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Thread: (#13 Posted) BGB's Elouai Portfolio Ranking

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    Oh my gosh!! I just saw this thread and I absolutely adore it!! Darn you, I always wanted to do a ranking like this. ugh! So honored to have my little whore, Soy be on this list Honestly when I played her it started off as a complete joke and kind of a F*** you to the standards of modelling, but then I really started to enjoy editing her and I really saw her potential post-makeover, so I toned it down a bit Gosh, I would've loved to continue competing with her had the game not been cancelled :/ Also, I think I do remember at some point posting her compcard might be lost in the abyss of elouai threads though

    I miss elouai so much!!

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    It's been about half a year at this point, but Keau's ranking really inspired me to finish my ranking as well.
    Hopefully there will be a bigger audience this time, because that's what discouraged me from finishing last time.
    Let's get started again with the 17th spot;

    #17 Kajma
    Elouai's Next Top Model 17

    Kajma is definitely an Elouai legend, who first participated in ENTM 9; being the runner-up, and then in ENTM 17: Runner-Up's Revenge.
    Kajma was known for being one of the first black elouai models, and was criticised for her skintone being too dark to edit, but it turned out to photograph beautifully, which can be seen in both of her portfolios.
    In this entry I will talk about her portfolio of the latter cycle, which was sadly the last cycle of ENTM and was never finished.
    Because of this, I only have 7 (stunning) pictures of Kajma to judge (one of the 2 last pictures can't be seen anymore, which is something that I had to deal with a lot collecting the portfolio's).
    Let's get started with the first shoot of the short lived cycle.

    For this shoot, the girls had to portray high-fashion aliens taking over Trevi Fountain at the end of the world.
    This is honestly quite an outrageous theme, but Kajma did quite a good job at portraying what was asked of her.
    I love the robotic movement she's making with her arms, it actually goes well with the metallic jacket so it doesn't look out of place.
    Her legs also look really long, which is always a plus (Omg I'm listening to my strange addiction and they said that exact sentence at the same time I wrote it).
    I also love the revamped version of Kajma, it makes her look sweeter for some reason, and it's definitely on the standard Elouai had at the time. The editor also did a great job drawing the outfit, but the shoes should've had more detail in them.
    The pointed hair adds the alienesque touch to it that was asked for, and it looks great on her.

    Up next the girls had to portray the story of the founding of Rome; in which two brothers were abandoned in the woods and raised by wolves, only to find the city of Rome.
    Having said this, Kajma is definitely my favorite model in this shot.
    Yes, Sae looks gorgeous, but Kajma really embodied the wanderlust vibe and just looks natural in the woods.
    I like that the editors actually put the wolf in the background and focused on the models, which made them stand out more.
    The pose is obviously well shaded and I love the hair that was chosen for Kajma, it really frames her pose here.
    She also chose a different angle this week, and I like that she showed versatility.

    The next shot wasn't really part of her portfolio, but I'd like to discuss it anyways.
    The makeovers this season weren't particularly the most fashionable, but Kajma lucked out with her edgy blond buzzcut.
    I love that it gives her more of an edge, having a revamped look that looks a bit more commercial.
    Also, she looks tall and I love the awkward hand in the air, it makes this less model 101 and more interesting to look at.
    The shoes were also shaded this time, which is what I didn't like about the first shoot she did.

    That week's shoot is probably one of the most iconic out of all of ENTM.
    The girls had to recreate this iconic Italian painting (which is so iconic I do not know the name of it) in a group.
    Not only that, but joining them were Karin Elouai and Bridget Windflakes (who was the winner of ENTM 15: Winner's Edition).
    Whilst Nina and Nadia had an advantage this shoot, being able to pose with Karin Elouai and being in the centre, Kajma is the girl who grabs my attention. I love how serene she looks and I love the contrast of her makeover with the dark background.
    Her angle is also spectacular, but I'll talk about that in the next shot.
    Once again, the shoes bother me as they are not shaded and kind of throw me off, but at least they're black so it's less noticable.

    The next shoot was one of my favorites of the cycle; The girls had to portray various old superstitions.
    Kajma got ''Don't wear opals unless you're born in October'', I had never heard of this phrase previously, but she worked with it and really showed which superstition she had to portray.
    I believe this to be Kajma's best angle, and I'm glad she used it in a beauty shoot, because they have the tendency to look boring as you don't have your whole body to work with. I love how she's holding the opal necklace close to her, selling the theme but not making it look too obvious and awkward.
    I also like that she's not looking at the camera, because it looks more dreamy and majestic this way.

    The next week the girls had to be dead, literally.
    Kajma did a great job at looking dead, but not to the point of ridiculousness.
    She appears to have been shot in the head here (though I am not a doctor, I guess I can say that with some certainty) but somehow she's selling it.
    I love that she's still showing off the bracelet/necklace in her hand, again, not making it too obvious, and I like that the earrings match to make it cohesive.
    My favorite thing about this however, is the fact that her eyes are edited to look upwards, as if she was really dead, but somehow she's still piercing through the frame.
    This is definitely my favorite shot of the week!

    The last shoot of the cycle involved the girls 1. Having to pose with bees in a full body shot in the grass, and 2. Having to pose nude, covered in honey.
    The full body shot was sadly lost in the tragedy that is photobucket, but luckily we still have her beauty shot.
    I don't know where I would rank her performance that week overall, because she only had one shot, but this shot happens to be my second favorite of the week (after Nadia's).
    This is the first time she's shown a sexy side of hers this cycle, and I'm glad she did.
    I love the wink and the seductive over the shoulder look, she once again made the beauty shot interesting.
    She's also piercing through the honey, which honestly drowned some of the girls that week, and I love the dripping effect on her hand.

    Well guys, my episode of My Strange Addiction has ended, so it's time to wrap this write-up up.
    Should I change anything about this format? Who do you want to see? Let me know in the thread below!

    Hint for the next entry:
    A winner of ENTM
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    I love competing with mr_kuzmich- he always does such an amazing job. I was completely mesmerized by Kajma the entire cycle. I still can't get over her revamp after all these years. Although I was pretty confident with Nadia, Kajma always had me on the edge of my seat and made me work a lot harder to keep up with her, because I knew it was most likely between her, Nina , and Bambi for the win.

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    Kajma is everything!

    ''I live to reach my dreams.''

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    Definitely not surprised to see Kajma here and both of her portfolios are absolutely stunning.

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    Back again with a second update! Don't expect this to be the standard, but since I already had my text ready I couldn't wait!
    Also, can someone please teach me about these darn spoiler tags!? I keep getting multiple ones if I just put one above and below the text. Whatever..
    Our 5th entry in this ranking, and the 16th placer in this ranking is:...


    #16 Tyczia
    Elouai's Next Top Model 16

    Jercy is absolutely one of the best editors on this site, and Tyczia is a great example of what he's capable of:
    One thing I love about Tyczia's portfolio is how pixel perfect it is, and how the styling is usually drawn from scratch.
    Let's get started on reviewing her portfolio (which is sadly missing one shot, but even now I have more than I'm usually able to find, so don't expect this to be the standard!).

    For the first shoot of the cycle all the girls were paired up with previous ENTM winners and had to portray the Phantom of the Opera. For this, Tyczia was paired up with Chantal A.
    This picture is my second favorite of the week, after Joanna's of course.
    I really love the emotion Jercy edited on both Tyczia's and Chantal's face, it makes it look like an actual story and not just a fashion shot. Also, I appreciate that Tyczia stands out in the shot and not Chantal, as it's Tyczia's shot.
    My favorite part is obviously the dress, it's just so crisp and well shaded, just like Chantal's cape.
    I also believe Jercy used paint to edit this, so I give him credits for that.

    For the next shoot, the girls had to model in high fashion parachute gowns, which was an idea taken from Germany's Next Top Model 7. Obviously that was a great choice, as the girls produced some of my favorite pictures of the cycle.
    Tyczia's is my favorite though, maybe even by a milestone.
    I believe Jercy was the only one to draw the dress and parachute from scratch, which deserves a standing ovation because it's one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen.
    The intensity in the face is also beautiful, and it shows that Tyczia isn't just a commercial model (which is what I feared in the beginning of the cycle and pre-show).
    The whole color scheme is also gorgeous, the blue tones really suit her skintone and eye color!

    The next episode the girls had to pose in swimsuits, geared towards the Summer Olympics.
    They also had to portray strength and power, which I was a little worried about as Tyczia isn't necessarily those two adjectives. Although she eventually produced a very good shot, I believe she was outmodeled by a couple of girls.
    Tyczia chose to pose on a swing and I love that she really interacted with it.
    I love the dynamicness of the legs and that the wind in the hair adds to it.
    I do think that she could've afforded to have a more powerful expression, but that's the only flaw I can see, and once again, it's all drawn from scratch!
    This also marks her third SCO in a row.

    Up next was the makeover week, and Tyczia received this bleach blonde pixie cut. I really think this gave her the edgyness she needed and the color looked great on her.
    I also love the tomboyish pose she gave with it, as it really suits her new look.
    I do wish it was cropped a little bigger, as it cuts of part of the shoes and hair, but that's not something Jercy could've fixed as it has to do with how big the shot could be.

    The real photoshoot was quite a difficult concept to portray though.
    The girls had to portray women who dream of being a fashionista but don't have the money to make their dream a reality.
    They had to do this while wearing insane couture clothing that they supposedly stole from a store.
    The results were hit and miss, but Tyczia's shot was definitely a hit.
    I love the hair Jercy drew! It really suits the overal crazyness of the concept.
    The smirk on Tyczia's face also shows this kind of arrogance that really suits her.
    The eyeshadow also goes well with the dress, which I wish Jercy had drawn himself, as that's my favorite thing about most of the shots he produces.
    This was her lowest ranked shot thus far in the competition, with a still whopping third call-out.

    For the 5th photoshoot the girls had to be gothic beauties in a beauty shot, but since Tyczia's shot is lost in the disaster of photobucket, we'll go straight onto the next shoot.
    The girls had to portay shy, nerdy woman who set themselves on fire just to be noticed, quite insane, but it produced one of my favorite shots of Tyczia!
    This is the most fashionable she's ever looked!
    I love the different angles she's making with her limbs, and the styling looks very retro overall.
    As always, the makeup and styling is beautifully shaded but the most impressive part about this is the fire.
    Jercy was the only editor to draw the fire by hand, which is something I don't think anybody else could do.
    It creates such an interesting shot and I love that it's not too big so that it's overpowering her.

    The 7th photoshoot was all about passion and romance, and they had to pose on the beach with a male model.
    I don't think Tyczia has ever looked sexy, so I was very interested to see the results.
    Unfortunately, I don't love this shot of Tyczia as much as the rest of her portfolio.
    I think the male model is overshadowing her, especially because he's in the front of the shot.
    When I do get to Tyczia though, I don't see a sexy expression, it's more of a happy one.
    I do love the pose though, and she's showing off the dress beautifully.
    The headpiece is also very couture and beautiful.

    Right after the last photoshoot, the girls hopped on a plane and headed to Kenya.
    The first photoshoot there involved the girls portraying a rich, cultural figure from the Maysai Mara tribe.
    This is honestly my least favorite shot of Tyczia, which is sad because it might be my favorite concept for a shoot this cycle.
    I think her proportions are quite off, the legs look long, but way too long for her body, and there's also a weird discoloration on her legs in comparison to her arms and whole upper body.
    I do however, love the facepaint and hair, that's beautifully drawn.
    The jewelry is also pretty, but the dress is throwing me off.
    I don't like the hue that it has and it would've been much better if it was drawn instead of traced.
    This shot landed her in the bottom, but fortunately (and unfortunately for Persephone), she was saved and Persephone was sent packing.

    In one of the last shoots of the cycle, the final five had to pose naked in a den full of lions.
    They had to give an animalistic vibe to their shots, and luckily, Tyczia did just that.
    This is one of the first times Tyczia's shown a completely different expression, and the angryness looks great on her.
    She's giving a fashionable twist to portraying a tiger, which is what the pose is embodying.
    I love the hair framing her pose and the fact that she's piercing right through the screen into your soul.
    I also love the clawed hands here, which is a little detail that really makes her look lionesque.
    Much to my surprise (and the host's, spellboundboy for that matter), this landed in the bottom 2, but luckily she was saved and Columbia was sent back to the States (which I also thought was unfair though).

    In the semi-finals, the final 4 were asked to pose in a group shot on the beach, inspired by the United Colors of Benetton.
    2 girls would have to be sent packing, so it was a tight competition.
    I think Tyczia represented being young and looking fresh the best, while Lenore had my favorite overall shot.
    I absolutely love the styling Jercy drew, which is probably the best out of the 4.
    I love the little smile she has and contrary to the judges's opinion, I don't think her eyes are dead at all, quite the contrary in fact.
    I also love the wind in the hair, it adds even more dynamicness to the pose, and I believe this shot was more than enough to justify her place in the final 2, and her FCO.
    I do believe Lenore should've been in there with her though, missing out with 2.5 points.

    For the finale, both Tyczia and Maysilee had to shoot a MAC Cosmetics ad, and a Vogue Italia cover try.
    Since I can't see any of Maysilee's shots, I have no choice but to choose Tyczia as the best of the week, and also because her shots are so damn good I can't imagine Maysilee having a better set of photos!
    Tyczia's MAC Cosmetics ad is very commercial which really suits the overall styling.
    I also love the short hair here, which is something Jercy didn't really use in most of the shoots, and I love the way the light behinds it makes it pop even more. This is also a great angle for Tyczia and the product she's selling looks great!
    The pose is also great without overshadowing her make-up; just a simple beauty shot pose and it frames her face.
    Her Vogue Italia cover try isn't anything less than stunning either.
    The styling is very fashionable and Tyczia's really working with it to create a high fashion cover.
    She is really a chameleon, as shown in the contrast between both shots.
    I also notice Jercy fixed the problem with the lopsided breasts from the lion den shoot, which is just a little thing I noticed.
    The proportions are also the best yet and it definitely earned her the win!

    As a whole, Tyczia's portfolio shows a level of perfectionism barely seen before in the Dollhouse, and it definitely set the standard for me (at least) to make my dolls more crisp when I started. I would've loved for her to be part of the ENTM 15: The Winner's Edition, but sadly, she came one cycle too late, and there wasn't a second winner's cycle.

    Hint for the next entry:
    She was on the cover of my magazine
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    Jercy is one of a kind. LEGEND. That's all.

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    Latifa She was sexy af. I love her jaws and eyes
    Really like Limit too. Like how pale she is. It's so eerie, almost like she's a ghost <3
    Soy I know Soy She really brought something new. Gosh the size of her hips and bossoms
    KAJMAAAAAA Such a black queen. She's so gorgeous and natural. I love her angles Her photos are so sleek
    Tyczia is just perfect. Her photos are so clean and thought out. Her expressions and poses are always so top model-ish and I like it. Jercy slays.
    Just look at this:


    ugh. SHADING.

    E W F A..1 0

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    Time for a next update!
    Coming in 15th is:...


    #15 Deunan
    Proud Flesh 1

    I've made it pretty clear in the past that Deunan is one of my favorite dolls of all time, so I just had to include her portfolio from Proud Flesh 1. The way DayII shaded the shots and always came up with something interesting and unique is genius.
    Deunan has this androgyny about her that I adore and you don't see much here.
    Sadly her game was never finished, and it only lasted up until the 5th shoot.
    It was clear however that the win would've gone to either Uoloise, Anja or her, so there wasn't much suspense anyways.
    Let's get started with her first shot!

    For the first shoot, the girls had to jump in the air in front of a white background, wearing couture fur outfits.
    It was pretty interesting to see the results, as some girls went for an edgier approach, much like Deunan.
    That's exactly what I love about this shot though.
    I love the strength in the face and the way the hair is styled, which is one of my favorite things about her portfolio.
    I do think that body looks a bit small for her head, but that's just a minor detail, as the outfit covers up most of her body anyways.
    I also want to take a moment and say that the fur is shaded beautifully here! It's very well shaded.
    I believe Deunan got a 5th call-out for this, and moved on to the next week.

    That week the girls had to pose nude, only wearing Alexander McQueen's Armadillo heels.
    This is obviously my favorite photo of Deunan, and one of my favorites of all time, how could it not be?
    The way DayII shaded her body so realistically with pixels is insane, and I love the way the light hits her from different angles, like the knee, shoulders and cheekbones.
    The proportions of her body are also amazing, and the pose shows of the shoes as well, which are beautifully drawn.
    I also wanna note that the hand is beautifully drawn, especially as it's in the foreground and you have to play with depth.
    The way she's piercing through the screen with her eyes captures my eyes and like always, the hair is beautifully drawn and I love the curl patterns of it, very edgy.
    This was also the makeover week, and Deunan got longer hair and blonde eyebrows, which look great!
    Deunan got 3 10/10's from the judges, and deservedly got the FCO.

    For the third photoshoot the girls had to pose in sleek couture creations on a cloudy beach.
    This photo of Deunan is very interesting to me, because she looks more like a guy here than like a girl.
    That might be why I love it though, as it makes me think about the photo.
    I love the styling she got for this shoot, the rings are very interesting and I love the all black leather look because it brings attention to her face, which is stunning as always.
    I love that she's looking into the distance, as it's different from what she's shown before and it adds character.
    Her hair is my favorite part about this though, I love the way it blends in with the water at the tips.
    In the end, Poison snatched the FCO and Deunan received the fourth highest score.

    The following shoot Deunan created her only less than stellar picture.
    The girls had to model Philip Treacy headpieces in a beauty shoot, which I thought Deunan would rock.
    While the upper part of her shot looks great, the pose brings it down.
    Her neck looks way too big for her head, more like human bodies and not elouai standards.
    It is however beautifully shaded so that always helps in a shot.
    I love this hairstyle on Deunan as well, the short hair really works with the hat and the lipstick choice.
    Though it's not my personal favorite, it got a 5th call-out and luckily saved her from elimination, moving her on to the next week.

    During the last week of the competition, the remaining girls had to portray avant-garde socialites in Manhattan.
    Although I don't particularly see how Manhattan comes to play in this picture, it's an amazing one anyways.
    It almost reminds me of a ghost, with the all white ensemble DayII drew for her.
    I think the white hair was a great choice to go with the dress and backdrop, but I wish the eyebrows were white as well.
    It's not that big of a difference though so it doesn't throw me off too much.
    The blue eyes are also new for Deunan, and though I prefer the yellow eyes, these really work with this particular styling.
    I love the simplicity of the pose, especially as there's enough going on with the styling, and the hands look interesting!
    I also love her mirror image in the window, it's a little touch that really makes the shot stand out.
    Sadly, there wasn't any call-out for this week, as the game was basically cancelled.

    I would've loved for this game to have a winner, just for closure, but it appears that after a couple of quitters, people just weren't interested in the game anymore and the host sadly gave up on it.
    I think Deunan is quite underappreciated here, as you don't see her much on the forum, which would also have to do with the fact that DayII isn't on here anymore. It's a pity as I loved his/her editing style.
    What do you guys think of her portfolio and the game? Who do you want to see appear next? Let me know down below!
    Ew that sounded like some youtube vlogger outro.

    Hint for the next entry:
    She recently appeared in a game

    EFWA X

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    elouai/fashion orgasmic photos

    ''I live to reach my dreams.''

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    Love love love Deunan! Her angles! Day is such a pixel genius <3

    Link for the game, pls. Love all her photos. She looks sooooo intimidating

    E W F A..1 0

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    Qiana is next

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    Alright let's get down to the 14th spot in my ranking.
    The 7th girl out of the ranking is:...
    Cut to me still struggling with spoiler tags


    #14 Lamia
    Dollhouse's Next Top Model 4

    Lamia was the runner-up from the latest season of DNTM, which was cycle 4.
    It probably needs no further introduction as it's fresh in our memories but here we go.
    DNTM 4 didn't have the normal elimination process, as it was divided into stages (1, 2 and 3).
    Each stage had 2 photoshoot's and about 3 girls left after each stage.
    Lamia entered the season played and revamped by Meisu, and originally created by Grace.
    She was one of the lock-ins for the finale, already from the start, and let's see why:


    The first shoot this cycle was a military style test shoot, which marks the first time that we saw the girls in action.
    While a lot of girls went for a casual camouflage outfit, Lamia (and Solee and Diane) really played with the law enforcement theme and went for a cop look.
    It might not be the most unique shot out there, but I love this for a couple of reasons.
    The proportions are exactly right, and I love the simplicity.
    The face on shot really works with the strength of the outfit and the make-up looks great on her.
    I also love the hands Meisu drew, because hands are probably the most difficult to edit.
    This shot was obviously loved by the public and Qiana, Rianne and her became the front-runners of the cycle.

    For the second shoot of the cycle, the girls had to pose in black and white swimwear on a beach in Thailand.
    Lamia was the only girl to use the boat in her shot, which was a genius move.
    I love that she's interacting with her surroundings, like the feet in the water and her hand on the boat and the wind in the hair.
    The body is obviously well shaded, realistic but keeping that pixel vibe to it.
    It's a straight on angle once again, but that's what works in with her pose and the hair.
    Also, once again the hands were drawn with so much detail, I don't know how Meisu does it but I can't do that.
    The swimwear also looks really cool, it's a nice design and not the standard two piece.
    She didn't get a call-out for this yet because of the format this season though.

    For the last shoot of Stage 1, the girls were asked to pose nude with shells, and the pictures had to be in black and white.
    This is one of my favorite pictures of Lamia, it's just perfection and this was the best of the week for me.
    I love how perfect everything is outlined while it still looks realistic, and I love the way that the outline contrasts the background.
    She makes the nude look look very fashionable and I love the pose so much, and the way that she's holding the shell near her chest.
    Also I love the choice of shell, no one else edited in a flat shell.
    My favorite part is obviously the angle though, I mean come on.
    I've never seen an angle like that excecuted this well, she still looks like herself but from such a different angle you barely see here.
    I love the glance at the camera and the proportions of her jaw, somehow it looks amazing here.
    The hair blowing in the wind is also pretty, I really like the babyhairs here!
    This marked the end of stage 2, and Lamia was called 2nd, after Qiana of course.

    The start of stage 2 marked the makeover week.
    Lamia received blonde hair with bangs, and the eyebrows were bleached too.
    It definitely made her look better, but since all the black girls received blonde hair, it didn't make her stand out from the pack.
    For the 4th shoot of the cycle, the girls were asked to pose in all white styling and create interesting poses.
    While Lamia didn't have the most interesting pose, it's definitely dynamic and my favorite of the week.
    There's just so much tension here with the hands on her waist, and the mouth open, piercing through the screen.
    Also I love the high contrast shadow on her face and body, it adds to the dynamic vibe.
    The outfit is also beautifully traced and fits her perfectly, and the hair is even more perfect.
    I believe she's the only one not to use her original makeover hair and edit it, but draw a version of it by himself.
    This might be one of my favorite elouai hairs ever, I love the curls and the bangs and it's shaded so beautifully.
    I also much prefer this color to the ashier color from the original hair.
    This is definitely my favorite shot from Lamia!

    The last shoot of Stage 2 asked the girls to portray witches in these dark caves, and it basically gave us a lot of freedom to use our creativity and create cool concepts.
    Lamia chose a more supernatural approach to the hidden coven theme and utilized magic in her shot.
    I love the idea and excecution of the ball of light in her hand, and the way her other hand is in the air kind of pulling on it like a mage.
    It looks like she's in a battle and I love that!
    The angle once again looks great, and the shadows Meisu applied are amazing, but I could do without the black eyeshadow.
    The hair is beautifully drawn though, which seems to be a recurring theme, and it almost steals the shot from Lamia.
    Anyways, I love the outfit that was drawn from scratch, and the horns on her head look good with it.
    It's an amazing shot, but I think she was outdone by Neo and Qiana.
    At the end of this stage, Lamia once again was beaten by Qiana for the FCO and received a SCO.

    The second to last shoot, and the first shoot of Stage 3 might be one of the most complex shoots in elouai history!
    The girls got to choose between 5 mystery boxes twice, and these boxes contained the outfits they were going to wear for the final 2 shoots of this stage.
    For this shoot the girls were obligated to wear Alexander Wang's designs on a Westworld poster, while portraying rebellious cowboy-ish women. It's quite an outrageous shoot, but suprisingly everyone worked it out!
    Lamia did have my favorite shot of the week though, just edging out Harper and Qiana.
    She captured all the different elements in one shot, and I think she was the only one to do so correctly.
    I love that she's the only girl that interacted with the metal circle, holding onto it with her hand.
    She's also showing the cowboy aspect with the gun in her hand, which is incorporated into the shot nicely.
    Also, she drew the Alexander Wang clothes from scratch, and even though she got the worst outfit, she makes it looks the best.
    The pose is jawdropping and the angle is so as well, being the same as in week 3.
    My only comment might be that the hair looks a bit stringy, but it works if you consider it's blowing in the wind.
    Everyone struggled so hard here, I still don't know how she did this!

    Now onto the last shoot of the stage, and the cycle for that matter.
    The girls had to portray powerful women posing in front of a fire dance performance for the cover of Vogue Thailand.
    Also, the girls had to wear the designs they got from the second mystery box from last week, which were designs from Saint Laurent.
    Sadly, no one came close to the magic Qiana created this week, but Lamia got an amazing and stunning shot nevertheless.
    The pose is so fitting for a cover, and I love the composition of the fire behind her.
    The shading is always amazing in her shots, and it is here as well! The shadow goes with the fire so well!
    She probably got the best dress of the week as well, so that always helps.
    This is also the first time she'd shown a rotated angle, and it looks amazing! I especially love the eye color!
    Once again the hair is amazing as well, and I love that it blends in with the fire in the background.
    This stage, Lamia finally got her FCO, and deservedly so, only to be beaten by Qiana in the portfolio battle.

    Overall, Meisu really did a great job with Lamia and created iconic and stunning shots!
    It's a pity Qiana was in the cycle, because she was unbeatable, but she came very close.
    I just love her portfolio and seeing her improve every stage!
    I wish there was another cycle of DNTM so that I could be slayed by Meisu another time.

    Hint for the next entry:
    A girl who won a cycle with a huge amount of quitters

    EFWA X

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    THAT CYCLE WAS AMAZING! Not much viewers and deserved so much more attention but I loved it---the shoots and I was even more excited to see others' than my edited photos

    There are so many legendary photos made that cycle and a lot of iconic girls as well. I would like another season again as well
    Love Lamia's b&w beauty shot, vogue, hidden coven, and alexander wang the most

    E W F A..1 0

    THE VOYAGE: Ivory, Nosipho, Winter
    VNTM8: Cha Mi, Kim Dung
    TFMT: Gun, Philip, Sam, Man, Mickey, Bank

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    Quote Originally Posted by badgalboroz View Post
    Hint for the next entry:
    A girl who won a cycle with a huge amount of quitters

    is it The Muse or did that ever even end

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    Ready for a next update?
    The 13th spot in my ranking goes to:...

    #13 Phatma
      Spoiler:'s Next Top Doll 2

    I personally thought the hint was way too obvious for this entry, as there were 8 quitters this cycle.
    Although some might argue this is why Phatma won the cycle, I truly believe she would've won even if the strong competition hadn't quit. By the way, she was created by Rashu using, and she turned out beautiful.
    Sadly, the cycle was very short, so there were only 5 weeks to judge her on.
    Let's take a look at her portfolio!

    In the first week, the top 14 (who was already a top 13 because of a quitter), had to shoot in a landfill full of trash.
    They had to do this while wearing powersuits, and they had to give a feral expression.
    While Ula had my favorite photo, Phatma wasn't far behind.
    I love how fashionable she looks, and how creepy and intriguing the photo is.
    She definitely did the best job with the feral emotion.
    The landfill doesn't even look like a landfill, but more like volcano-ish surface, and I love the idea of that.
    The fact that you only see one of her eyes is also adding to the creepy vibe and the hat is beautiful, just like the suit.
    I do wish that she maybe could've shown some hair, because it looks like she's bald here.
    I also just noticed that Rashu added in a shadow on the ground, so it doesn't look like she's just floating there.

    For the second shoot, the girls had to pose near the Dead Sea, and they had to do this wearing gothic designs and umbrellas.
    Once again, Phatma has my second favorite shot, just being beaten out by Bil-Quees.
    I love the way the umbrella is worked into the shot, because it looks like a hat and not an actual umbrella.
    The contrast between her skin and the styling also looks cool, very gothic, as what was asked for.

    I love that the pose shows a vulnerability to her, like how she's keeping her hands to her chest.
    I also love how you can see the depth in the shading of the legs, it looks really 3D instead of 2D.
    This was also the only week were there were no quitters, so the now top 11
    moved onto the third shoot of the cycle:

    The randomized concept for this shoot was honestly tragic.
    The girls had to be blacklit sillhouettes in an opera house, this meant you couldn't show any shading at all so impressing the public was even harder for some of the great editors.
    Sadly, Phatma delivered my least favorite photo of hers this week, by far.
    I hate that she's bald here, as the hair might've added some movement that could've elevated the shot.
    It's also completely unrecognizable as Phatma, and there isn't anything spectacular about it.
    I guess I do like the flowy skirt edited here with the light reflected on it, but it isn't enough to save it.
    I think this was my least favorite shot of the week, but I don't think I would've eliminated her based on past performance.

    The next shoot, Phatma completely redeemed herself though.
    The girls had to wear couture designs, while pregnant at a lighthouse.
    Once again it's not the most fashionable concept, but the results were all pretty good.
    While Cle's shot this week is universally considered the best of the week, I believe Phatma's shot is the best.
    I love the proportions of the body here, it looks very realistic since it's slightly bigger than the normal elouai proportions.
    I also like that the pregnancy doesn't look too obvious, as it's incorporated into the shot instead of just being there.
    The hands are beautifully drawn as well, as is the face, the expression goes perfect with the fearful emotion that was asked for.
    The couture design is great and I love the red hair with it, it looks great on her!
    I love everything about this shot, but her best shot came the week after in the finale.

    For the last shoot of the cycle, the now final 2 had to sell sunglasses on the moon.
    Yes it's the final 2 already because of the fact that 2/3 of the cast quit.
    Phatma delivered my favorite shot of the cycle though, it's genius to me.
    I've never seen an angle like this executed this well, it's so dynamic and realistic, whilst still looking like herself!
    I love the way her red eyes are piercing through the sunglasses, which are drawn beautifully by the way.
    The latex outfit goes with the sunglasses and I love the contrast it has to her skintone, very mysterious, like her.
    I also like seeing her with normal hair for once, I love this look on her and I wish she'd had this hair all cycle.
    I do think she kind of failed at the ''ethereal emotion'' that was asked for, but hey, it's a great shot nevertheless.
    She most definitely deserved her win after this, but I wish I could've seen more shots of her.
    I loved the concept of deciding everything in a cycle, I wish there was a third cycle because the first two were amazing!

    Hint for the next entry:
    A girl who was played by someone in a game who wasn't her creator
    EFWA X

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    Damn I wasn't expecting to see Phatma on this list at all, but I have to say that the glass shot is one of my favorite images I've created. Thank you so much bb

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