I just needed to know before I tell Gyp- I MEAN uhhh before I tell my…
    grandma over the phone she loves EWFA! WOW is that the


    Taryn: Calm down little Gracie… Aida wanted the target to be Jonesy but I was against that already…
    Devorah’s eavesdropping and terrible secret keeping might just be what we needed to
    get this alliance popping… I think we have a new target…

    Grace: Taryn... you're a mastermind. Aida's Angels for f4~

    *Taryn nodding @ Grace; Manon still in the bathroom confused*

    Dev: GYPSY!



    Gypsy: … do tell…

    Dev: *crackhead* OK so… shhh you can’t tell anybody but… I’m in an alliance now with
    Taryn, Manon, Grace. They just inducted me a few minutes ago! They’re targeting Jonesy too!

    Gypsy: Hmm… those three together… targeting Jonesy? Manon’s been too neutral to make an
    alliance like this… Grace and Jonesy are close and… Taryn played with Jonesy… this only has one person’s
    name written on it. That balloon faced Aida

    hmm… thanks for this info, Devorah… I think I’ve found a new target…




    Strength: STRONG

    Taryn is definitely very loyal to Aida and with the way she recruited Grace/Manon
    by being personable, she's definitely earned their respect. Grace/Manon are also
    cool with Aida, even though they haven't even spoke and just trust Taryn's word.
    Great gameplay for Taryn/Aida.

    Devorah is definitely not a part of the alliance, but they're just gonna let Dev be
    delusional and believe that.

    Strength: VERY STRONG

    Karno came to Grace's defense after she received massive hate for her staying over Fox
    during EWFA7 and formed a very close bond. After Asteroid left, Fox & Karno became really
    close. Fox & Grace became close after Fox's elimination and Fox supporting Grace during that
    backlash. Basically, these three have a tight bond that's seemingly unbreakable since Cycle 7's
    conclusion. It'd take a lot for them to go against each other. A silent coalition.

    Strength: MEDIUM

    Gypsy's definitely using Devorah like a puppet until she doesn't need her anymore. Dev trusts
    Gypsy, but little does Dev know that the only person that actually trusts her in the house is Jonesy...
    and that's who Devorah's target is...


    Rein & Jonesy came to Fox & Grace's aid last week when they flopped in the shoots, but after Rein's been
    trying to come for Karno, and since Grace has moved on to Taryn, this alliance is probably close to


    Karno's definitely most loyal to Fox/Grace instead of these guys, but he hangs out with Gjoke/Sirius often.
    Sirius and Karno share a bond though, as Karno was a judge during his cycle and good friends.
    Gjoke has a huge disadvantage, as his season just ended, and he really has no solid bonds with anyone.

    Strength: VERY WEAK

    Even though Jonesy really trusts Dev now, she is getting super played by Dev.


    Aida is most loyal to Taryn other than herself.
    Devorah is most loyal to Gypsy.
    Gjoke is most loyal to Karno.
    Grace is mostly loyal to Fox/Karno, but respects Taryn, Manon and a little of Aida.
    Gypsy is most loyal to Gypsy... but respects Karno/Grace... and even Aida.
    Jonesy is most loyal to Grace and respects Taryn/Dev.
    Fox is most loyal to Karno/Grace.
    Manon is most loyal to Aida/Taryn/Grace.
    Karno is most loyal to Fox/Grace.
    Rein is most loyal to Fox.
    Sirius is most loyal to Karno.
    Taryn is mostly loyal to Aida but also Grace/Manon and respects Fox/Karno/Jonesy.

    Shoot coming in the next few days.

    ♦ ♢ ♦

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