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I have been murdered by this RP, oh my god. I really wasn't ready for this.

- First off, the way Perchuhi talks kills me because it matches her face so well somehow? I know that makes absolutely no sense but idk it makes so much sense to me.
- Also I'm dying at Hadley pretty much being worse than Josefina and accepting her role as the mediocre bottom goddess
- Everything Wundy says is ~iconique~
- The Laurentine having the best walk but ruining it every time because he's legally blind joke will kill me every time it is used. I don't care that it's already happened with the exact same gif it still slays me.
- Idina knows what's up bitch better have her money
- Perchuhi's Armenian hype man for NYFW 2018
- Ivanka you whore you are a legend.

Sooooo excited for the GQ shoot and for EWFA in general. This cycle is incredible.
I literally agree with EVERYTHING!
This was the funniest rp ever to me I actually laughed out loud at least like 10 times!